Karena and I are wrapping up one amazing and memorable weekend! We had the opportunity to meet over 400 team members at this year’s Tone It Up Retreat in Newport Beach, CA! We not only love and appreciate every incredible woman who joined us but every single one of YOU! We love this ENTIRE #TIUteam, and your presence was here!

Now, let’s kick off Week 2 of the Fit For Fall Charity Challenge with a BANG! We’re ready to get back on track and continue running those #CharityChallenge miles!

If you’re just joining us, WELCOME! Make sure you sign up and read all about the challenge HERE!



  1. Sharon says:

    Why I don’t see that much cardio? Is it on my own to do 2-3 miles a day? Please someone help. Thanks

    1. Lesly Austin says:

      They were mentioning that other exercises count as cardio. Also in the fall challenge video, they said we need 2 miles a day so you can either count your cardio with spinning classes, zumba , etc. or just run it, I think that’s what I am gonna do.

      1. Tiffany says:

        It’s an average of 2 miles a day so if you’re doing 3 miles 4 times a week + an extra cardio session you’ll be fine ;)

  2. Sonja Thorsvik says:

    Hi Ladies. Last week was so great, I booked 17 miles towards the #CharityChallenge… Going on year 3 with this team, I’d love if you would post how many miles we gain with each of these workouts // Like this week you will add ‘x’ amount of miles to the challenge! // Also, finally upped my Kettlebell from 10lbs to 15lbs. Feeling strong! Have a great week everyone!

  3. Christina says:

    The Perfect Fit tea is fantastic! So happy to have gotten mine already! Looking forward to the Frisky Fall Routine this week. Its a close second favorite to Beach Bombshell (on the BeachBabe3 dvd). Its a fantastic workout!

  4. Maria_TIU says:

    At Wednesday’s workout, shall we complete each workout once or shall we complete each workout’s reps?

    1. Britt says:

      For Wednesday complete 1 round of each workout.

  5. Sierra Villanueva says:

    Okay, so for the workouts with videos and printables which one are we supposed to follow when it comes to reps? Some of the printables say to do 3 rounds, but in the videos they’ll only do one round. Can anyone clear this up for me?

    1. Christina Winkle-Devlin says:

      Do 3 rounds, just restart video.

    2. Christina says:

      Yeah, most videos you have to restart to do it 3x through. I always check to see what the printable says if I want to do it along with a video. As always though, just do what you can, its always better than nothing!

    1. Kelly Flynn says:

      I assume they had this post prewritten before the retreat, hence before the engagement (: I can’t wait to see it in their write up/video of the retreat! <3 <3 <3

  6. Mariah says:

    Yes! So excited for an awesome week of workouts! :)

  7. Val says:

    Can somebody tell me how many miles the insane cardio workout counts? 10 min = 1 mile? :)

  8. Roxane Liu says:

    Monday morning booty call accomplished! Thanks for keeping us on track!

  9. Laura says:

    Probably a silly question, but on Thursday do we complete both ultimate bootycall and fit for fall hiit or just one of the two? Thank you!

    1. Allysa says:

      It says you can also do the fit for fall hiit. It’s for the people that don’t have the dvd.

  10. janet1025 says:

    Are any of the amazing pieces of swag that girls got on the trip going to be available in the shop soon? I NEED some of those shirts in my life.

  11. Nicole Norman says:

    Could we please PLEASE get the new workouts a little earlier? Us Midwest girls are missing out! As a full-time working mom of a one-year-old, I have to do my workouts at 5am Eastern time or they don’t get done. The new workouts aren’t getting posted until after I’m already at work for the day. Please??

    1. Lucy Roberts says:

      Agreed, even worse for those of us in Australia! It’s 9pm at night and still can’t see the new workout. I want straight forward easy to follow workouts and having to search around for a replacement defeats the purpose a bit! I love the exercises that are up though :)

    2. Julie C says:

      Am I the only one who still doesn’t see the new workout for Tuesday? :(

  12. Dana says:

    It will be pretty well impossible for your app to match your chart! HIIT and other cardio is impossible to track with the app! Go ahead and use your miles from classes, spin class, etc. Because if not you will be missing a lot of your miles! The charity app is just something they suggested using along with your chart so you can raise money as you do the activities on the app (walking/running, outside biking) but for your classes, I would def count them on your chart! Hope it helps! As always, everything is just a suggestion and don’t take anything too directly, mostly they put it out there as an option, but not the only option!!! For my classes, if intense a good rule of thumb is intense 10 mins = 1 mile! Hope that helped!

    1. Alexis says:

      It did!! Made me feel so much better! Thank you! :)

  13. Audrey Cross says:

    Do you ladies have recipe variations for different elevation ? I made the sweet potato breakfast cookies and although they were delish, they were very very soft. Didn’t look like the pic. Thanks so much!

  14. Kris says:

    @Alexis you can definitely track your miles in the classes you’re taking . I just use an armband or a runner pouch. I hit the indoor run/walk and let it go until my class is over . It works perfectly

  15. Kaitlyn Marie says:

    Had to do Wednesday’s today (Tuesday) due to an injured shoulder. Hopefully can get arms in tomorrow!

  16. Brit says:

    what time is the new challenge usually posted? I have to get ready for work… is it posted somewhere else and I’m just missing it?

  17. Wendrika says:

    Hey Tone It Up, I want to express my appreciation for challenges that include things like making necessary appointments (today’s pm challenge). Any fitness schedule can tell you to do sit-ups or go jogging, but one that includes truly caring for yourself is worth its weight in gold. I am really thankful for your format, your mission, your style, and for reminding me to get into the doctor for preventative care. With two jobs, two kids, one husband, and tons to do everyday, your program is super helpful to me and much loved! Heading off for a jog-keep the inspiration coming!

    ps. Your workouts are awesome!

  18. Erin Flora says:

    Keep forgetting to post! But loving the #fitforfall program. 11 miles walked last week with baby in stroller. 1 mile walked yesterday. Busy babe abs and 3 moves for a sexy back done this morning. #fitforfall @toneitup

  19. Krissy says:

    So there’s no cardio scheduled for Tuesday? I just want to make sure I’m not skipping something!

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