At-Home Slider Workout With Tori

At-Home Slider Workout With Tori

Left foot slide…right foot slide! Grab your Tone It Up Slide ‘N Sculpt Discs — we’re about to slide into this amazing at-home slider workout with Tori! 

Your Tone It Up app trainer and resident barre expert, Tori, knows a thing or two about making each rep count. And when you add slider discs to your workout, every move gets even more sculpting benefits thanks to the unstable surface. Hellooo core work! 

Have 15 or even just 5 minutes? This quick home workout is just 5 moves…which you can do 2 or 3 times through! You’ll torch your legs, glutes, and abs without leaving your living room floor. Don’t have sliders? Grab a couple of sweat towels, or even an old t-shirt, as Tori recommends. 

Take a spin through these moves, and show us which ones burn so good #TIUteam! And don’t forget, the Tone It Up app is FREE now through April 22 for new members. Download it here: App Store; Google Play. The only thing that makes our app workouts more fun…is all of you!! <3 

At-Home Slider Workout With Tori

Do the following 5-exercise circuit and repeat for 2-3 rounds. Be sure to warm-up too! Tori loves to kick off her home routine with some quick cardio moves like jumping jacks, skaters, and grapevines. And for full-length workouts be sure to download the Tone It Up app!! 


Tori’s 5 Favorite Slider Exercises

Slider Lateral Lunge 

Do 12 reps per side

Slider Forward Lunge 

Do 12 reps per side

Slider Mountain Climbers

Do reps 12 per side

Slider Knee Tuck + Pike 

Do 12 reps

Single Leg Bridge Dips 

Do 12 reps per side

The Tone It Up app is now FREE for new members through 4/22! Get access to hundreds of fun and effective workouts you can do right at home!