5 Amazing Cardio Workouts To Boost Your At-Home Fitness

Best At-Home Cardio Workouts Tone It Up App - Ariel Stef

Hey gorgeous! We see you crushing your at-home workouts — in the Tone It Up app and LIVE on Instagram @ToneItUp! It’s our greatest joy to see you sweating, smiling, and connecting with all the other TIU babes around the globe! 

We know that life is busier than ever, and fitting in cardio might be more challenging too. That’s where your Tone It Up app can make all the difference…because it features an entire cardio on demand section!! When an outdoor run or treadmill sprints aren’t on the menu, simply open up your app for a curated collection of HIIT and cardio workouts just for you! Here are a few of our fave cardio routines all available anytime you need ‘em. Ping a girlfriend to join you, and show us your post-glow sweaty selfie! 

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Our 5 Fave At-Home Cardio Workouts

Tone It Up App Cardio Workouts At-Home - Meta Boost Burner Chyna

Meta-Boost Burner

Trainer: Chyna
Lateral single-leg burpees, woman makers, and a major ab burnout at the end — Chyna is bringing the HEAT with this total-body metabolism-revving routine! Don’t have dumbbells at home? Grab two water bottles, cans, whatever you have! 

Tone It Up App Cardio Workouts At-Home - Cardio Quickie Stef

Cardio Quickie

Trainer: Stef
All you need is 15 minutes for this fun and fierce cardio workout with Stef! She’ll guide you through a series of quick-paced moves to build the heat head to toe. No equipment needed…just have your water bottle handy! 

Cardio Arms With Karena

Trainer: Karena
Want a cardio boost with those arm sculpting moves? Karena’s got you babe! She’s mixin’ in jacks and metabolism-revving combo moves so you’ll work those biceps, triceps, and shoulders…and show your heart some love too!

Cardio Glow Workout Tori - Best At-Home Cardio Workouts

Cardio Glow

Trainer: Tori
Dance like no one’s watching! Tori’s taking you through a few of her fave cardio steps to get your heart rate up and muscles burning — no equipment needed. You glow girl!

Quiet Cardio Postnatal Workout - Best At-Home Cardio Workouts

Quiet Cardio Postnatal Workout

Trainer: Katrina
TIU Mamas, this one’s for you! Once your little one goes down for a nap, join Katrina for a quick and convenient cardio workout. You’ll break a sweat…without waking baby! For more postnatal workouts, check out the complete TIU Mama program in your Tone It Up app!

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