Beautiful 15 Minute Yoga Flow with Emily

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Yesterday, we shared a Coffee Chat with one of our girlfriends, Emily DiDonato. She had so many genius tips for staying healthy and glowing while on the road…you can check it out HERE! Emily’s also a certified yogi so we asked her to share a class with the #TIUteam while we were in New York together. Her yoga flow is the perfect session to feel long and lean. And there’s an incredible core sculpting circuit, too!

This yoga flow is great to do on your active rest days, when your muscles are feeling a little tight, or if you just feel like getting your Zen on. You can do this routine anywhere ~ from your living room or your hotel room while you’re traveling. You know we’re always on the road and Emily is too, so this flow will be a new go-to.

Namasté babe!

You can also watch on YouTube & Apple TV HERE!

Download your printer-friendly Move Guide HERE!

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Your muscles will thank ya ;)

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      1. Just talked to our editor! It was accidentally edited out! But we’ll add it back in today! Thanks for the heads up!!! :)

  1. Thank you for this. I am a yoga newbie and Emily’s instructions were so helpful. What a calm start to my morning!

  2. Loved this workout but agree, where was the second half of the flow!! I think I’m going to do it again later today and do the other half.

  3. Loved this Yoga flow! Emily is a great instructor! Your bright faces in the am are so motivating and inspiring! Leaves me w/so much positivity for the day! :) So, thank you ladies.

  4. Loved this! Always looking for a new great yoga flow, so this will definitely be added to my regular routine! Thanks ladies!

  5. I really loved this yoga routine! I don’t often do yoga (one of my new goals is to do it at least weekly to become more flexible!), so this routine was great because the moves weren’t too difficult and Emily was great at instructing through each move. I find that some yoga instructors speak too quickly and rush through movements but Emily did it at a PERFECT pace. Thanks so much! 😊

  6. Loved this!! I’m not flexible at all and usually avoid yoga because of it, but I could actually do this! It made me feel confident and relaxed. Thanks ladies!

  7. Having a real hard time finding it on my apple Tv You tube 😕 Anyone else having this issue?

  8. I really enjoyed this flow! I was bummed I didn’t see yoga in the Bikini Series but I’m all happy now! :) I’d love for you ladies to provide a thirty-minute flow or even a sixty-minute flow for us yogis. I love yoga and love you guys so obvs the two of you combined for a longer period of time would be heaven for me!

    1. Yes! I found myself wanting to hold the poses longer to get a real stretch, it seemed a bit rushed. But she was very descriptive and had a nice soothing voice :) I would love to see a 30-60min video!

  9. Oh! Thank you so much for this routine today! Just what I needed this morning after some very emotional days. Emily is so great! Loved it!

  10. LOVED this routine! After yesterdays abb workout I really needed a great stretch! You are the best K&K! Thank you so much for making these BIKINI SERIES so interesting! :)

  11. Wow Emily – you’re a fantastic teacher! Absolutely LOVED this and hope we get to see more of you this Bikini Series. For now saving this to favourites!

  12. Thanks so much for this routine. I usually skip the yoga, but I have been sticking to the plan for the past two weeks and I feel great. Great instructor and relaxing routine. :)

  13. This is my first time ever posting a comment on TIU normally I just see how other TIU girls reacted but I had to say something about this video-it is the best yoga routine I have ever done via video and I wish it had been 3X as long! I hope Emily is a permanent guest star for the yoga routines moving forward!

  14. This routine felt great after doing all these bikini series workout. Luckily I read the comments beforehand so I knew to pause after doing the right warrior 2 and do the left side. 💗 Thanks ladies!!

  15. I absolutely LOVED Emily this morning! Her direction was perfect and it felt great! I’m even planning to do it (and another) yoga video tonight after my dinner! #tiucheckin #bikiniseries @toneitup

  16. Awesome way to end my day. <3 Thanks for the awesome flow, Emily!!!! After all these wild #bikiniseries workouts, it feels SO GOOD to stretch it all out and breathe.

  17. This flow was beautiful ❤️Love it. It left my body feeling super relaxed. It’s the perfect compliment to all the beach babe 5 workouts!!

  18. This flow is my favorite so far! I was reminded today that I lack flexibility! Always a work in progress :)

  19. This is very relaxing and easy to follow. Wonderful start to Saturday after a work week of very long days that limited my workout time… on to the arms and abs before running tomorrow! Have a great weekend everyone!

  20. Such a beautiful flow! Can you bring Emily back for more yoga flows? She has such a calm and soothing voice and her instructions are so easy to follow 💖

  21. This was amazing for all my sore muscles! Would love more yoga routines! Love Kat’s routines!! <3

  22. Love this workout post long run. I am not flexible and normally hate yoga but this is so beginner friendly and feels great!

  23. This routine felt sooooo good the day after my weekly Wednesday bouldering gym workout! Incorporating more yoga into my life is key for flexibility, strength, receptivity, and flow both physically and mentally. Exercise and nourishment for the spirit. Thank you Emily, thank you Karena, and thank you Katrina! Sis-stars! <3

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