7 Toughest Tone It Up App Workouts To Seriously Sculpt

Hey girl! We see you crushing your Tone It Up app workouts every week, posting your sweaty selfies, and sharing which moves had you like WHOAAA. So we wanted to know: What is THE hardest workout you’ve ever done in your TIU app?!

We recently posted an IG Story poll asking just that, and the responses came in faster than we could say “tuck jump burpees!” Check out YOUR top 7 picks for the toughest Tone It Up workouts of all time!

Pssst…if you missed any, or it’s been way too long, there’s still time to get after it! Find these workouts and so many more in the On Demand section of your Tone It Up app. Remember: If it doesn’t challenge you, it doesn’t change you. And you’re SO much stronger than you know!



The Most Challenging Tone It Up App Workouts ~ According to YOU!

HIITy Bitty Bikini

Trainers: Karena + Katrina

Of the hundreds of responses that came in, you girls agreed on one thing: HIITy Bitty Bikini! Any guesses why it got a staggering 25% of your votes? HINT: that tuck jump burpee combo. 🔥😅If you’ve never done this all-time fave HIIT workout, join us and get ready to go hard!!

Find it On Demand: HIIT


Meta-Boost Burner

Trainer: Chyna

What’s tougher than burpees? Single-leg burpees with a skater in between! Chyna’s metabolism-boosting routine will test your grit with each mega-challenging combo move. Did we mention the ab finisher at the end? Dig deep ~ you’ve got this babe!

Find it On Demand: HIIT

Beach Bombshell HIIT

Trainers: Karena + Katrina  

We’re putting the bomb in bombshell with this explosive total-body HIIT routine! You’ll tough it out for 45-second rounds of cardio AND strength, including tucks jumps, squat to presses, mountain climbers, and burpees (sensing a theme here?!).

Find it On Demand: HIIT

HIIT3 With Danielle

Trainer: Danielle

The hardest move in this workout is…ALL of them. Prepare to get your booty kicked with three rounds of six seriously high-intensity moves that combine strength, cardio, and explosive power.

Find it On Demand: HIIT

Total Body Kickboxing Burner

Trainer: Chyna

Three-minute rounds don’t sound long…until you pack ‘em with kick combos, jump lunges, and boxer shuffles! Join Chyna on the beach for this total-body burner that will have you feeling like a total knockout!

Find it On Demand: Kickboxing

Coconut Core + Booty

Trainer: Katrina

Crazy-hard booty and ab moves aren’t the only challenge in this throwback routine. You’ll have to nail down balance too! Stick with it babe. The results: totally worth it. 💪🍑

Find it On Demand: Abs

10×60 HIIT

Trainer: Kristina

Ready for this perfect 10?! 10 moves, 60 seconds each — Kristina brings the heat with this metabolism-revving HIIT workout that combines kickboxing and cardio-strength with a 1, 2 punch!

Find it On Demand: HIIT

Did we miss any of your faves?! Share ‘em in the comments below! We can’t wait to sweat it out with you!

Get access to hundreds of sculpting, toning, and metabolism-boosting workouts with the Tone It Up app.


  1. Great list, Hitty Bitty and Coconut Core are two of my favourite workouts when I want a good sweat sesh, always on repeat. HIIT 3 with Danielle is a killer!! Need to check Meta-Boots Burner with Chyna.

    1. Also surprised that Bobby Call HIIT is not on the list, that is one tough workout! We all feel the same as Bobby when Karena says “we have to do all of it again” lol

  2. All of those are amazing and I absolutely love the Ultimate Booty Call BB3 dvd…kills me EVERY time.

    1. I thought I was the only one who thought it was insane! My legs shake like crazy every time!!

    1. That’s my favorite! I’ve been using that as my benchmark class because I always wind up tapping out when she gets into like, the 6th move/modification for one muscle group without pausing. I underestimated barre before taking her class!

  3. Bitty bitty bikini kills me every single time!Very tough…Mini challenge???Cool idea?I’m in.

  4. I do not 100 % agree with this list – even though Coconut Core & Booty is one of my all time favorites I think it should have been switches for another one of my favorites: the ultimate bootycall! Also, normally everything with Chyna is such a killer, but I didn’t feel like that with meta-boost burner – it was a good one, but pure power was much worse/good ans should have made the list! :) AND the beachside cardio abs was BRUTAL! Also, kettlebell abs & booty with Stef is a burner! The plyometric crush with Natasha is a good one, and maybe the push up challenge should have made the list…? However, all of these workouts are very good ones and I like all of them a lot! I absolutely LOVE the kettletone workout as well – but I wouldn’t rate is as “hard”, just the perfect workout for when you don’t know what to do, don’t feel like CRUSHING it and just want to feel nice after. The HIITy Bitty Bikini for SURE deserves to be number #1 though! haha! Got to love that one ;)

      1. Which one is it where Kat does a series of 3-4 different (side) leg raises in a single series that are absolutely brutal? I’ve been searching for it to augment my leg days and I miss it :)

        1. Hey babe! That sounds like Booty Tone ~ it’s an awesome booty burner! You can find it in the “Booty” section on demand along with tons of other amazing lower body routines. 💪🍑

  5. Manhattan Booty and Coachella Abs/Booty are by far the most difficult for me!! There’s definitely some breaks in between those sets! Haha ;)

  6. Omg I totally agree!! I’m always looking for HIIT workouts and this list def rounds out the sweatiest workouts!! Keep adding more like the ones on this list! 👌🏼💪🏼💪🏼

  7. This list plus everyone’s recommendations in the comments makes me wish even more that the app had the capability to “favorite” or “save” your fav workouts instead of always searching your go to’s. Plus TIU could use the data to truly track trending workouts 😉

      1. Yes pleasee! I have been waiting for an update with a way to “save” my favorites! There are so many good ones that sometimes I forget which ones are my faves!

        1. Hey babe!! We’re always working on exciting new features for your app and you’re going to love what we’re working on right now! 😉

          1. Absolutely! This is definitely a feature I would love to have. It would make finding my favs so much faster and easier!

  8. This is a pretty good list! I have always found Hitty Bitty Bikini hard and the Ultimate Booty call, those get me every time!!

  9. Are we supposed to be doing the Daily Moves in addition to the studio classes 4-5 days a week? Thanks! :)

  10. Any of Jillian’s Barre classes! When I’m not sure what I want to do in the app, I usually wind up doing Total Barre Babe or Cardio Barre. Jillian is a machine and despite having followed her classes for a year she still manages to kick my butt.

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