Best Upper Body Workout ~ Bikini Arm Tone With Karena!

Happy Tone It Up Tuesday beautiful! Today I’m taking you to the beach for one of my favorite routines of the BIKINI SERIES. I have always loveeed toning my upper body ~ strong, sculpted arms make you feel like such a badass, confident babe! And since we’re turning things up a notch for the challenge, I wanted to incorporate some total body toning into this routine too 😏

Grab a pair of medium to heavy dumbbells (we love 8-12lbs, you can always perform a drop set!) and get ready to sculpt your beautiful upper bod!

Snap a pic flexin’ after your workout and share it with me on Insta! Look at these gorgeous girls!!!

I’m so PUMPED to work out with ya 😘



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  1. Love it! I was like “oh check, I already have new muscles after the workout” 🙈😎

  2. This is one of my faves! Along with the DMs you worked me out today, ladies! Thank you! Have a beautiful week! x

  3. Just finished finals and that was the first thing I did. Ready for Summer now!! Killer workout!
    Also, do you recommend we do the video or the daily moves first?

    1. Amazing!!! You can do whichever you prefer first! Do whatever works best for you babe! xxo

  4. Absolutely loved this workout! The daily workouts always keep me in check to make sure I get a workout in even on the busiest of days. Do you do any additional workouts on top of the daily workouts?

    1. Hi babe! We designed the daily workouts to sculpt every muscle group and give you the best results. If you feel like you’re looking for a little more, you can always add another routine! There are hundreds of routines to choose from in the On Demand section of your Studio Tone It up app! Or you can always choose one of your faves from Whatever works best for you babe! xxo

  5. Oh, I just saw this. Will definitely try this timorrow! Today’s workout was a tough one butI did it!!! I am really pumped and never been this motivated for a looong time. Love,love the delicious recipes too!!! Thank you💗

  6. The combination of the DM’s and this workout have my arms on fire!! I feel strong, energized and motivated for the day ahead.

  7. This is the best 10 minute arm workout ever. I’ll do this everyday for 2 weeks to get my arms ready for a summer wedding!

  8. Feels so good to get back into working out post baby body! I’m ready!!! Such a good workout!

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