5 Best Workouts For When You’re Hustlin’

Happy Hump Day babe! Feelin’ the burn after yesterday’s booty work? You absolutely SLEIGHED! 😜  Be sure to stretch it out in the Studio today~ your bod needs it!

Now that you’re halfway to the weekend, you know what that means…đŸ· A bubbly glass of kombucha will do too! Take some time for YOU tonight ~ give yourself a midweek reminder of what an incredible woman you are. And take a moment to just slow down. This season will pass quickly, so it’s so important to live in every special moment of it. After all, you’re a hustlin’ babe!

Today we’re sharing a few workouts that you can fit anywhere into your busy boss babe schedule. These are five of our personal favorites❀ And we know you’ll love them too! These routines are perfect for the busy season. Each one targets a different muscle group, so you can mix and match them with your Toning Moves. Since the Holiday Hustle is all about your Toning Moves, these workouts pair perfectly with the challenge ;)

Whether you need a little extra booty work or you want to get your pump on before slipping into a sexy, strapless dress, these routines will be your go-to’s! They’re fast, effective, and perfect for a babe like you who’s hustlin’ through the holidays đŸ’ȘđŸ»

Burn It Up HIIT

This HIIT workout is designed to burn major calories and boost your heart rate. Plus, heating your body from the inside out will leave you glowing and feeling energized!

Chyna’s Lower Body Burn from the Studio

Get your booty work in with our Studio Tone It Up Trainer Chyna! This quick routine will sculpt your lower bod from every angle. Get the full workout in the Studio ~ download your app HERE!

Quick Arms Routine

Sculpt your beautiful arms before you strut in that strapless number! This is the perfect pre-holiday party routine. You can even sub dumbbells for wine bottles ;)

Core On The Floor

Your abs are one of the only muscle groups that you can work almost every day ~ they’re so strong! Slip this routine in after your Toning Moves or anytime you want a little extra core work!

Total Body 7 Day Slim Down

We love doing this workout during the 7 Day Slim Down, but it’s perfect for the holidays as well! This total body toning routine will make you feel so strong and confident ~ exactly how you should be feeling this holiday season!

Let’s get hustlin’ babe! We’re all doing the Holiday Hustle Challenge together to ring in the New Year confident and healthy! 


  1. Love this!

    I have been a member for a few years, but I can never stick with the challenges – I am hoping the Holiday Hustle will be the one for me.

    Quick question – I noticed the #2 workout with Chyna is not the full workout (the full one is available on the app). That being said, will you only be posting full workouts on the Studio App and only give small clips for the site?


    1. Hi babe! The Holiday Hustle is such a fun challenge and we know you’ve got this! And we’ll still be posting full workouts here on ToneItUp.com and on YouTube! We just filmed lots of new ones for both that you’re going to love!! Studio Tone It Up is just another option for MORE workouts! Lots of options for you!

      1. Thank you for continuing to offer full workouts here and on YouTube! It really means so much to us who can’t commit to the Studio subscription. I came across TIU during my second pregnancy in 2014 and have been joining in on the challenges since Love Your Body in 2015! I can’t imagine not being able to feel like a part of this lovely community simply because I can’t subscribe to the monthly app fee. Thanks again, for continuing to allow us to have these options!

  2. I would so much love to do one of these workouts, but unfortunately I injured my thigh (rupture of a muscle fiber). So I cannot do any leg, booty or HIT workouts for the next 5 weeks. Do you have any tipps how I can stay fit and do a least some exercise? Thanks!

    1. Hey girl!

      We recommend checking with your doc or PT on what is best for you while you’re healing!

  3. These are the best! Loving to add the workouts together that I want to do. Is the Android app out yet?

    1. Hi babe! So glad you’re loving them! We’re working really hard on getting the Android app perfected as soon as possible. In the meantime, check out the Studio Pass HERE! With the Studio Pass, you can access all the amazing Studio classes from anywhere!

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