Beach Booty Camp ~ Bikini Series HIIT Workout With K&K!

It’s about to go down babe! We’re taking you to Boot(Y) Camp on the beach! This routine tones your total body, boosts your heart rate, and majorlyyyy ignites your metabolism. The best thing about high intensity interval training (aka HIIT) is your metabolism will be flyin’ high all day long! You know that feeling when you’re still sweating putting on your jeans? That’s your metabolism burning up 🔥🔥🔥

We’re taking you through 30-second circuits with some of your favorite cardio moves  — plank jacks, jump lunges, burpees!!! Before we start, just know that you are SO powerful, you WILL rock this…and no one ever said, “I regret those burpees!” 😂 The challenge is worth the change and you’re about to feel like the badass babe you are 💪🏼

You’re going to love this routine!

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  1. I woud like to know, if we will do 120 (3×40) Bikini Walkouts in week 8 and if we will, will there be an adjusted time frame for the Daily Moves, ’cause 20 minutes is not enough time to do the moves in good form.

    1. Hi babe! We’ll be adjusting the time estimates each week. Everyone is different so go at your own pace and listen to your body! xxo

  2. Wowser! I felt that!! Daily moves and booty camp done. ‘Just moved to switzerland too much cheese and wine’ butt be gone!!!

  3. Thanks, ladies! This combined with the daily moves just kicked my booty. The sweat, the quivering muscles, I just about cried when you through in that last set of burpees. Apparently, my cardio needs more attention. Off to wipe up my poor yoga mat. Have great day TUIteam.

  4. I love these complimentary workouts since I’m not a paying member of Studio Tone it Up. It’d be super awesome if there was a “free” section that these and the YouTube videos could be accessible through the app. #androidbabe 😊

  5. This plus Kettlebell Booty was a killer this morning!! Loved it!!! Still sweating! Love you girls so so much!! Thank you for always motivating me and being so positive!!!!

  6. Is there an alternative/modification for the Bikini walkouts? I have such a hard time with them :(

    1. Hi babe! You can try bending your knees as you lower down if that’s more comfortable. Or you can do mountain climbers instead. xxo

  7. This and the single leg squats from todays daily moves have my legs shaking! I love it!

  8. Absolutely loved it! I will always look at burpees in a different way now, thank you so much!!!

  9. Thank you Ladies!! This was an amazing workout! Week 5 and I am proud of myself for making, and sticking to this commitment I made to myself. Couldn’t have done it without your love and encouragement. I did have one question- I needed advice, not sure how I did it, but after my workout, I pulled my right groin muscle. I am very flexible so I don’t want to over stretch. Any advice from the community would be great. I don’t want the pulled muscle to get in the way of my progress and motivation. Thank you again for all you do! 💞

    1. So proud of you babe!! Your dedication is so inspiring 💗 We recommend checking with your doctor about your pulled muscle to make sure you’re getting the best treatment. Love you lots! xxo

  10. ! love this workout! Need more like it!! This then a quick arms workout and I am good to go!

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