5 Moves You NEED to Know for the Challenge!

It’s almost time for the Tone It Up Challenge!!!! We can’t wait to share this with you! You’re seriously going to LOVE it ;) In order to prep for the TIU Challenge, we’ve put together 5 moves that you NEED to know, why they’re so awesome, and how to do them! Hint: you’re going to be seeing these again soon! And make sure you have your sliders and jump rope for the Challenge! They’re available in the Tone It Up Bundle for over 30% Savings!! YUP! Grab them HERE!

ย We all start January 1st with 6 weeks of booty shaping, core toning, arm strengthening goodness, so get ready to SWEAT girl! ;)


Pistol Squat


What it works – Quads, booty, and balance

How to do it – Shift your weight into your left leg while holding a dumbbell between both hands by your hips. Sit your booty back, lift your right leg slightly in front of you and sit back as far as you can while raising arms straight in front. Make sure that your knees don’t go past your toes and that your core is engaged. Slowly return to start.

Do 42 reps on each side.

Expert tip – You can also sit back on a chair while gaining strength for the full pistol squat.


Box Jump


What it works – Your entire lower bod and boosts your heart rate + metabolism

How to do it -Begin in a squat position, feet hip-width apart, in front of a box or step. Make sure your knees don’t go past your toes. Push up into the air as high as you can and land softly on the box in a squat position. Jump or step back to start.

Do 42 reps.

Expert tip – Start small. Jump onto a step or a stair in the beginning then work your way up to taller boxes.

Squat Jump


What it works – Tones your entire lower body while raising your heart rate + metabolism.

How to do it – Begin in a squat position, feet hip-width apart. Make sure your knees don’t go past your toes. Push off the ground and jump as high into the air as possible. Land softly in a squat position.

Do 42 reps.

Expert tip – Focus on pushing off of the ground as hard as you can. Use your arms to help you get higher into the air.

Slider Thigh Sculptors


What it works – Core, shoulders, inner thighs

How to do it – Start in a plank position with your hands directly below shoulders and toes on sliders. While keeping your upper body in the same place, slide your legs out to the side. Engage your core to maintain your balance. Slowly return to start.

Do 42 reps.

Expert tip – Keep your booty in line with the rest of your body. This helps to keep your core engaged!

Jump Rope


What it works – Quads, hamstrings, booty, calves, core, forearms, and boosts your heart rate.

How to do it – Keep your feet together as you swing the rope over your head. Hop as the rope reaches your feet.ย Keep your elbows tucked by your side so that only your forearms areย swinging the rope.

Do 42 reps.

Expert tip – Stay on the balls of your feet while jumping to tone your calves more.


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  1. Just curious when the challenge will be out? I read that it would be out a week before the challenge, so just making sure I did not miss something?

    I’m really excited and want to start planning asap! :)

      1. Hi. I have the meal plan and just bought the workouts can I check when the workout schedule comes out for each day or where to access it? I’m from Australia so we are effectively a day ahead and have been doing my workouts a day after they come out. So Monday on Tuesday etc. would love to have them ready for today. Thanks April

  2. I…am..sooo…READY!! I struggle so much with the pistol squat so that will be my workout to see how far I’ve come by the end of the challenge. I’m ready to shape up, lose weight, and get fit this year.

    1. I’m struggling with the pistol squats too! I love the variation with the chair, I even use the arm rest of my sofa because I can’t go lower but it really helps. And the first time I did it it left me sore for days! LOL :-)

  3. I love having designated Daily Moves each morning when I wake up. Even on my crazy busy days, I know I will always have a short (but still challenging)workout there for me whenever I can squeeze it in. So convenient!

  4. ALL of these moves hurt my knees just looking at them. I got pretty overweight at one point in my life and my knees have never been the same. I will be modifying the hell out of these and will try my best as always!

  5. They look awesome but some of them are too much for weaker knees, for those who have to be careful with their knees because of illness, weight, injury and so on…..maybe you should offer also some alternatives/other moves for those with weaker knees….

      1. What definitely helped me a lot with my knees is an exercise a running coach showed me. It’s basically half a pistol squat. You start as you would a pistol squat but you only go down as far as you can and then you hold that position for 20 seconds and then change sides. It really strengthened my knees. It might be a good start for those of us who have weaker knees or past knee injuries.

        1. That’s actually what I’m going to do for 42 seconds (instead of attempting 42 reps of those pistol squats!) With my knees cracking 4,000 times every time I bend them, I don’t think a pistol squat is in my future until I get these knees in better shape!!

  6. I’m looking into the bundle for this and its kinda confusing me… I know that I get the bag and all thats included with that, but what exactly is the nutrition plan membership that comes with it? Are you guys buying the bundle for this challenge?

  7. I’m so ready. I’ve been reading through the 6 week plan and I’m in love!! I am feeling really under the weather today so I didn’t get in a bootycall at all :(

    I’m ready to start 2017 right with Look For Love!! Everything that you ladies have been posting has been super motivating. Going to get to the grocery store soon to get everything I need!!

  8. so ready to treat my body like a temple, nourish myself and sweat!!! l started with the 31 day challenge and just bought the nutrition plan. cant wait to take my health to the next level and spread the love!!!๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿฅ—

  9. Oh my! And I thought 31 reps was tricky! Here’s to getting in 42 reps! And yes, those pistol squats will be the death of me! I need to get on top of those morning workouts! They are essential to plan survival! So excited to start this year off right and stick to the plan! Yay!!!

  10. Hey there! I’m so excited for my first challenge starting on 1/1. Will the daily workouts be up on Friday night? I’m still seeing workouts for the 31 day challenge. Also, I got the bundle but every time I’m on the website, it’s telling me to get the bundle to have access to everything.

  11. hey! – any alternative to the discs in the move above (slider thigh sculptors)? also are there any alternative options to using an exercise ball? i don’t have space for one and end up skipping the daily moves on days that the exercise balls are used :(

    1. You should have received the Starter Pack for this challenge right after you signed up for it? If you didn’t, shoot an email to [email protected] and let them know, they’re usually really good at responding quickly. You do NOT need to pay to do the challenge, just know there will be some things you won’t be able to do if it requires a specific piece of equipment that you don’t have. There will also be videos used throughout that are from purchased videos, but you could always find a replacement workout under the “Fitness” tab for those particular workouts :)

  12. For those of you with pistol squat challenges like me, I am doing 1 leg squats to strengthen my quads backs then “try” to lift the non squat leg every couple squats. It gets better everytime I try

  13. so excited for this adventure!
    the onlye weird thing about buying the plan is, i clikced the bundle and it would never but it in my box just the general plan! super disappointed! i was really excited about the bag and videos

  14. Hello! So the daily moves are now 42 from 31? Also… I aim to workout 4 times a week as it keeps it realistic for me, are there any sessions better than others? I’m doing HIIT for almost all my cardio but I’m worried I should be doing ie. a spin class

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