Feeling Sore? The Best Stretches for Every Part Of Your Beautiful Bod

Hi beautiful! Sending love and hugs from set! Kat and I are in week THREE of filming some amazing stuff for you for you…brand new Studio Tone It Up classes and YOUR 2018 BIKINI SERIES!!!

We’ve been filming workouts all day, errr day….

So our muscles need a little extra love and recovery. And we bet you’re feeling the exact same way. We know you’re workin’ hard and feeling the burn in week two of #TIU21 Round 2! We see those sweaty selfies  💪🔥

It’s SO important to give your body a chance to recover and rest the muscles you’re using during your workouts. Stretching is the best way to promote longevity and elasticity in your muscles so they’ll be stronger for your TIU21 Booty Calls.

This challenge is all about creating new, healthy habits, so now is the perfect opportunity for you to focus on your stretching. We’re sharing a few of our favorite poses to target specific areas so your entire body will get the TLC it deserves. Do these moves after a workout or on your rest day for all the benefits of a deep, thorough stretch! Trust us you’ll feel amaaaazing! We’ll definitely be doing these tonight after we wrap!

Hold each of these poses for 30-60 seconds! Don’t forget to take deep breaths 💖

Hip Opener ~ Half Pigeon Stretch

As women, our hips are usually pretty tight. Stretching them frequently helps us avoid injury and is soothing for the entire bod!

Bend your right leg in front and extend your left leg behind you. Make sure your hips are squared. You can hold here or slowly lower down to the ground for a deeper stretch.

Hip Flexor ~ Psoas Stretch

The psoas (AKA the hip flexor) is a long muscle that attaches from our low back all the way down to our hips. The hip flexor can become pretty tight from things like running, jumping, and even sitting for long periods of time. You’ll feel this stretch deeply, so remember to breathe!

Begin in a runner’s lunge with your back knee on the ground. Keep your hips squared as you lean forward. You can deepen the stretch by raising your right arm directly in the air.

Obliques & Back ~ Side Stretch

Here’s the perfect stretch to target your strong core and sexy back.

Begin standing with your feet hip-width apart. Raise your arms above you and hold your hands together. Tilt slowly side to side.

Backs of the Thighs ~ Single Leg Hamstring Stretch

Our hamstrings always need a little extra love. This stretch will lengthen the backs of your legs and ease lower back tightness!

Sit with your left leg tucked in and right leg extended. Square your hips as you reach for your toes. This will isolate the stretch in your hamstrings.

Shoulders ~ Tabletop Shoulder Stretch

Our shoulders usually hold most of our tension from stress, so stretching them not only relieves soreness but also helps us relax!

Begin in a tabletop position. Tuck your right arm under your body and to the left. Gently rest here and take deep breaths.

Booty ~ Booty Stretch

After all those pistol squats and step ups this challenge your tush is probably feeling tight!  🍑  This stretch targets those deep muscles in our booties that hurt so good!

Sit with your left leg bent. Cross your right leg over your left. Use your left upper arm to push against your thigh as you twist.

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