Motivation Monday ~ THIS Is How Brittany Made Her Abs Pop

Hi gorgeous! As you kick off a brand new week, remember this…you can surprise and amaze yourself! Our girl Brittany didn’t think it was possible to sculpt her abs or lift her booty like this! She was “astounded” by the upper body strength she built with her TIU workouts and the energy and confidence she feels by following the Tone It Up Nutrition Plan. And now she has the best advice: Just jump in~ you’ll never regret a workout or joining the Nutrition Plan.  She’s so right! You will never regret taking a leap, accepting a challenge, and investing in you.

Read Brittany’s beautiful transformation story below! Thank you so much, Brittany, for sharing your story and spreading your light and positivity with this community. We love you!

Tell us about yourself!

  • I’m a competitive, driven gamer, coffee drinking, movie guru, Jesus loving, mama and wife!

Did you have an “aha” moment that motivated you to get healthy?

I ran into my friend Whitney! She looked incredible and strong! I was instantly inspired and wanted the glow that she was so confidently carrying!

What changes have you seen, both mentally and physically?

Physically, my body was toning in a way I didn’t think possible! Abs were forming and my booty was lifting! My upper body strength even astounded me! Mentally, this became a stress reliever! I was able to exert any anxiety into my workouts and come out with a clear head. That is huge for me because I set the tone of my house as a stay at home mom.

How has the Tone It Up Nutrition Plan contributed to your success?

The Tone It Up Nutrition Plan started out as a weight loss plan for me. Seeing the pounds shed each week was proof that The Nutrition Plan worked! I felt energized after I ate. I felt motivated to cook and plan my meals. After losing the weight, the Nutrition Plan has now been the fuel I need to tone my body. My abs have become so defined and I know that’s because of how I fuel my body now.

What advice would you give a girl who is considering getting healthy and joining the plan?

If nothing changes, nothing changes. Jump in and take it 1 day at a time! Extend yourself grace on the bad days…we all have them! You will not regret working out and eating healthy when you see your body transform into something beautiful.

What are your fave Tone It Up Nutrition Plan meals and snacks?

What is your proudest #TIUgirl moment?

Accomplishing the perfect tricep pushup and being able to crank out 20 at a time! When I started, 1 was all I had in me!

Where can we find you on Insta?


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So many stunning girls have achieved all their goals and dreams with the Tone It Up Nutrition Plan!


  1. I’ve been a member for two years and the nutrition program has really helped me keep my weight and waist where I want it. I feel like I’ve plateued however and can’t quite get the athletic sculpted look I’m aiming for. Any suggestions?

    1. Hi babe! So glad you’re a member of the Nutrition Plan and you’ve been rocking it! Plateaus happen to all of us and they’re totally normal. What has helped us in the past is switching up our workouts and challenging our bodies in new ways. We really love challenging ourselves with drop sets like in the Daily Moves or trying a different type of workout (we have kickboxing, barre, yoga, and dance in the Studio). We have more tips on breaking through that plateau in this post HERE! The most important thing is to keep at it and show yourself kindness along the way. You’ve got this! xxo

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