Bikini Series Cardio Abs With Karena!

Morning gorgeous! You’re gonna love today’s routine! This cardio abs workout sculpts your gorgeous core while boosting your metabolism like crazy with short, high-intensity bursts. It’s perfect to work your sexy waistline for summer and feel super strong and confident going into the holiday weekend 😎 And guess what?! We’re not doing any crunches…even better!

All you need is a set of dumbbells and a water — and grab a girlfriend too! I’ll be pairing this workout with the Daily Toning Moves (you can always find ‘em free in your Studio Tone It Up app!). You can also do this workout in addition to any of your Studio Tone It Up routines for a lil’ extra burn! 🔥

Make sure to check in with us after your workout on Insta 👉#TIUBikiniSeries and #TIUCardioAbs! Kat and I will be looking out for ya! We’re so proud of how you’re rocking the Bikini Series! Just look at how much you’ve accomplished in 3 short weeks…and we know the best is yet to come for you!



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  1. Thank you for this!! I was super short on time this morning but luckily I was able to get this workout in!

  2. I noticed that the bikini workout schedule has you working out 7 days per week…when is there a rest day worked into the plan?

    1. Hi babe! When you follow your Weekly Workout Schedule, each day you work a different muscle group, which means the other muscles are getting a day of active rest. We also always want you to listen to your body, so if that means swapping one of the workouts for a stretch, a yoga class, or a stroll with friends, go for it. Do what works best for you and your body! xxo

  3. Thanks for the workout today, better late than never. I’m so glad I got it done.

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