Frisky Fall Fitness Challenge ~ Week 6 Schedule!


We hope you’re having a beautiful Sunday!  This weekend we put the final touches on the Fall Edition of the Tone It Up Nutrition Plan (LAUNCHING TIU TUESDAY!!!!! ) We originally thought we would launch it on Monday, but we are still adding in some more of your member submissions!  Thank you ALL for sending your recipes to be part of this Special Edition :) It’s so cool to have you be part of it.  AND it’s already up to 50 pages of delicious meals!! We promise it will be worth the wait for one more day… you’re all in for a treat!!

If you’re not a member of Tone It Up, join today!!!  Remember as a member of the plan, you receive all future Special Editions like this one for free along with weekly newsletters, Q&As, member spotlights and more!!!


Today Karena is throwing Bobby a birthday BBQ!! We’ll be uploading pics on instagram at @karenakatrina.  Let us know what you’re up to at #TIUteam!

Have you downloaded your calendar yet!?

Download your October Calendar HERE. Just right click and select “Save Link As…”

October Motivational Calendar from Tone It Up!

This week we’re gifting 5 #FriskyFall check in winners with the following Tone It Up essentials: 5 Packets of Chocolate Perfect Fit Protein, the TIU Salad Shaker, Lunch Box, Keychain, cozy thermal and a 3 pack of Beach Babe Lip Balm!

Week 5 Frisky Fall Prize Collage from Tone It Up

These week’s winners are…

Please email us your name, address, Top SIZE,  shipping address AND social media handle to [email protected] Please title the email: “Week 5 Frisky Fall Winner”

You ready for this week!?   Check in with #FriskyFall!


  1. Katrina says:

    I AM SO EXCITED for the new Frisky Fall edition to come out!!!!! THANK YOU so much for always keeping it exciting to be a Tone It Up Girl :) xoxoxoxoxo

    1. toneitupcom says:

      DITTO KATRINA!!! (ps such a cute profile pic) xxxxo

  2. Madalyn says:

    Dang it! Not a checkin winner this week, oh well gotta keep trying :-) #friskyfall

  3. Hannah says:

    where did Karena get that outfit in the Swin routine for this monday? I would love to wear that while paddleboarding!!

  4. Sarah S says:

    I look forward to the schedule EVERY weekend! Thank you for all of your hard work every day to support this community! I have made so many new friends and am feeling better than ever! A retreat, the friskyfall challenge, and a new edition!??? You girls are unstoppable and amazing! Thank you! <3

  5. Brittney says:

    Thank you!! Quick question, for the frisky fall total body, do you only recommend the 5 min. Run between moves if you’re doing the workout one time through?

  6. Guest says:

    WEEK SIX GALS!!! Let’s get’r done!!!

  7. Jessica says:

    #FriskyFall check-in…Had to double it up today, I did Monday and Tuesdays workout and i loved both workouts. i feel exhausted but its so worth it. xoxo

  8. Jessica says:

    #FriskyFall check-in…Fat burning and Booty today. So glad I was able to get my workout out of the way and I feel so energized. I love all the booty workouts. xoxo And I would like to wish my bf a Happy Birthday today!!

  9. Amy Pawlukiewicz says:

    Hey all! I have a question about Thursday’s #friskyfall routine- is the whole thing meant to be done 4x straight through, or should all cardio be done 4x and then toning 4x?

  10. Sam&Jang says:

    Hey K&K! What exercise can I do if I don’t have the physio ball & the band? Thanks!

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