#BIKINISERIES™ Thursday Challenge!

You’re all signed up… and motivated to get going!!! We are loving all your check-ins coming in! Karena and I can’t get off our computers seeing all your inspiration and pictures pour in!!! It’s incredible!

Below is tomorrow’s workout challenge. Remember that starting this Sunday, we’ll be posting your Weekly Workout Schedule, so you can plan ahead :)

Thursday ~ It’s time to head to the beach with your BIKINI SERIES™Strap Workout!

This routine is perfect for tightening & sculpting all the areas where you tie that bikini!

Print out your routine here ~ Right click & download BIKINI SERIES™ STRAP WORKOUT

bikini-beach-body-workout-bikini-body-tone-it-up-girls-3 bikini-beach-body-workout-bikini-body-tone-it-up-girls-4 bikini-beach-body-workout-bikini-body-tone-it-up-girls-5

Next it’s time to get your body BIKINI ! Let’s HIIT the Beach from your Beach Babe DVD

Don’t have the Beach Babe DVD yet? We challenge you to a 30 minutes of cardio! A simple way of thinking about it ~ Run away from your house for 15 minutes and run back! Tweet us your picture and show us where you run :) #BIKINISERIES

Above is a preview of your HIIT Routine ~ Press play at home, and be sure to Check in with a photo of you working out with us… We’ll see you bright and early!

After your workout, remember it’s Thirsty Thursday ~ We challenge you to drink HALF your body weight in ounces of water today. You can do this, the entire team is going to be hydrating and feeling refreshed!

Also, members of the Tone It Up Nutrition Plan, we want you to follow your program throughout the entire BIKINI SERIES™! Fueling your body with the right foods is the key to getting bikini ready :)

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We can’t believe it either!!! It’s here!

Your 3rd Annual ☀BIKINI SERIES™!!!!!

We want you to have the most memorable summer ever ~ join us for 8 weeks of bikini workouts, prizes, motivation & much more!

You’re going to be fearless, brave and beautiful! Prepare yourself to arrive on the beach feeling confident and looking like a total BEACH BOMBSHELL!!!

Prizes coming from Victoria’s Secret, Oakley, Perfect Fit, Beach Babe & more! When you sign up, you’ll immediately receive your BIKINI SERIES™ Starter Pack ~ Your new workout, 5 tips to get you ready for summer & 5 Recipes! Yes, it’s FREE :) We’re also announcing your Grand Prize ON FRIDAY. We can barely hold it in!!!


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