Motivation Monday ~ Where Are Our Winners NOW?!

Happy Motivation Monday!

We hope you had a wonderful holiday filled with joy, family, and some much deserved R&R!!

We’re gearing up to start the brand new Tone It Up Challenge! Psst…if you haven’t signed up, THIS is your time to get in the best shape of your life! Find all the deets HERE, and #LookforLOVE with us!

As we get ready for a fresh challenge, we’ve been thinking about all the gorgeous babes who slayed our previous challenges. We caught up with a few past winners to find out how their lives have changed since then. (New jobs, new hubbies, and new adventures!) One thing remains constant, though: They all still stick to The Tone It Up Nutrition Plan, get in their Booty Calls, and keep it Lean, Clean, n’ Green, and they’re fitter and happier than ever!!

Hear the latest from these ladies below. We’re on inspo overload :)



~Won the first-ever Bikini Series in 2011!~

Kate in Cali in 2011


Kate Now


How long have you been a TIU member?

I double checked for the first email I have on record from Tone It Up and it dates back to 3/31/11 (I have 1,600+ emails since then btw)! I can’t believe it’s been almost six years that I’ve been with the TIU Team!

Any exciting life updates? Tell us everything!

I’ve made amazing, lasting friendships, I’ve married my husband, I got certified and now teach fitness classes three times a week (hoping to inspire others like K&K inspire me!) and, this coming year, I’m starting my own business!

What changes have you seen in yourself since then, both mentally and physically?

Physically…come on. I’ve been doing booty calls for SIX YEARS – you’ve got to know I continue to see changes in myself! If TIU has taught me anything, it’s that a healthy life is a journey – with lots of learning, ups and downs, and the occasional glass of rose (ok, a few glasses). And that’s all ok. And we’re all in it together. Before I found TIU, I felt beat down and self conscious. K&K and the community truly instilled in me a sense of support and self-love.

How has the Tone It Up Nutrition Plan helped you maintain your results?

I’m constantly grateful for the nutrition plan! I have some of my favorite plan editions saved on my phone so I can pull them up at a moment’s notice. I can’t tell you the number of times I’ve been asked for the recipe of something I’ve brought to the potluck and it was from the plan!

Is there anything else you’d like to share with this team?

I’ve said it once, I’ve said it twice, I’ve said it for six years (and counting)…this team is truly an inspiration. And I hope the people in it will all continue to move forward with that positive energy. It has truly made a profound difference in my life and I am whole heartedly grateful.



~Won Frisky Fall in 2013!~

Her Transformation


Betsy Now


How long have you been a TIU member?

I’ve been a TIU girl since 2012!

Any exciting life updates? Tell us everything!

I’ve come so far. Tone It Up has given me so much, amazing lifelong girlfriends here in my state (AZ) and all over the world! I’ve learned that I deserve unconditional love. I participate in every TIU challenge and it motivates and inspires me so much to live this healthy life.

How has the Tone It Up Nutrition Plan helped you maintain your results?

Maintaining is just as hard as losing weight or gaining weight. I do it with the Nutrition Plan and my go-to TIU recipes. Perfect Fit smoothie bowls every day!!!  Lean, clean, and green errr’ day!

Is there anything else you’d like to share with this team?

Being a TIU girl is my most favorite thing, it inspires my in every facet of my life. It helps me be a better mother, wife, friend, sister, daughter, and an all over balanced human being.



~Won Bikini Series Round 2 in 2016!~

Her Transformation


Kelly Now


How long have you been a TIU member?

I have been a Tone It Up member since February of 2016, but I fully jumped in and became a TIU girl on the first day of the 2016 Bikini Series at the end of April 2016!

Any exciting life updates? Tell us everything!

I’m continuing to focus on my health and fitness, while also balancing my busy life and career! I’m still working as faculty in a College of Nursing, and I’m applying for my Ph.D. in nursing and hope to do research in how nurses can help patients with obesity (yes, TIU contributed to that interest!)

What changes have you seen in yourself since then, both mentally and physically?

Physically, I have lost more than 50 pounds and countless inches total. I think what has happened mentally is much more important, though! I’m much more confident. I go after what I want without a second thought. I prioritize myself, my happiness, and that allows me to be a better person to the people around me. I’ve also grown an amazing group of TIU girlfriends who I can’t imagine my life without and I’m able to give myself to them and my loved ones because I feel like a “whole” version of myself.

How has the Tone It Up Nutrition Plan helped you maintain your results?

The TIU Nutrition Plan is my bible! Challenges aren’t really challenges to me anymore because TIU has become so engrained in who I am as a person and I live the TIU plan every day. I love the recipes in the Nutrition Plan and I love using my body for good – exercise has become my happy place!



~Won Bikini Series Round 2 in 2016!~

Her Transformation


Josie Now


How long have you been a TIU member?

I’ve been a member since April 2016!

Any exciting life updates? Tell us everything!

I actually started a new job as a teaching lab technician and I absolutely love it! Working with students is so rewarding!

What changes have you seen in yourself since then, both mentally and physically?

Since the challenge I’ve continued to tone up! But for me my biggest change has been increased confidence! It’s not only that I’m more confident with my appearance, I’m more confident in my ability to take on and complete the goals that I set for myself.  I recently ran 7 miles for the first time, and when I completed it I was so proud of how far I’ve come since I started this journey!

How has the Tone It Up Nutrition Plan helped you maintain your results?

The Nutrition Plan has been the key to my success! Having a plan for the week really helps me make conscious decisions about what I’m fueling myself with every day! Having the schedule and my meals planned especially helps when work gets hectic. The updates to the Nutrition Plan have been great, too! I loved all of the new recipes from #TIU31, and I can’t wait for the #LookforLove Challenge in January.


YOU can be our next success story!! Get started with the brand new Tone It Up Challenge January 1st! It has everything you need – slimming recipes, amazing workouts, and more – to get in the best shape of your life in 2017!!




  1. Yeah! I havent done a challenge in so long… I will Rock this one. We can do this ladies 💖

  2. This was such an inspiring post! I just recently signed up to be a part of the TIU team and couldn’t be more excited to see some serious results! Thanks for all the great ideas!

  3. Amazing transformations! They all inspire me to become the best version of me❤

  4. WOW! So inspiring…have any of you ladies had issues with thyroid? I’ve been working out and eating healthy but I feel like nothing is happening, although I feel much better on the inside.

    1. Hi @victoria.lafleur 👋🏻 I have the same issue! I have been sticking to the workouts and diet plan since August 1st of 2016 and I have only lost 1 pound and no inches (maybe centimeters) 😫 It has been super frustrating but, like you said, it does make ya feel better on the inside! Just keep up the good work and know you aren’t the only one who puts in the effort without getting any exciting results due to thyroid. I am on medicine but my levels are always at the high end of normal, which has made metabolism work in reverse it seems! 😉 Stay strong lady! 💪🏻😘

  5. How amazing! Everything about TIU is beautiful! Lets rock this challenge ladies!!!!

  6. So inspirational to see how far people have come!! Can’t wait for the challenge, when will all the details be released?

  7. I love seeing that they’ve continued to keep the weight off! Time to put ourselves first and be the next transformation story ladies 😍

  8. Looking forward to this challenge! I know right now that I won’t be making any visual progress or losing weight (due date is 5/5/2017!) but I’m excited to stay healthy for me and my baby girl!!

  9. Oh my God!!! I feel over inspired and motivated by these girls!! You look all amazing and a true inspiration to the rest of us!!! Congratulations to every girl above for what you’ve accomplished!! I keep looking your pictures and I see my dream body in them!!! It is so amazing!!!!

  10. So proud of my big sister Josie! Can’t wait to start the challenge and be a part of this community after I have my daughter in January!!

  11. Wow amazing stories! Love the progress even from the recent reveal! Keep it up ladies and I have to agree, living the lean, clean and green life & the TIU approved life is where it’s at. I DEFINATELY notice when I steer from it. CONGRATS ladies and keep killing it!

  12. very inspiring!!!!! hope i can do the same ! first challenge and hope to really transform not only my body but how I feel about it!!! want to be strong and confident!!!!!

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