Can I HIIT IT in the morning…

Bounce wit me, bounce wit me…

okay seriously, how often can you HIIT it in the mornin’!? WE’VE GOT YOU GIRL!


As a TIU girl, you know the importance of HIIT, aka High Intensity Interval Training. This type of workout is a must if you want results FAST! Short, intense bursts of activity—the basis of HIIT—burn fat like nothing else! This is how you rev up your metabolism and increase strength. In fact, some of our favorite workouts are HIIT routines! K+K Slay anyone?!

The key to making HIIT work for your gorgeous bod is to slow it down too. Maximum bikini babe results come from a mix of intense workouts, steady state cardio, AND active rest days.

The reason HIIT is the gold standard for getting lean and toned is because it creates micro tears within your muscles that rebuild and become stronger than they were before. The keyword here is rebuild. If you don’t give your body a break, your muscles won’t have time to create that coveted lean physique. And remember.. you need to feed those lean muscles with protein like your TIU Perfect Fit Protein!

But don’t worry! When we say slow it down, we mean lower the intensity. This could mean going for a jog, taking your bike for a spin, attending a yoga class or going through your favorite non-HIIT Beach Babe 4 workout! There are so many to choose from! Our latest fav is Kettle Flow and Rock Your Body because they lengthen, tone and sculpt all while keeping your heart rate at a steady pace.

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It’s with this balance in mind that we create your Weekly Schedule, posted every Sunday! Remember when you hit the site at the gym or at home, you can just go straight to the DAILY WORKOUT, which is posted every day at the top of Each week we give you the perfect combo of HIIT, cardio and toning for sculpted abs, a tight tushy and toned arms! Plus you’ll have options between the Daily Moves, free routines and premium workouts all strategically structured around what we want you to work!

For those of you who want a quick snapshot of an ideal week, we’ve got you! Take a look below for an easy to follow plan. The best part is that it can be customized with your fave routines!

Variety is the spice of life and that goes for your workouts too. So, be sure to still check-in every Sunday for your Weekly Schedule!


tone it up workout week




Mondays are perfect for starting the week off right with some cardio and total body toning! 
20-30 minutes of steady state cardio (jogging, stairs, elliptical, bike)
+30 minutes of your favorite Total Body Toning routines like this one!



Tone It Up… on a Tuesday! Throw some HIIT into the equation! 
30 minutes of HIIT + 10-15 minutes of ABS



It’s HUMP day! Tone your tush today!
Head out for a 40 minute walk in the morning, lunchtime or evening
30 minutes of your favorite legs + booty routines. We LOVE this one!



Today you’ll need some steady state cardio + foam rolling

Complete  30-40 minutes of steady state cardio (jogging, stairs, elliptical, bike)
+ 10 minutes of foam rolling and stretching




20-30 Minutes of HIIT + ABS + ARMS



‘Active’ Rest day~ aka just move a little bit today, especially if you’ve been going hard all week :) This can be walking, going to the park, bike riding, hiking or something fun and moderately active. We also love taking a yoga class for an active rest day.



Go for a 5k (or 10k!) today or push harder than you ever have before on the stairs!

You can also turn your run into a HIIT workout and squeeze it in one more time this week! See how to do that HERE

+ 10-15 minutes of BOOTY and foam rolling… or reward yourself with a deep tissue massage ;)



Take your workouts to the NEXT LEVEL with Beach Babe 4!

From HIIT, cardio Abs, total body toning, yoga, to booty and more… there are 14 workouts to choose from :)

Learn more about Beach Babe 4 HERE!
You’ll also love Beach Babe 3



Recover with a DELISH post-workout Perfect Fit Smoothie Bowl! Your gorgeous bod will thank you for it!!


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  1. Love this Sample Week Workout. I’m currently following the Bikini Series Round 2, but it’s always fun to change things up every now and then.

  2. This sample week is perfect! I am going away on vacation next week, so it’s a nice outline that I will follow so I can still get my workouts in!

  3. “Can I HIIT it in the morning!” I LOVE you guys! I love how you always know what to say to get my booty workin’! Thanks for the motivation and sample workout schedule. HOLLA!!!

  4. Great post and really important for everyone to read. I did a year at a gym that focused on HIIT workout classes and was doing HIIT 5-6 times a week for an hour each time. I ended up tearing my hamstring and have been unable to workout much for 5 months while it is healing. The injury has made me realize how important balance and recovery is for you body instead of pushing as hard as possible all the time.

  5. thank you for this sample week its so helpful! lately i’ve been feeling overwhelmed with the new weekly schedule workout- there’s so much to choose from i end up feeling lost and unsure how much and what to do. i really appreciate the structure of being told exactly what to do, and then I modify as needed from there. I was starting to feel discouraged because I wasn’t sure if I was doing enough. Also, its a relief to hear you talk about an active rest day- I’ve been wondering about whether you encourage them because I hadn’t really hear you mention them before. It helps to hear you explain what is meant by one. I would love more sample weeks like this one! thank you for all you do! its life changing. <3

    1. I’m right there with you girl!! I can relate to your whole post…we got this!!!!

    2. Yes, I felt the same. I did the January Challenge this year for my first time and the weekly schedule was even hard for me because I worked out every day. But I was going to the gym before and I had rest days of course. But the TIU Challenge told me to do a workout every day. I felt too sore after 3 weeks. I really needed rest days! Now, I am taking rest days and this works better for me.

  6. Can someone assist me please? I feel stupid for asking, but i’ll never know if i dont, right?!? The only thing that isnt clear to me is the Booty Call (morning WO) vs the PMWO.. It doesnt break them up like that so how does it work? Is the amount of time listed for one particular day the morning WO & i am to make up my own PMWO? Or so you split up the time for both? I appreciate anyone’s help! While i’ve followed TIU for a while now i am just getting officially started now due to some past health issues. Thanks guys!!! Any input is appreciated!

    1. Generally you do your cardio or HIIT as your booty call, and your toning workouts as your PM workout. So with this schedule Monday’s booty call would be 20-30 minutes of steady state cardio and the PM workout would be a 30 minute total body routine. The main point is to get moving twice a day, so just do whatever feels best and works for you! Hope this helps :)

    2. Hey Lorna~
      Not stupid: smart. ;)
      I do everything I’m going to do (I do the Free, not Premium, workouts) first thing in the morning, which TIU calls Booty Call (I also do a short bedtime yoga routine every night). After working out my whole life (long time), I find I am more focused, more dedicated, and more successful doing it first thing in the morning before breakfast. I’ve also found it does wonders for my mental and emotional health to do it first thing in the morning. Work out when YOU can. Working out when you can is better than not working out at all. I try to do at least two items (Five Daily Workout Moves, Workouts, or Cardio) each day, sometimes I do all the items listed for a day. I let my body decide. As best as I can tell, the time they show for each day is the minimum time for the two shortest Free items for the day and the maximum time if you do all Free items for the day. What they show for each day is their program for the day (I believe that if you do a specific workout by itself on a given day, and do no other items for that day, they suggest you do the workout two to three times depending on your fitness level and available time). You don’t need to do more though you can, but I would caution you to re-think that: research suggests that exercising longer is not better or more effective. That is why TIU does lots of compound exercises (multiple exercises in one move) and HIIT: more effective and more efficient. They also change up their daily and weekly programs so that you are less likely to plateau. Also, I never workout without warming-up first and cooling-down last, which is not included in TIU’s time. I hope this helps…. Good luck!

  7. Hi K&K!!! I have a question: I’m training for a race so I’m going out to run 3 days a week (usually Tuesdays, Thursdays & Saturdays). How many of the other days can I do HIIT? Maybe 2-3 and 1 resting day? Thank you for your help! :)

  8. This is great! Any suggestion from the community on how to tweak this to focus on the booty? In the latest post about really toning the booty, they suggested a tough booty workout at least 3 times a week. Just trying to find the best way to tie that all together 😀 Thanks!

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