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***Be on the lookout TOMORROW for a HUGE Motivation Monday post for the Frisky Fall Challenge!

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Fall is a great time to put healthy habits into place. This season is about getting back into your routine and committing to your goals before the holiday chaos hits!  You’re about to embark on an amazing 8 week journey with Tone It Up. You’re going to push, challenge and AMAZE yourself! And by the end, you’ll be feeling incredible.

This fall we want your commitment. Not only to yourself, but to others. When you support other people’s goals, it gives you the confidence and strength to commit to your own! Your Fall Challenge is from now until Halloween!! That’s 8 weeks!

Follow your workout & challenge schedule below and make sure you Check in with a pic after completing each challenge! We want to see those #FriskyFall pics on instagram and in the community at what is the community??  It’s a social network built just for YOU!!  Create a profile at

What does it mean to Check in? Upload your photo to InstagramTwitter or in the Community of your healthy meal, completed workout or PM challenge with the hashtags #FriskyFall, #TIUTeam & #100byHalloween—–> see tomorrow’s Frisky Fall kickoff post to see what #100byHalloween means!!! :)

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Here’s your first weekly schedule of the Frisky Fall Challenge!  Be on the lookout TOMORROW for the KICKOFF POST!! 


  1. Samantha says:

    I am so excited for this!! Fall is my favorite season and nothing makes me happier than trail runs surrounded by changing trees and crisp air! I can’t wait to hit my #100byHalloween :)

    1. Brittany Kowatz says:

      Could an aerobic stepper be substituted for stairs? I don’t have access to stairs.

      1. Jenn says:

        Of course! Any similar activity is fine. I don’t have stairs nearby, either, but I have a steep driveway so I’m running up and down the driveway instead. It’ll serve the same purpose.

  2. Kandace Ayala says:

    Yay!!! I’m going to do #150byhalloween who is with me?

    1. Nikki van Haperen says:

      yeah i am with you @kandaceayala:disqus

    2. Andreah says:

      That’s my plan! Except it’s #150bySamhain for me!

    3. Netty Darko says:

      what is the #150byHalloween?I have been trying to figure out what they mean by #100byHalloween—Thank you!

      1. Carly DiBiase says:

        That just means to run, walk, bike, swim, dance (any cardio) 100 (or 150) miles from today to Halloween! The new post from today mentions the different things that count and how to figure out how many miles they are

          1. Alexa says:

            Is this in addition to the frisky fall workout or can you count todays run towards the 100?

          2. Ashleyru says:

            Alexa – you can count all the cardio work outs that K&K post toward the #100byhalloween or #150byhalloween. They don’t always post a specific cardio routine everyday(like tomorrow for example) so on those days to choose whatever you want (run, bike, swim). Toning workouts (like sunkissed abs) DO NOT count toward #100byhalloween or #150byhalloween. Hope that helps!

    4. Christi says:

      I’m excited!!! #150byhalloween here I come!

    5. melissadicostanzo says:

      I’m with you! I have 7 down so far!

  3. Roxane Coryell says:

    I can’t wait!!! This will be my first Frisky Fall and I’m hoping it will help me push past my plateau. Here we go girls!!

  4. Marija says:

    Hi, girls! Thank you for the inspiration and friskiness that you so selflessly share with us! What would you recommend instead of the Saturday Treadmill workout? I don’t like running on treadmills, and I don’t own one. Maybe interval running? Hmm… :D

    1. Carly DiBiase says:

      I’m just going to do a HIIT workout instead! You could do Love Your Body with HIIT on YouTube, or HIIT the Beach if you have one of the Beach Babe DVDs!

      1. Marija says:

        That might be a good idea! :D Thanks! I’ve done Love Your Total Body!
        and it’s a great workout. However it’s not the same as running. But I guess any workout is better than none.

        1. Carly DiBiase says:

          Yeah, I think if you can just do any kind of cardio to get your heart rate up that should be a good substitute!

    2. Jacqueline says:

      I’m planning on just doing interval running outside, following the treadmill workout and just ignoring the incline for the most part. I just woke up and it’s a beautiful day outside, couldn’t imagine staying inside and doing video today. What I’m saying is, you should do whatever gets you excited to workout!


  5. Krystal says:

    I can’t wait to start but I sadly don’t have any stairs, and I live about an hour away from anything. Ugh. so this is already going to start off rocky for me.

    1. Liesl says:

      I would say the most important thing is to get your heart rate up–you might not get as much of a “booty” workout, but jogging in place, high knees, butt kicks, jump rope, anything like that for like 2 minutes, then doing the strength moves should get you a pretty good workout.

    2. christinaeli says:

      I agree with Liesl, anything that gets your heart rate up. Also, if you have a step stool or something to mimic the body’s movement climbing stairs quickly, that could work as well.

  6. Eileen Grigsby says:

    Yes! I am so excited, I made my #100byHalloween count down weeks ago in anticipation! Can’t wait to try the stair circuit tomorrow, I think its going to be a doozey!! Lets do this #TIUTeam !!!

  7. Stacy says:

    Should we only be doing the stair routine 1 time through or should be complete multiple sets? Thanks!

    1. christinaeli says:

      Stairs in between each exercise, ie: stairs, burpees, stairs, tummy tuck push ups, stairs, etc.

  8. Claudia says:

    Do you have to do the back to school workout three times?

    1. Hannah says:

      If you can. I always just do what I can do and try to push my self a little further.

  9. Christi Mackey says:

    So excited to be participating with all my TIU girls!

  10. Sophia Palomino Rosas says:

    Excited for the #friskyfall!!! Maybe this has been brought up before but in the printable it says to do the back to school circuit 3 times but in the schedule it doesn’t specified. So are you guys doing it 3 times? Considering the stair workout is also in the mix? I wish Karina and Katrina would be a little more specific…???

    1. Tamra Rainone says:

      If it says do it three times, do it three times, plus 1 round of the stair circuit. If you can’t do it three times, then it’s something to work toward! :D

      1. Sophia Palomino Rosas says:

        Thanks Tamra. That’s what I was thinking but couldn’t help and wonder what the other girls were doing :)

  11. Jennifer A says:

    What is everyone doing for cardio on Tuesday? Looks like we have a lot of cardio Wed-Sun but tomorrow says Cardio + Abs but I only see the Ab workout video. Thanks!

    1. Carly DiBiase says:

      If they don’t specify a cardio workout, you can do any kind you prefer! I usually jog, but you could take a workout class, bike, etc!

    2. There’s a picture of one of the girls right above the Ab video. If you look at the print on the picture, it’s got the cardio routine written on it.

  12. Nichole Heaverlo says:

    So excited to start #friskyfall!! #150byhalloween!!

  13. Nikki says:

    Will the new Tuesday workout be up in time for us European gals to do a bootycalll?

    1. Meg says:

      if you click on Tuesday it will show what the bootycall is – have fun!

  14. Jenee says:

    I was curious whether the number of stairs mattered? I live in a 2nd floor apartment (there are only 2 floors) and wondered if i should go up twice for every one of Katrina’s in the video?

    1. I did 240 steps (up-and down) each round, approx. 2min so you get your heart rate up.

  15. what is the #150byHalloween?I have been trying to figure out what they mean by #100byHalloween—Thank you!

    1. toneitupcom says:

      Hi Netty! It means you’re completing 100 or 150 miles of cardio by Halloween! That’s just under 2 miles a day. You’ve GOT this! xoxo

  16. Missy says:

    I’m confused for tomorrow’s (Tuesday) workout! I usually get up at 5 am to workout before work, but I don’t think it will be posted in time :/ any suggestions ladies?! Maybe just a quick 2 mile run in the morning?

    1. Carly DiBiase says:

      If it’s not posted in time, you could just do the sunkissed abs in the morning and the new routine after work, or a run is a great idea too!

  17. irisrebecca says:

    Do you know if the friskyfall workout posted today on the motivational post is the workout we’re supposed to do tomorrow(tuesday)? I live in spain and want to do it as my bootycall and i’m afraid it won’t be up in time..

  18. Christina says:

    It says Tuesdays new routine will go live at midnight…I don’t think it did. What time zone is this based on?

  19. Maggie Piperato says:

    I’m in for #150byHalloween!!! Fall is the best time to get outdoor cardio in! Crisp air, good temps, can’t wait!

  20. Heather Tassel says:

    I am brand new to TIU and I’m trying to participate in the #FriskyFall Challenge. I noticed that today’s workout was the Sunkissed abs challenge and a new cardio challenge but it hasn’t been posted. Then I somehow clicked on another link that said to do 30 minutes of cardio and the NEW full body routine (which I also can’t find). Another click and I stumbled upon InsaneCardio. Now I’m super confused as to what schedule I’m supposed to follow each day. Can someone help me out?? I’d like to plan my workouts for the week. thanks!!!

  21. Jennifer A says:

    Anyone have a pdf copy or link to the 150 mile chart so I can cross off miles as I go? Thanks!

  22. Hi everyone! I am new to the TIU challenges and I was curious if the new cardio workout counts as the #100byhalloween challenge or if we do 30 minutes extra cardio a day! Thank you all so much and I am relayed excite about getting to know some of you!

    1. christinaeli says:

      Welcome! All cardio counts towards the challenge, but if you’re game you can always do 30 min extra! ;) So go ahead and add the stairs routine from Monday and the new Insane Cardio to your mileage.

    2. MickeyMoo says:

      the new cardio workout does count – any cardio you do counts as miles :)

  23. Kaylee C says:

    Hi all! Is there a printout for the weekly workout schedule? I know you can look up each day on here and click the days individually to view the workouts, but is there something that lists the entire week altogether? I like planning out my week in advance and would find it easier to view it all at once.

    Thanks and have a wonderful day beauties!

    1. Nicole says:

      I’m the same way! What I do on Sunday is go to the schedule and put everything in my Google calendar. For example, I put Cardio – x miles or whatever the challenge is / Toning – x routine. Then in the event, if there is a video that goes along with the day, I embed the youtube code in the description field. That way, each day I already have what I’m supposed to do AND I just click on the link in my calendar event for the video. I can also record how many minutes/miles cardio I got in. I also like to note how long the toning challenge lasts. I like to know if I’m in for a 12 minute workout or a 30 minute workout!

      1. Kaylee C says:

        Great idea! Thank you so much for the info!!

    2. christinaeli says:

      That’s a great idea Nicole. If there’s a youtube video, I make a new youtube playlist in my account and add it there. And that’s even better when there’s 2 or 3 since all I have to do is press play! And I try to make those for the full week so I can just check the app for updates and cardio.

  24. So Vera says:

    I am confused someone help me!! So its day 2 of the challenge. I printed the calendar, I get the 100 by halloween thing. Now…I see the workout of the week in the email on Sunday, am I supposed to do that every day? Then I see Insane cardio, when am I supposed to do that. Then there is stairs workout…more confused?? Then back to school workout…really confused? It seems very complicated to me, especially in this blog style format. Can someone help me make sense of this???

    1. Denise says:

      Under ‘Fitness’ at the top of the blog, click on Frisky Fall Challenge Week 1, then go down and it displays Monday – that was yesterday’s workouts. Scroll past that and click on Tuesday and it will display today’s workout. I’m sure we’ll have to click Wednesday tomorrow, and so on. Hope this helps!

    2. christinaeli says:

      To piggyback off of Denise’s comment, each Sunday they post a weekly schedule (this is one of them) and tell you what routines to do each day. Usually there are 2: a cardio and toning. Each cardio routine can translate into mileage and therefore counts towards your 100 or 150 by halloween, so that’s a consistent counter throughout your day and workouts. Their app simplifies it by day. Search “Tone it up” in the app store and on the “Sweat” tab it highlights the specific exercises for the current day. If you have any more questions feel free to ask! :)

      1. So Vera says:

        Ya, Im still confused :) I understand all cardio falls into the 100 by halloween. Got that part. I see the daily workouts, got that. I dont understand when I am supposed to do the weekly workouts that they send on Sunday…Im looking for the app…is it not available for android?

        1. So Vera says:

          Hang on…What I mean is when are you supposed to do the workout in the welcome packet?? Thats what I got on Sunday…this is my first challenge and it seems quite confusing. I got a “welcome packet” email when I first started that had a workout…I thought we were supposed to do that every week…then I started seeing a million different workouts and got confused. So thats the final piece of the puzzle…the welcome packet. Was that just an extra workout…??

          1. MickeyMoo says:

            I’m pretty sure the welcome packet is kind of an “extra” workout. (Since I was already signed up, I didn’t get the welcome packet this week but I got it when I very first signed up, so it’s probably the same one.) It sounds like you’ll just want to follow the weekly schedule they post here :) I hope this helps!

        2. christinaeli says:

          I’m not sure about android, I have an iPhone. They stress the importance of doing your workouts first thing in the morning, but if you’re not a morning person or schedule won’t allow it anytime is better than none. That’s where their term “Booty Call” comes from. BC is when you wake up, at least 30 minutes earlier than you normally would, to get your workouts done before your day.

  25. Carly Hansen says:

    Do you gals understand how to do the Insane Cardio? I mean, it says do the running part 3 more times, and the toning part 1 more time. So are you ladies doing the cardio 4 times in a row, then doing the toning part twice? Or alternating 1 cardio, 1 toning, 1 cardio, 1 toning, etc? I just want to get the most out of my HIIT and make sure I’m understanding it correctly!

    1. Sophia Palomino Rosas says:

      I did the running 4x in a row and then the toning 2x in a row. That’s how I understand it, hope that helps :) Let me tell you the burpees for 1 minute were a killer.

      1. Hannah says:

        Yeah I could barely do the burpees. Plus my ceilings are low. That workout kills.

  26. Christina says:

    I’m having problems i heard about the Frisky Fall challenge but im not seeing where i can print off the weekly schedule

  27. Haley Richmond says:

    How many miles towards 100byhalloween does the insane cardio count????

  28. Hannah says:

    Help. I can’t find my dumbells and I don’t know what to do for todays arm workout. I was think just doing some pushups. I walked for 45 minutes already. Thank you!!

  29. Erin says:

    Do the leg videos for tomorrow(Thursday) count for any miles or no?

    1. MickeyMoo says:

      I think they don’t, since K&K explained the 100 by halloween thing as being 100 miles of cardio rather than other exercises. I’m not totally sure, though, but that’s my guess

  30. kh1234 says:

    I just signed up so I hope I’m not too late to start. There is so much interesting information on this site. I’m sure I’ll find the right help for me. The only problem is that I find it difficult to sort through so much information and find what I need. I’m hoping when I get my friskyfall newsletter that will help.

  31. says:

    I cant find the 100 by halloween printable!!!

  32. Daniuska Medina says:

    Hey!! i just realize that the videos are in the wrong place!! i don’t understand well the routine for Thursday, help please!!!

  33. anna says:

    Anyone not on the Nutrition Plan and had amazing results from the workouts?

      1. anna says:

        okay good! I thought I was the only one not on the plan! :)

  34. anna says:

    anyone who is not on the nutrition plan but is seeing amazing results? do I have to be on the nutrition plan to see results?

  35. Lauren Hunt says:

    Hello! Does Anyone have any suggestions of how to get out of a bad mood because they can’t do the exercise of the day because they have a huge blister? I’m so bummed, but this week I have felt better about my body than ever before! I’m soaking it right now, but it is just so dissapointing

  36. Erin Walsh says:

    So I’m a little confused about this…are we supposed to be doing the Frisky Fall Full Body Routine a certain many times a week? I saw it on the last week of August’s weekly schedule. Not sure if I’m supposed to be doing that or not. @toneitup @karenkatrina #FRISKYFALL

  37. Priscilla says:

    If I’m just joining in now, do I start with week 1 or week 2?

    1. christinaeli says:

      Week 2! Then if you want to get the full 8 weeks in add week 1 in at the end after week 8.

    2. toneitupcom says:

      Get started with the workouts posted for THIS week! And try to fit in a little bit extra cardio when you can to complete #100byHalloween! xoxo

  38. Dani Andreea says:

    I will start this from next week! sounds like fun :D

  39. Donaji Iwasko says:

    Hi! I want to join the Frisky Fall Challenge but I don’t know if I should start with week 1 or week 2… or wait for the workouts from week 3?


  40. Kailey says:

    Will there be a Frisky Fall Challenge this year?

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