5 Surprising Reasons You Need HIIT Workouts In Your Life!

You girls know HIIT is one of our favorite workouts ever. It’s quick, efficient, and one of THE best ways to boost your metabolism and tone it up when you’re short on time. Perfect for a busy babe like you!

We have TONS of HIIT for you in Studio Tone It Up and in your Daily Moves! And today we’re breakin’ down all the amazing benefits behind it ~ so let’s HIIT it girl! 😉

So What Is HIIT Exactly?

HIIT stands for high-intensity interval training, and it’s one of the most effective AND efficient workouts you can do. The idea is simple: alternate intense bursts of activity with fixed periods of rest or active recovery. That might look like 45 seconds of burpees followed by 15 seconds of rest (love you Chyna!) or a 1-minute sprint followed by a 2-minute walk. Then rinse and repeat!

The result: HIIT training gets your heart rate up FAST, and burns more energy than if you were to stick to steady-state cardio alone. How?! Because of the high-intensity nature of HIIT, it creates an oxygen debt within your body. So even after you’ve crushed your workout and you’re back to your regularly scheduled boss babe activities, your bod is still workin’ hard to restore the oxygen debt you created.

This process is called excess post-exercise oxygen consumption (EPOC), also known as the after-burn effect, and it can add up to 15% to your total energy burn for that sweat sesh! Shorter workouts, big time benefits! Here are a few more reasons we love to HIIT it!  

5 Reasons We Love HIIT~

Slashes your workout time in half

Running not your thing? HIIT it instead! You’ll get the same fat-burning and cardiovascular benefits of traditional endurance exercise….but in way less time. 

Supercharges your metabolism

Commit to HIIT and your metabolic rate will be boosted for HOURS after your workout. It all comes back to that amazing after-burn effect! 

Boosts your endurance

Want to improve your athletic performance, crush your next race, or kill it in those spin class sprints? HIIT has been shown to boost your VO2 max, aka your muscles’ ability to use oxygen, faster than steady-state cardio so you can rock whatever challenge comes your way!  

Helps your heart 💗

Protecting your heart is everything. HIIT has been shown to reduce your heart rate and blood pressure and lower blood sugar and insulin resistance.  

HIIT it anytime, anywhere!

No machines or weights? HIIT is the perfect workout to do with just your bodyweight! Download the Studio Tone It Up app and check out the ‘HIIT’ section On Demand! Plus, HIIT workouts fly by because the moves are high-energy and varied. Pro tip: Use your rest periods for booty bumps and high fives! 🍑🙏

4 Workouts to HIIT It Hard!

HIITy Bitty Bikini

You girls love this heart-pumping HIIT routine and we do too! Grab a girlfriend and get ready to look AND feel your best!

Beach Booty Camp

This routine tones your total body, boosts your heart rate, and majorlyyyy ignites your metabolism. And we’ve seriously never laughed so much on set!

Cardio Core

Yes, there will be burpees! Our girl Chyna can’t resist! Join your Studio Tone It Up trainer and her girls Stef and Tori for this high-energy cardio abs routine.

Sculpt in 7

Did we mention HIIT workouts can be seriously quick?! We team up for this total-body scorcher that will rev your metabolism in less than 10 minutes!

Lookin’ for more amazing workouts to HIIT it?! Join us in Studio Tone It Up today!


  1. Hi girls! I really love your workouts, especially the HIIT ones, they’re just so fun and effective!! But I fell a few months ago, and hurt my right shoulder and knee and I haven’t been able to do any of them since😢 But I do believe I’m getting a little bit better, and I’d like to know if you recommend any kind of exercises to ease in slowly? I have less then a half an hour in the morning, so short and effective like HIIT would be lovely. Before I used to do the recommended class in the app. Thank you so much!!

    1. Hi babe! So sorry about your shoulder. Our On Demand section of the app has a lot of great routines that can help you ease back into things! Check out our 10 Minute Ab Challenge with Stef — maintaining a strong core is so important coming back from injury. Also check out our HIIT On Demand channel since you love HIIT. We recommend modifying anything high-impact until you’re back to full strength. So instead of jump squats, try bodyweight squats. Instead of high knees, opt for marching in place. etc. You can also still try the class of the day, but again, modify as needed to play it safe until you’re back to full strength! And make sure you check with your doctor before returning to exercise. xxo

    1. Hey Jackie! Yes, if you’re still feeling strong after a HIIT workout, you can pair it with a sculpting routine or a workout targeting your booty or abs. We love Jillian’s 7-Minute Barre Booty or Toned Abs with Kat in Studio Tone It Up! You can also follow it up with a yoga flow like Sunshine Sculpt or Morning Mantra Yoga. xxo

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