BIKINI SERIES WEEK 2 Fitness Schedule!

Prepare yourself, bombshell…

Week 2 of your BIKINI SERIES challenge is here! You’ve all ROCKED the first week and it’s time to take things up a notch as we all get summer-ready together!

Just joining us? Welcome! This is the ultimate fitness & lifestyle challenge to get you summer-ready! We’re bringing you workouts, tips, recipes, prizes and more as you get in the best shape of your life for the first day of summer.


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We are blown away by your commitment, dedication & positivity this week! Every Check in contributes to the amazing energy generated when this community of beautiful, positive women comes together to reach their goals…and we’re so excited to reward you…

This week’s winners will receive all the amazing goodies below! Winners will receive our favorite line of natural sun protection, COOLA Suncare, including a Sport SPF 50 Sunscreen Spray AND a Mineral Face SPF 30 in Matte Tint. Prizes also include an exclusive Contiki water bottle (more details on your prize trips coming soon!), a box of our NEW Perfect Fit Organic Coconut Hydration Mix (you’re going to LOVE IT!) , a Tone It Up Salad Shaker and the Beach Babe 2 DVD~ which if you already have it, it makes a great gift :)

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If you see your name below, please email us at [email protected] with the following information: 1) your full name 2) your social media handle 3) your best shipping address 4) phone number AND PLEASE title the subject: “Week 1 Bikini Series Winner.” You have 30 days to claim your prize.

This week’s Check in winners are:

  1. Jess Segura @JessTIUmama
  2. Em Devine @MissEmmaDevine
  3. BBLisa on the Community
  4.  @TIUBEKS on Instagram
  5. @JARUKANYA_TIU on Instagram

How do you win? By checking in every day @ToneItUp #BIKINISERIES and by supporting and encouraging others in the community!

See all the details on the BIKINI SERIES HERE!!!



  1. Aileen says:

    This schedule looks brilliant! So excited to get started on week 2 of the Bikini Series and also can’t wait for the 2 new routines this week!

  2. Melissa Bricker says:

    Congrats to the 1st week’s winners! Hard work pays off! :)

    I’m excited for this week’s new workout schedule! My abs are still killing me, so they’re not going to love Monday’s workout. ;) But I’m gonna push through the pain and try as hard as I can!

  3. Jenny says:

    I posted a condensed schedule with links at there’s also a link to my spreadsheet printable you can modify to fit your week :)

    1. Jordan says:

      Awesome! I like coming to the site, but sometimes I just need a quick check to make sure I know what to do for that day. Thank you!

    2. Amanda Wittrup says:

      Love the condensed schedule and the additional printables. Thanks for sharing!

    3. CPanagopoulos p says:

      Wow what a great idea! Thanks for sharing!! :)

    4. Kayley says:

      Printed the meal plan and the plan for the week.. this is awesome! Thanks for helping all us TIU girls out :)

        1. Kayley says:

          Sorry not a plan — it’s just a break down of your meals and snacks for the day to record easily.

    5. Kara Scott says:

      THANK YOU SO MUCH Jenny – this is exactly what I needed. You’re a peach :-)

  4. Ashley Marie says:

    Congratulations week 1 winners!!! I feel great after week 1 and I am excited for more!

  5. Danica says:

    I’m new to Tone It Up and the Bikini Series. I am a little confused on our workout schedule so I was hoping that someone could help clarify it for me. I know we need to do 20-30 minute cardio sessions everyday. Does this count towards our 100 miles by summer challenge and the cardio sessions in our weekly workout schedule. Or do we need to do a 20-30 minute cardio session, a ten minute session towards our miles, and the cardio session posted in the weekly schedule. Thanks in advance! :)

    1. Cassie McCary says:

      Any cardio you do counts towards your #100bysummer. The cardio they give you in the weekly schedule is more of a suggestion. Karena and Katrina are all about making it work for you. If something is too difficult then tailor it to where you are at in your comfort level. Hope this helps.

      1. Danica says:

        Thanks so much for your help! Does that include walking too? I was under the impression that it had to be at least 10 minutes of intense cardio to count as 1 mile towards the 100 miles by summer challenge.

        1. Cassie McCary says:

          That’s what they say, however if I’m walking somewhere, I’m usually booking it there, and have my heart rate up pretty good. The same for any other type of cardio. As long as YOUR heart rate is up, then I would consider it a mile if you kept it bumping for that mile. I hope that makes sense! ;)

          1. Danica says:

            Awesome! That makes perfect sense. Thank you again!

  6. Shannon says:

    congrats winners! awesome 2nd week schedule #tiuteam! :)))

  7. Jordan says:

    So excited for this week! I currently have a shoulder injury, but I am participating as much as I can. Anyone have any suggestions for staying motivated with an injury?

    1. christine says:

      firstly:Don’t stop!: Pain is directly linked to causing depression. One of the
      best ways to combat depression is through exercise, so don’t stop! Don’t
      give up now. Try to find a new challenge to keep you motivated to get
      to the gym. also:Write down what you are thankful for: Write down everything you CAN do and what you are thankful for. This is a good tool for everyone. At the end of everyday, write down on paper at least three things you are
      thankful for. Seeing the positive in a tough situation will change your
      attitude.furthermore:Make your time being injured useful: For example,you can write down a healthier meal plan,or exercise with yoga(which is not such an intense workout routine)in addition:make a list of the reasons why you are doing this.this will definately keep you motivated! KEEP CALM AND STAY MOTIVATED BEACH BABE:)

    2. I just went through an injury but was training for a half and ended up finishing anyways. I had lower back injuries and have been having issues with my left shoulder.

      My best advice is to MODIFY everything. I know it’s so hard to do, but just doing what you can will help. I found that downloading new music and going on walks helped and also swimming if you can. Or just floating and kicking!

      Also, focus on clean eating! Diet is about 70% of weight loss/toning so it can’t hurt to focus on that. Hope this helps :) Get better soon!!

    3. Emma says:

      Hi Jordan! And massive ‘Well done!’ for wanting to do this even though you have something holding you back!

      I have had an ankle injury for the past two months, and have been going through the workouts finding any exercises that are done with parts of my body that don’t use my injured ankle. It can mean substituting ones I can’t do for ones I can, but is best to be safe.

      I also went to the gym where I am a member, told an instructor about my injury and that I wanted to keep my activity levels up as much as possible while doing what I could so I didn’t lose all the fitness I had built up. He was very happy to take me round and show me exactly what I could do while I recuperated without risk of injuring myself further.

      And remember – if you can stick to the diet (lean, clean and green) you shouldn’t go backwards weight-wise while you are restricted from doing some of the workouts.

      Keep in touch with the girls on here too. They are awesome!

      Be strong, lady xx

  8. Leah Sklader Yost says:

    Excited for another week. I’ve been having to modify due to a sprained ankle but I’m still seeing results just from the clean eating & toning.

    1. Bree says:

      I had the same experience last Bikini Series :/ Keep going girl! You’re doing great! I’m happy that you’re staying motivated :D

  9. Bree says:

    If we don’t have the Beach Babe DVD should we do the Love Your Body With HIIT workout 2x since it’s only 20 minutes and the HIIT The Beach 2 workout is 40 minutes ? Any suggestions?

    1. Kayley says:

      You can definitely double up Love your body with HIIT or use to find a shorter 10 minute HIIT work-out. They have a lot of variety but I’ll be honest.. they’re VERY challenging.. you WILL break a sweat ! I always do even with a pretty decent base fitness level.

      K&K – really hope there’s a Bikini Series HIIT!

  10. CPanagopoulos p says:

    Can we check-in using twitter? Do you know if K&K see those check-ins more that Instagram?

  11. Rosalinda says:

    Hello, I’m an Italian girl so excuse me for my English. I started my second week of the bikini series and i’m super happy! It helps me so much because I spend most of my day (8 hours) sitting to study and the effects on my body are seen. It helps me so much to follow the comunity and exercises every day, it helps me to download the jitters daily and sweat a little! I really hope I have the strength to get results and feel good about myself!! Thanks again

  12. Adriana says:

    Does anyone know where to get those colored kettlebells the girls use? I know the hearts are drawn on with sharpies because you can see the numbers under them, but these are so much cuter than any I can find.

    1. Melissa Bricker says:

      I got mine from Target and it’s a lime green neon color!

  13. Alejandra says:

    Hello everybody, I´m so excited to have found Tone It Up, is the first
    time that I like to do exercise thanks to Karena and Katrina!!! I´m
    looking forward to starting with the routines of this week, especially
    the new bikini booty routine!! Excuse me for my English, I´m from Spain ;)

  14. amanda says:

    Hi I don’t know if I missed something but can some one tell me where the new binko series workout vids being released on turesdays fit into the weekly schedules?

    1. Marlene says:

      You can go to the ‘Fitness’ link and they post the newest routines there! Check it for updates :D

  15. TIU_SherSher says:

    Didn’t do Friday’s routine, so I added it to today’s (Monday) with 1 round of each workout. Along with the ‘Excited for Spring’ cardio on the spin bike, I torched 1,200+ calories!!! I wasn’t that good over the weekend, so I knew I really needed to push today and will do so the rest of the week. I *loved* todays cardio, it really flew by! <3

  16. Debbie Hall Thompson says:

    The schedule looks great. I did cardio and abs today, check.

  17. Kayley says:

    The best ab workout is NO joke! I opted to do 3 rounds of 15 reps of each move before moving to the next one… OUCH!!!!!! I thought it was like a 10 minute easy breezy workout… guess again!

  18. Thalia Oramas says:

    omg… i can´t finish this :( but i´m starting today … i lost my condition . but i´m trying hard. if i not start today , when?

    1. christine says:

      don’t be sad beach babe:)your dedication is’s great that you started this journey:)we are the tone it up community and will soon get our greatest bodies if we stay dedicated and help each other:)

  19. Kathryn O'Halloran says:

    I am finding it really really hard to get motivated and do these workouts. Help?

    1. christine says:

      hey:) what is it actually that makes it difficult for you to get motivated?you can get motivated and be inspired by tone it up transformations or by ”getting more in touch”with motivation quotes.when it comes to working out,you should ‘push’yourself by thinking that you can do it because you want to look beautiful and gorgeous in the summer time!!hope i helped

    2. Dana says:

      Find a friend who wants to get serious about fitness also. it makes it much more fun, plus its someone to keep you accountable!

  20. Sanna Atran says:

    Does anyone know if you are supposed to eat before your booty call or not? Because sometimes I work out 1 hour from home in the morning and then I won’t eat breakfast until 3 hours after I woke up… Any tips on what to eat?

    1. Marlene says:

      K&K mention eating something light for energy like a fruit and some coffee. Just don’t eat much because according to Katrina, your body’s digestive system shuts down and focuses on exercising and it can make your belly hurt. Then after, eat something full of nutrients and protein! Keep up the good work!!!! <3333

    2. Dana says:

      I like to have a protein shake! I don’t end up eating a meal until I get at work which is approx. 3 hours after I first wake up too, a protein shake holds me over without being too much in my stomach!

  21. Angeli L Henkle says:

    I made my motivation board last night,got it hanging up on the wall above my computer where I can clearly see it everyday.

  22. Angeli L Henkle says:

    I was visit.a friend sat. eve.when I left,I missed a step,fell over onto the ground on my left side of my whole body,so I’m really sore,not able to exercise very good,but I’m still doing clean healthy eating and staying positive,will be back into the routine soon.

    1. christine says:

      you are such an amazing beach babe:)last night i had a terrible headache and thought of not working out .finally i worked out and that also helped me get rid of my headache,so i just wanted to say that it’s great that you are still positive :) hope you feel better soon!

  23. Nikkis says:

    Is anyone else not able to log onto the community? I do not have an Apple device, so I log on via browser. However, it will not let me today.

  24. tianna says:

    so excited! I finally got my friend Rachel on board to do Bikini Series with me WOOT! :) Thanks for such an amazing group with workouts, community, support and love ♥ ♥ ♥

  25. Jessica says:

    #BikiniSeries check-in….love the new booty workout, I did that twice and finished up with a nice stretch xoxo

  26. Marlene says:

    It’s so motivating to read all of the inspiring comments, especially to get you perked up for a great workout! I’m so proud of all these girls making changes, and THANK YOU Tone It Up! My husband is already pleased, I can’t wait to make him even happier ;)! Much love from Cocoa Beach, FL <3

  27. Rebekah Shanahan says:

    woooo.!!! the new booty workout is awesome.!
    Feeling so good after completing these workouts.

    I just wish I knew K&K’s secret to how they manage to look so great while doing them.!
    I’m over here looking like a sweaty blob hahaha.

  28. Lauren says:

    Do we do Tuesdays booty workout 3x through? Or just once since it wasn’t clarified? Thanks for the help!

  29. Karen says:

    I worked so hard today! And, I feel it! I am so happy to have joined the #bikiniseries! We can do this!!

  30. Lisa says:

    What am I doing wrong that I can’t view the video for today? I click on it and it takes me to a worksheet to fill out.

  31. Katie says:

    I just wanted to say to all of the TIU Team, you guys are amazing. I normally give up on challenges like this right at the beginning and this my first time truly trying to stick to something and kick butt. And all of you ladies have been so amazing at keeping me motivated and being encouraging. Ladies, who are strangers to me, favoriting my tweets or liking my instagram photos simply because I am part of the team has been so sweet and I think of this place as like a wonderful family. A beautiful way for women to come together and be positive and support each other. Love this amazing community that you have created, Karena and Katrina!

    1. Shannon Marciszewski Lockwood says:

      Way to go! I totally agree!

  32. Darien Siguenza says:

    Today’s HIIT kicked my booty! Thanks ladies

  33. I’m loving the workouts this week! Sometimes I can only complete one round of toning, but I love getting it done!
    Where are the shorts y’all are wearing in the Wednesday video from?? I love those!

  34. Jessica says:

    #BikiniSeries check-in…awesome workout today and now some of my stress is gone lol love the bikini cardio and sufers paradise xoxo

  35. Bec says:

    The only problem I have with the new work outs is the fact that for us people in GMT (UK) or even further east, they don’t get released early enough for my morning work out and I work lates!

    1. Poppie says:

      Thats the problem I have, but I like to do the day befores workout, like on Wednesdays I do Tuesdays workout and that works so much better! xx

  36. Poppie says:

    So I’m 13 and I am so happy I found tone it up thanks to breelovesbeauty on YouTube! I used to be such an unfit slob… Can’t wait for that six pack to come along haha! lol xx

  37. Wendrika says:

    First check in of this series-better late than never. this is a great buns workout-how many times through? Off to do Making Waves…

  38. Khalilah Dobran says:

    How’s every1 doing on their bikiniseries so far? I’m trying to catch up of this week so far its just a crazy week for me. I cant wait till next week Its going to get crazier no doubt . And for the next 5 weeks left too.

  39. Khalilah Dobran says:

    Don’t get me wrong I love the workouts a lot its very fun too. Have any1 won any of the prizes on the bikiniseris so far ?

  40. Jessica says:

    #BikiniSeeries check-in….had to play catch up again so this morning I did Cardio, abs, and kettlebell, workouts. I’m exhausted but feel more awake lol Everyone have a great and healthy weekend xoxo

    1. Bree says:

      I feel the same! The workouts have been really tough, but I also notice that I have a lot more energy throughout the day and I feel more awake! Especially since I started running. So grateful for the posts about running for beginners that K & K did. I just started using their tips this past week and I’m doing so well thanks to their advice!

  41. christine says:

    i count miles as km is it right?and also i have replaced running with stationary bike.are bike miles as the running ones?

  42. Simone Groenewegen says:

    I really enjoyed this week as well :) I never expected it, but I’m totally hooked now. Can’t wait for next week!

  43. Emma says:

    Just did the Beach Yoga with Karena – you are so flexible and I wish I was! Going to work on that, and on working and improving my supporting muscles so I can achieve and hold the more advanced positions in this workout.

    Did a nice walk afterwards and got some fruit and veggie drinks from my local Wholefood Co-Op :) The perfect Saturday!

    1. Bree says:

      That sounds like such a lovely day! I’m doing the beach yoga tonight before bed. Can’t wait :) It’s one of my favorite routines. Got in a really good walk this morning. Hope everyone else is having such a wonderful start to the weekend as well!

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