Dual Toning Moves That Sculpt All Over!

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We talk a lot about getting the most out of your sweat sessions. Being strategic when it comes to your fitness routine is a great way to get strong and accelerate results. This is why we love HIIT workouts! Another amazing way to tone up fast is to include plenty of exercises that work multiple muscle groups at the same time. Think bicep curls as you squat or lunges with a twist. In addition to sculpting more than one area at once, an obvious plus, these types of exercises get your heart rate up, ensuring you blast tons of calories!

Today we’re sharing 4 moves to target your arms, abs, legs & booty! These exercises are perfect for squeezing in some fast toning during the upcoming busy holiday season.

Go through this sequence below 1-3 times through!

Move 1: Plank with Booty Kick Back!

Works your entire midsection, strengthens your core & lifts your booty!


Begin in a low plank position on your elbows. Keep abs engaged, belly button drawing in towards your spine as you raise your right leg straight up, foot flexed. Engage that booty as you alternate sides. Make sure you keep your body in a straight line as you repeat 20 reps!

Move 2: Bridge Press Booty Lifter

Targets your booty, hamstrings, abs and chest!


Begin laying on your mat with a pair of 5-8 lb dumbbells in hands. Place both feet on a Bosu ball (alternatively, use sofa cushions or stair stepper) and get in a bridge position, knees at 90 degrees, booty engaged and shoulders on the ground. Lift your right leg straight up in the air as you perform a chest press. Keep you right leg lifted as you simultaneously lift and lower your booty and perform a chest press. Repeat 20 reps and switch sides!

Move 3: Total Body Vinyasa Flow

Sculpts your arms, lifts your booty & targets your core!


Begin in a downward dog position. In one fluid motion, lift your right leg straight up to the sky, come into a one-legged high plank and lower your opposite knee to the ground as you perform a tricep pushup, keeping elbows close to your sides. Come back up into downward dog and repeat the move on the opposite side. Complete a total of 10 reps, 5 on each side.

Move 4: Stationary back lunge with shoulder press

Works your booty, thighs, shoulders & back!


Begin standing, feet together and 5-8 lb dumbbells in each hand. Step your left foot back, getting in a high lunge position, front knee bent at 90 degrees. Press your weights straight up, performing a shoulder press as you simultaneously dip down into a lunge. Keep your core engaged for balance! Repeat 20 reps and switch sides.

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  1. K+K loving this series…kicking my butt and loving it!! #workitgirl

  2. I’m doing these moves tonight during commercial breaks during the hockey game! Does anyone else like to do toning or cardio moves during commercial breaks while watching TV?

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