3 Super Simple Moves to Sculpt Your Gorgeous Inner Thighs


Whenever Karena and I design a Tone It Up legs and booty workout, we make sure to have you sculptin’ your lower bod from every angle — including your inner thighs! This ensures you’re gaining strength and stability, as well as lifting that tush! ;) If you want to give your gorgeous inner thighs some extra love, we’ve got just the moves for you! These 3 exercises are super easy to add to your normal sweat sesh and really focus on toning the adductor muscles that make up the inner thigh. We love using the Tone It Up sliders because they target those adductor muscles like no other! If you don’t have them yet, you can find them HERE!

Add these moves into your routine for some major thigh-sculpting action! You can go through this circuit 1-3 times, up to 3 times a week.


Move Guide

Download your printer-friendly version HERE!


Sumo Squat

Tones your inner thighs, booty, and quads!

Begin standing with your legs wider than shoulder-width apart, feet angled out at 45 degrees, and holding a weight with both hands between your legs. Sit back with your booty and bend at the knees, making sure that your knees don’t go past your toes. Lower down until your thighs are parallel with the ground. Return to start.

Complete 30 reps.


Slider Side Lunge

Tones your inner thighs, booty, and quads!

Begin standing with one slider under your right foot, weight shifted into your left leg, feet together. Slide your right foot directly out to the side, bending your left leg and sitting back as if you were sitting into a chair. Make sure that your left knee doesn’t go past your toes. Pull the slider back using your right inner thigh and booty.

Complete 15 reps on each side.


Slider Plank Jack

Tones your inner thighs, core, and shoulders!

Begin in a plank position with hands directly below shoulders, core engaged, and feet on the sliders. Use your core to stabilize you as you bring both legs out to the side, then immediately pull them back to start.

Complete 30 reps.


If you haven’t grabbed your Slide N’ Sculpt Discs yet, you can get them HERE! You can also pick up the new Tone It Up Jump Rope and Water Bottle. And oh, you know, just the cutest Meal Prep Containers ever! 😻



  1. I love u girls!!!! 😍😍😍😍 my thighs say thanks 😘 I can’t wait to try then! 💪🏻💪🏻😊😊😊

  2. Thank you! I’ve been really searching for some extra exercises to do for my inner thighs! Spring break T minus 23 days!

  3. Hey K&K, can you recommend a quick (3-5 min?) warm-up to do before this workout or 5DM first thing in the morning? 😘

  4. Hey K&K, can you recommend a quick (3-5 min?) warm-up to do before this workout or 5DM first thing in the morning? 😘

    1. Hey! I like the little warm up they do before the new abs &booty routine from the look for love challenge. I’ve started doing it before all my workouts!

  5. I was just thinking about my thighs this morning!!! 😄 Thank you, I can’t wait to get my thighs in shape!!! ❤️

  6. So good! thanks so much for this one. Thighs are always so challenging to tone…

  7. I happen to like doing all three of these exercises. I’ll make sure to do some tonight. The sLider side lunges really work my things and booty. I can realay feel it. K&K can you provide more exercise routines for the calves?

  8. I’m so glad you guys finally got sliders for sale, I have been on the lookout for the past few months! xo

  9. Just received my workout kit! Wow the slider disc are harder to use than i thought.
    Will it get easier with practice?

    1. They were very hard for me to use on our thick carpet, but I’ve figured out the perfect foot placement to keep them sliding. Sometimes it helps to change what type of floor you’re using them on. Once I figured that out they became a favorite piece of gear for my legs & booty!

  10. Katrina you look absolutely amazing in that main photo for this workout! Would love it if you share your personal weekly leg workout with us before summertime! :)

  11. I’m not sure anyone has asked this question, I may have missed it, but do the sliders come as a pair, or do they need to be purchased individually? Thanks!

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