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Tone It Up Nutrition Plan Transformation Yassi


Tone It Up Nutrition Plan Transformation Yassi booty

“The Tone It Up Nutrition Plan changed everything for me! I always wanted to be an athlete, but I never knew how. I kept on getting fed mixed messages about what was healthy, and what wasn’t. It was always so confusing, and I never felt confident enough to stick to a plan if I wasn’t sure it would 100% work. Tone It Up made my health easy to understand, and I believed in the progress of the community that I could see online. All these success stories were real women just like me!”

Tone It Up Nutrition Plan Transformation Kelsy

“The Tone It Up Nutrition Plan totally changed the way I look at food. As a gymnast growing up, I always tried to watch what I ate, which led me to unhealthy eating habits like low-calorie frozen meals and fake diet foods. The plan taught me to fuel my body with nutritious superfoods that keep me energized ALL day long. I eat more now on the plan than I ever did before and continue to lose weight and tone up for good!”

Tone It Up Nutrition Plan Transformation Stephanie

“The women of this community keep me motivated. I’m sure every TIU member would say this, but it really is true. Waking up and seeing that one of my fellow #TIUgirls is running farther or faster than the day before or being there in person to witness another #TIUgirl hold a crow pose longer than previous attempts motivates me. Not because I want to be better than them, but because they are pushing themselves every day past self doubt and fear, and to me that is pretty darn badass.”


Tone It Up Nutrition Plan Transformation Heather

“The Nutrition Plan was the KEY to my success. I have been a vegetarian for 9 years and have always thought of myself as a pretty “healthy eater,” but after having my daughter I was not fueling myself properly. I was not eating ENOUGH throughout the day to support breastfeeding and my active lifestyle. The Nutrition Plan lays everything out for you: it tells you what to eat and when to eat. Meal prep Sundays are a must in my routine now!”

“The Nutrition Plan is a total GAME CHANGER! The guidelines about when and what to eat kicked my metabolism into high gear! Not to mention all the amazing options to choose from! I never get bored with my meals and I don’t get stuck in the kitchen for hours trying to make a good meal! There aren’t words for how amazing Tone It Up is and how much it has altered my life! This community has been everything for me. Excuse my teary eyes, but this is the place that picked me up when I was at the lowest point in my entire life and gave me hope that life could be better, and I could be better. I’ve lost 35 pounds, 8% body fat, and gained so much confidence. I will never look back.”

Tone It Up Nutrition Plan Transformation Laura

Tone It Up Nutrition Plan Transformation Success Story Laura

“When I first joined Tone It Up, I was doing the free workouts that Tone It Up offered, but I was missing the nutrition part. The Nutrition Plan helped me with guidelines to know what to make exactly each day, and this is when I noticed such a huge difference! I had never meal prepped on Sunday before, and would end up grabbing things when I was hungry because I didn’t have things ready. Now I realize what vital keys the Nutrition Plan and meal prep are to success.”

“I loved the way I felt completing challenge workouts, trying new and delicious healthy meals, and being uplifted by the community. Being a part of something bigger than myself and seeing my hard work pay off made transitioning into this lifestyle a no brainer! Tone It Up to me means that missing puzzle piece to having a balanced life. Since beginning TIU, other areas in my life feel balanced and complete. I am HAPPY. I have more love to give my family and friends. I am CONFIDENT. I APPRECIATE healthy food and what it does for my body! I LOVE harder. Karena and Katrina bring so much heartwarming love and laughter to my day, which has led to FRIENDSHIPS that mean the world to me!”

“I realized that there is an entire community of women on social media who all share the same struggles, interests, and goal: the ladies of the TIU Team! I knew that if I really wanted to see success this time around, I couldn’t do it alone, and I shouldn’t have to do it alone, so I created my Tone it Up Instagram and unlocked the final key to success that I was missing! I instantly felt so much support from this community, and that support fueled the fire within me so much that I can strongly say I have been able to not only get back in shape, but I am the healthiest and the most fit I’ve ever been.”

Transformation Tone It Up Nutrition Plan Review

“Tone It Up completely changed my life! Before Tone It Up, I was exhausted, lethargic, and totally unhappy with my body. I knew I needed to change something and Tone It Up was exactly what I needed. Tone It Up inspired me. Tone It Up allowed me to believe that I COULD do it, and furthermore, Tone It Up gave me the tools to change my life and create an amazing situation for myself.”

Tone It Up Nutrition Plan Transformation Morgan

“Seeing the community rally around and support TIU members going through rough times really restored my faith in humanity. Whether someone slipped up with their nutrition plan and felt bad about it or someone went through an illness or rough experience, TIU girls were there to lend a helping hand. That, to me, is what a community really is, and I feel so incredibly grateful to be a part of a community of incredible women that encompasses that definition.”

Transformation Tone It Up Nutrition Plan Review

“My body had changed so much after kids and it was hard for me to accept it was never going to be the same, but after putting in the hard work and starting to feel like myself again I love my new body!! This lifestyle is something I will continue forever. I just needed to find the right tools to get started. I found a side of myself I never knew was there and I am so incredibly proud.”


“I cannot stress how important the TIU community has been in my success. Not only have I seen immense physical changes in my body and mentality, I’ve been able to meet up with like-minded, fit, fierce, and fabulous women from all over the country and have developed lifelong friendships.”

“My life looked a lot different 6 short weeks ago. Today, I can’t believe this body actually belongs to me. Change is about consistency and determination, and Tone It Up helped me with both. With TIU guidelines, I have been able to easily educate myself on the oversaturated and overwhelming world of nutrition. It gave me the foundation that I needed to understand health and wellness, and gave me creative ways to implement them into my life. Fast forward to today, and I’m continuing my journey with Tone It Up.”

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