Best of Beach Babe 5 MASHUP Workout!

Can you believe it’s week 8 of the BIKINI SERIES?! Kat and I are so proud of you! AND we have so many exciting things coming for you including a summer challenge!

Today we have a special workout for you…a complete mashup of our favorite moments from Beach Babe 5!  This year, we took it back to where it all started…in our beautiful Cali hometown of Manhattan Beach! When we released Beach Babe 5 to this community, we were so proud to give you the absolute best set of workouts to get you into the best shape of your life! We’ve already seen STUNNING transformations from this #TIUteam from the past 7 weeks of your Bikini Series, on-point nutrition, and following the Weekly Schedule with Beach Babe 5. We’re so, so proud!!

Get ready for a fun and intense new 20 minute workout! Every angle of your gorgeous bod is going to get some major toning. Share your sweaty selfie afterwards with the hashtag #TIUBikiniSeries!!

You can also watch on YouTube or AppleTV HERE!!

Have you seen the behind the scenes video of making Beach Babe & the Bikini Series?! Watch here to see how everything comes together!

Move Guide

Tone It Up Beach Babe 5 Free Workout Printable

Want even MORE Beach Babe 5?! Check it out HERE! We’re talking 8 toning workouts plus a BONUS stretching routine!! We’re obsessed with this program and how it transformed our bodies and mind. We KNOW you’re going to love it, too!

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  1. Loved the Beach Babe 5 Mash-Up!!! Also a Summer Challenge?!?!!!!!? I’m so excited!!!!!

  2. loved this! quick question…i know so many people travel (especially in the summer)….do you have a list of equipment free workouts that we can do in hotel rooms???? i would love some kind of reference or a list or a post that i can easily search and find and pick a workout. thanks girls! you are amazing!

    1. Are you part of the Tone It Up Girls group on Facebook? I remember someone posting a list of each workout & which equipment (if any) was needed.

  3. Loved the Beach Babe 5 Mashup and the other workouts too! Great variety during the week!

  4. I loved doing this mashup! So fun! The time flew by because of all of the alternating workouts!

  5. I’ve only just started doing TIU workouts this week, using your YouTube workouts. Loved this mashup. The last move with Karena before the stretch part killed me (in a good way)!

  6. Nice workout. I tolerated this one well. Will add to my favorite workout list.

  7. HI Guys!
    really excited to try BB5 except I can’t figure out where to find the videos and download them. I paid for it but just can’t find it now. Hope I can get some help :) Thanks!

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