15-Minute Foam Rolling Routine ~ Post-Workout Refresh With Stef

Hey babe! It’s Stef, your Studio Tone It Up trainer! I’m SO excited to announce the start of my new vlog ~ Post-Workout Refresh With Stef! This recovery vlog was inspired by your strength and determination to take your fitness game to the next level 💪🏻 Each vlog will cover a different topic about post-workout recovery — whether you’re training for a race, working on flexibility, and more!

You crush your Studio workouts each week and your muscles are workin’ hard, so recovery is more important than ever! In today’s vlog, I’m talking all about foam rolling and taking you through a 15-minute routine for you to follow along. Over time, your workouts can cause your muscles to form knots (or muscle adhesions). Foam rolling helps release these knots, which will increase your mobility and circulation in the muscle. Foam rolling also boosts your workout performance and even lessens your chance of injury ~ so amazing! I love to foam roll before and after a workout or whenever I can squeeze in time!

Comment below and let me know what you’d like to see next in my recovery vlog! And make sure you check in after you try this routine on Insta #TIUTeam!

Love you lotssss & see ya next time!



You can also watch on YouTube and Apple TV HERE!

For more foam rolling routines and workouts with me, check out your Studio Tone It Up app! You’ll gain access to recovery routines along with hundreds of workouts to sculpt your gorgeous muscles from head to toe!


  1. I love this!!! I would like to see ideas of what to eat after a workout, after a cardio or HIIT vs. after a weights focused workout. I can’t wait for futures vlogs!!! xoxox

  2. This was so great and much needed. I find that I do not do adequate stretching on my own but a guided stretch/foam roll session is perfect! I would love to see more upper body stretching for neck and shoulder tension. Like Stef’s flex week stretch on the app but incorporated neck tension relief and focus on chest and rhomboids. Love you guys and TIU!!

    1. I never thought about foam rolling prior to a workout. Definitely adding that to my morning routine!

      Would love to learn more about appropriate recovery food and/or drink after cardio and strength training sessions. Thanks for starting this vlog. I’m excited to learn more!

      1. Thanks for the suggestion Stephanie ~ love it! So excited to create more vlogs for you. xxo Stef

  3. Thank you so much for creating this! I have been looking for some more direction on how to properly use my foam roller- this is so helpful. Plus, I am currently in a position where I cannot afford the full Studio app at that this time, so having access through Youtube and on the TIU site is very helpful. Thank you for thinking of all of us TIU sisters!

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