Best of 2019 ~ Your Fave TIU Workouts of the Year!

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This year has been incredible — all thanks to YOU babe! You showed up, worked your booty off, and inspired us every single day! And with the new and improved Tone It Up app, we’ve been able to favorite allll of our most loved workouts of the year (and shhh we took a peek at your faves too!!).

Turns out we all have a special place in our hearts for Leg Day haha 😅 And Total Body Rock was a must — burpee fails, bloopers, dance party and all! 😜💦 Oh and who else was sore for basically a week after Stef & Chyna’s Girl Squad? Those partner wheelbarrow push-ups were no joke!!

So join us for a walk, squat, or jog down memory lane…These are your Best of 2019 workouts, now featured in the On Demand section of your Tone It Up app! Did we miss any of your faves? Shout ‘em out #TIUteam! Love you girls so much and can’t wait for 2020 — Love Your Body starts on Jan 6! Who’s in?!!


Best of 2019 ~ Your Top Tone It Up App Workouts!

Grab your Tone It Up app and make sure you didn’t miss any of these 2019 favorites! We’re checkin’ ‘em all off our list and heading into 2020 strong! The brand new “Best of 2019” On Demand channel features 12 routines total ~ here are just a few of them! 

Total Body Rock - Best of 2019 Tone It Up App Workouts

Total Body Rock

Trainers: Karena & Katrina
Everybodyyyy…rock your total body! OK this one wasn’t your average workout — it was basically a music video with allll the bloopers in between. Based on your checkins, laughing totally counts as ab work!

Girl Squad - Best of 2019 Tone It Up App Workouts

Girl Squad

Trainers: Chyna & Stef
Grab your TIU bestie! This total body partner workout featured strength, cardio, and a whole lot of laughs as you attempted some seriously tough tandem moves. Ready to give ‘em another shot? Remember: safety first, girl squad! 

Leg Day - Best of 2019 Tone It Up App Workouts

Leg Day

Trainer: Katrina
Kat and Chyna’s favorite day of the week…just us?! Part of the all new Tone It Up Strength program, this workout breaks down the fundamentals of lower body strength training — barbell squats and deadlifts included! Even if you’re not “in” the Strength program, you can check this routine out any time On Demand! 

TKO Abs - Best of 2019 Tone It Up App Workouts


Trainer: Chyna
You’re a total knockout babe! Chyna took you to the beach for this metabolism-revving, ab-sculpting kickboxing workout. Missed it? She’s ready for your one-two punch! 

31 Rep Challenge - Best of 2019 Tone It Up App Workouts

31 Rep Challenge

Trainers: Karena & Katrina
Ready, set, 31 reps! You crushed this routine every week during the 31 Day Challenge, and we just LOVED seeing how much progress you made. Keep increasing your weights as you build strength — you got this babe!

Try our fave HIIT, strength, and yoga routines in the Tone It Up app! You’ll break a sweat and see serious results fast!


  1. Hi Tone It Up,
    I love you guys and have been loving the APP. I was hoping that after the Love Your Body Series, the weekly schedule could be brought back. I have been a little lost with out it. Thank you for all you do to create a healthy space for women to come together.
    Best wishes for a wonderful new year,

    1. I completely agree with Shannell! I’ve been lost too and very much miss the weekly schedule. I shared this feedback via the app, but the person who responded told me to do the challenges, which is an option, but not really what I’m looking for.

    2. I agree with Shannell, I really miss the weekly schedule. I find it hard to figure out what workout I should do each day without it.

      1. Amu I was told to do the weekly challenges too but it’s not what I was looking for either.

  2. I too want the weekly challenges back. I haven’t used the app since the switch. Too confusing to figure out what to do and I’m not interested in most of the programs.

  3. Totally agree! Missing the weekly workouts or at the very least I miss pairing a video or 2 with the toning moves. Doing 20-30 mins of a TIU class and then doing the 5 toning moves on my own with my music was absolutely perfect!! Miss it so much!! The weekly challenges don’t sync with the toning moves so I have to finangle a full workout each day on my own. Love TIU and will always continue to be a member of the nutrition plan, protein supplements, and app! :)

    1. Are we supposed to start the 5-Day Detox on Monday and then do the 4-week Love Your Body program?

      1. On the app on the On Demand Section there is a sample Weekly Schedule, it looks like they could just add the Weekly Schedule back on there.

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