Get The Most Out Of Your Active Rest Day

Hi beautiful! Lately we’ve found ourselves scrolling through Insta and getting all the feels. Watching you push past your limits and conquer your goals is SO incredibly inspiring. You’re killing it girl ~ you should be so proud of yourself.

That’s why today, we want to talk about showing your body and mind love through active rest. Remember, changes to your bod happen AFTER your workout, not during it ~ so proper post-workout care of your body is so important. What you do on your active rest days make a huge difference in your toning results!

When you follow your Weekly Workout Schedule, you automatically benefit from the body-loving perks of resting your muscles, because we build it that way! We gotchu girl! Each day you work a different muscle group, which means the muscles are getting a day of active rest. We also always want you to listen to your body, so if that means taking a day of body-loving rest, then do it girl! DYI spa day anyone?! 😉

Remember babe, you know your body better than anyone else… always listen to it😘

 Stretch It Out

Stretching is an important part of every day, and on active rest days we encourage you to spend extra time stretching those muscles! The more you stretch and breathe oxygen into your muscles, the more elastic they’ll become. And that means you’ll be less prone to injury and you’ll feel stronger on your toning days! After a warm bath or steamy shower, allow yourself a few moments to stretch it out. Warming your muscles first is both soothing and majorly beneficial in increasing your flexibility! Try THIS stretching routine with Karena!

Hydrate, Hydrate, HYRDATE!

Drinking enough water is 🔑 to making the most of an active rest day. Our bodies naturally lose water when we exercise, so it’s SO important to replenish our cells with plenty of H2O! Plus, staying properly hydrated eases your muscles, gives your more energy, and boosts your brainpower! We also love sippin’ on clean, plant-based Tone It Up Protein smoothies. Protein is an essential nutrient involved in repairing and replenishing muscles, so a rest day smoothie is always our go-to!


Most importantly, taking an active rest day is about doing you, boo. This means giving yourself plenty of TLC ~ schedule a massage, take a long walk outside, grab coffee with a girlfriend, or sign up for your favorite yoga flow class… whatever brings you a sense of physical and mental release. What’s important is that you keep your body in motion and you do what feels right to you! Taking time for yourself allows you to be more present in every moment of your life… while toning that cute tush of yours too! 💖

Join us in Studio Tone It Up to sign up for relaxing yoga flow classes and stretching routines that are PERFECT for your active rest day! Download Studio Tone It Up in the App Store HERE!


  1. So I’m a little confused- are we supposed to build in our own active recovery day to the weekly schedule or is it already built in? Seems like there are toning moves everyday now? I remember in the past there used to be a day built in with stretching moves instead

    1. I usually take Sundays for my active recovery day. So I usually skip the DMs and go for a long walk and maybe a yoga class on studio tone it up!

    2. The way they schedule the daily moves and alternate muscle groups allows for each of our muscle groups to get rest. For instance when you work arms your legs rest and vice versa. But they do often schedule a yoga day, so I consider that active rest. But basically they are saying if you are super sore or tired and just need a day to recover, listen to your body and do what feels right. Hope that helps:)

    3. Hey Jen, they’re usually included in the weekly schedule and by the routines. So if we work upper body Monday, Tuesday will be a lower body day allowing your upper body to rest.

      Most TIU girls make Sunday our active recovery day and go for a walk/job 5k followed by yoga/stretching as active recovery. However, sometimes you have to add your own recovery day. Your body will tell you when it needs a break. Good Luck girly!

  2. My family uses Sunday as an active rest day. We go to church, and spend time together doing whatever we want after that. Sometimes we paint, or go for a long walk. Sometimes my daughters and I have a dance party in the family room! I skip the DMs that day, and do whatever my body needs. Sometimes that is reading a book and sometimes that is a long walk!

    1. Hi girl!! We’re working on it now and we’ll have more details soon on and Insta! It’s going to be amaaaazing ;)

  3. This topic makes me wonder about the idea of a fitness “plateau.” In addition to varying workouts and increasing weights, what other strategies do you use?

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