BOO-tiful Bod Halloween Workout

Hey, BOO ;)

Anyone else getting into the spooky spirit!? Everywhere we look there are costumes, decorations, movie marathons, and haunted hayrides, and it’s totally inspiring us to get some extra BOO-ty toning in. Save the workout below (and share it with a friend) to tone your abs, legs, booty, and arms while enjoying the fall festivities!


Psst… Speaking of getting into the spirit👻, did you see that we created a HEALTHY version of your fave pumpkin spice latte recipe!? Check it out HERE, then drop and give us 10 squats ;)


Screen Shot 2016-10-24 at 10.01.35 PMTone It Up BOO-tiful Bod Halloween Workout Printable


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  1. This sounds fun, even though Halloween is not a big thing over on this side of the pond! Ill follow along via The Gram, and do the move when I see throwbacks, pumpkin spiced goodies and carved pumpkins…..mind you, Ill be doing all sorts of moves all day in this way!! Will need to control my Insta scrolling! hahaha!
    Id like to take a moment to say WOWWZIE to our bootylicious trainer Katrina!! That triple sunset pic above…wowwwww! Im not going to say I want to look like you one day, because my body is so different from yours, but you are a true inspiration, motivation and bombshell cutie pie! Happy Halloween TIUTeam! (thats a 30sec plank!) ….😀

  2. We live out in th country so there won’t be anyone yelling trick or treat or ringing my bell-I get out of those moves! But….I have a black cat so I’ll be killing it with never ending jump tucks😬

  3. Aw man! I went and bought pumpkin spice for nothing! LOL Tastes great and I’ve done 20 squats already! #TIU31 #TIUteam #pumpkinspice #TIUgirl

  4. Love this idea! I’ll be doing this for sure and getting a boo-banging workout in! I’ll expect something fun like this for every holiday!😜 Let’s get it ladies! Katrina, those pics of you in the leotard are gorgeous!

  5. I love this idea. I actually wish this chart came out a little earlier since I’ve been seeing so much Halloween stuff for days. Also that Kat pic in the leotard is amazing. Her legs and booty are on fire! Especially those legs wow! She’s a total smoke show! :) I will be printing out my chart to follow.

  6. This is such a good idea! I’m teaching pilates classes that day and wearing skull print pants and a cute graphic tee. Have fun if ya’ll are getting dressed up and partying!

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