Bikini Series Stretch + Sculpt with Karena!

Happy Tone It Up Tuesday beautiful! Hope your week is off to a fabulous start! With all the workouts you’ve been rockin’ in the Bikini Series, now is the perfect time for a deep stretch! Today’s routine combines total body toning, a rejuvenating yoga flow, and a relaxing, restorative stretch. It will lengthen, stretch, and tone your gorgeous body from head to toe ~ arms, abs, legs, booty, everything! You’ll feel amaaaazing after!!

All you’ll need for today’s workout is your Booty Band and a pair of weights! We love Booty Bands because not only do they sculpt your lower body, but you can incorporate them into upper body toning too!

Make sure to check in with us on Instagram after today’s workout 👉#TIUteam & #ToneItUpTuesday! See ya on the ‘gram and in Studio Tone It Up for so many more amazing routines!



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  1. Love this workout :). I never thought of using the booty bands as upper body. Which strength would you use? I don’t want to rip them TIU bands.

  2. Loved the workout today Karina. I also loved using the bands for upper body.

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