Booty-Shaking Beach Dance Cardio With Tori!

Hey gorgeous! We’re so insanely proud of you! For the past six weeks, you’ve kicked some serious booty 🍑 and you’ve inspired so many babes along the way. You’ve been eating Lean, Clean, ‘N Green, hitting your daily Booty Call, smiling, laughing, and growing as a beautiful community. This has been a journey filled with so many emotions ~ and today we want you to celebrate this Series by dancing it out on the beach!

Our girl (and Studio Tone It Up Trainer!) Tori is taking you through a total body dance cardio routine beachside! This workout will feel amazing from head to toe…and majorly boost your heart rate and your metabolism! Don’t stress about getting all the steps down ~ dance is all about moving the way that feels right to you! (I mean…Karena’s famous robot move, anyone?!)

Tori breaks it down and makes it easy ~ all you gotta do is shake your booty 💃😉

You can also watch on YouTube & Apple TV HERE!

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  1. Tori, I really enjoyed doing this dance with you this morning! Afterward I watched your encouraging love your body message posted from a few days ago and appreciate that too. Thank you for the positivity. Lately I see girls making (IG community) posts that are so hard on themselves, and sometimes on others, in a veiled or not-so-veiled way, that is troubling to me. Your message of having fun with fitness (and demonstrated in this routine) is so important. This routine would be a great one to do after coming home from a stressful day. “Just dance!” Thank you again. I love that it was shot outside too, especially on the rainy, dark morning here!

  2. L8 says:

    Great mowes💃🏻💃🏻💃🏻”Dance after work.”
    Had a day full of meetings. Great way to end the day.
    Feeling energises and happy🙌🙌

  3. I loved this dance and toning video. I really like the variety that tone it up has available! Thanks.

  4. Loved the dance exercise after I did a 40m all with my lab I feel great and followed up with Karinas stretch workout. XO

  5. Just did this workout on vacation in my hotel room!👍🏻☺️ What a wonderful way to start the day. I didn’t feel like going to the hotel gym and didn’t bring a mat with me. So thankful for my trainers that keep me supplied with so many fun options! ❤️👙💋

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