Burn It Up Stairmill Workout!

Step on it, girl!


This Stairmill routine will quickly raise your heart rate and boost your metabolism while toning your entire lower bod. If you don’t have a Stairmill, you can also use a set of stairs at a park, apartment building, or leading up to your local library (hello, Rocky status!!).

Let’s get to it!




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  1. I love this stair mill workout! I do it at least 3 times a week!! Works my legs and my booty!! Its the best!! The stair mill is a real life-changer when it comes to cardio! Gets your heart pumping, and your booty banging!! :)

  2. Just used a stairmill at the gym for the first time last week! I tapped out at 10 minutes! :) Thanks for sharing the workout routine!

  3. I keep timidly trying the stair mill and I have to look down the whole time for fear of missing a step or getting my feet caught in them-am I the only one?!?? Is there a secret to fearlessly climbing?

    1. That was me the first couple times on the stair master mainly because I wanted to be cute and not bust my butt. I’ve had a few moments of missed steps and always remember fear = false evidence appearing real. I never actually feel and busted my butt so I let the fear go. Be your fearless self you got this!

    2. I used to be the same way, but with practice I got more confident on it! I also feel like I developed muscle memory and got more coordinated with it, if that makes sense. :)

    1. They don’t give specific levels because it’s different from machine to machine and person to person. My flame isn’t going to be equivalent to your flame because we are at different fitness levels and we’re working out on different machines.

  4. made this into a 30 minute routine before Pure barre today!!! Loved it and it kept me motivated!!!!!

  5. Bookmarked this for later!! Can’t wait to try it out!! I really appreciate that you give guides like this. Please do some for machines and equipment!

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