3 NEW Moves for a SEXY Upper Back!

Happy Tone It Up Tuesday!

Get ready to rock your strapless dresses and gorgeous, low back sweaters! These 3 NEW moves are designed to sculpt a SEXY Upper Back, and they fit perfectly with tomorrow’s Workout Challenges!

Add them to your upper body day a few times a week and you’ll be ready to shine for the holidays. Bonus: These exercises are amazing for your posture. Did you know having great posture helps you look slimmer and more confident!?

Get ready to give your upper back some extra love! Grab a pair of 5-8 pound dumbbells and watch your follow along video below…

Download your Printable HERE! Just Right Click and select “Save As Link…”

Did you know today is National Cake Day!! Celebrate with one of our favorite recipes: Your¬†Perfect Fit Protein Chocolate Cake! This decadent treat is completely Tone It Up¬†approved as an occasional treat, and it’s a great option to make for your Thanksgiving feast this week.

Cake Collage

Make sure you take a look at our favorite Thanksgiving recipes for some turkey day inspiration! We also share 7 Secrets to Safe Splurging! This time of year is all about having fun and yes, indulging just a little bit ;)



  1. Hannah says:

    HI Karena and Katrina!! You asked for suggestions for a new workout and I would LOVE another HIIT workout sometime. I love to do HIIT for my booty call and I only have two different ones to do. Thank you. Love y’all and happy Halloween!!!

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