Congrats! You Crushed the Love Your Body Series

Love Your Body Congrats

Hey babe! WOW, we are SO PROUD of you!! You finished the Love Your Body Series and achieved so much! From your workouts, to making nutritious recipes, supporting one another, and being kind to your body, it’s been an incredible way to kickoff 2020!

Take some time to look back at these last four weeks and recognize how far you’ve come. Karena and I, along with your TIU trainers, are sharing videos on Instagram on why we truly love and appreciate our bodies. We want to hear from you too and how you feel in this moment!

We’ll be featuring so many of your stories to share with the community. Why do you love and appreciate your body? What do you want other women to also recognize in themselves? Let’s all encourage strength, empowerment, resilience, and authenticity going into this amazing year together.

Share with us on Instagram #TIULoveYourBody. We can’t wait to hear from you. We’ll be looking out for your videos!


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