Motivation Monday ~ So Many Beautiful Babes!

Hi gorgeous! Today is truly the beginning of ANYTHING! This quote is such a beautiful reminder of that ~

As we begin this week together, let’s all focus on becoming more conscious of what we want most for our lives. Create a clear image in your mind of your goals and your dreams. If you could design your life, what would it look like?

The amazing thing is babe, you CAN! You are in control of your beautiful journey and as long as you always chase your dreams, you can have any life you choose💖

Today we’re sharing a few women who have truly followed their hearts. Their journeys and their accomplishments are so inspiring to us ~ check out their GORGEOUS transformations!



“I’m learning now that my body has finally found its happy place. This is the place where I can work hard during my workouts, but also indulge in desserts and enjoy meals out with loved ones. @Toneitup has taught me to love my body right now, even for its “flaws” or “imperfections”. The Tone It Up Nutrition Plan makes it easy to create healthy, filling meals, but also provides recipes to satisfy my major sweet tooth 😋”



“The Tone It Up Nutrition Plan was literally like going from black and white tv to HD colour! Gorgeous meals full of flavour and nutrition! The recipes are simple, easy, and it won’t be long before you see changes in your body from eating complete (and delicious) meals. Take it one day at a time, then a week, then before you know it it’s been 4 years and you have a completely different lifestyle with such an amazing community of women cheering you on 🙏🏻💕”



“I’ve learned to love and accept every part of my body… the stretch marks, the “baby” skin on my tummy, my “strong” arms, my thighs—all of it. I’m thankful for what it does for me every day—from carrying me through my workouts with strength, for allowing me to chase around and lift my baby girl with ease (and give her lots of hugs!), to recovering from sickness quickly, and more! I am thankful every day for @toneitup and this amazing #tiucommunity I am a part of. @Karenadawn & @katrinaascott have allowed me to find a strength within myself that I never knew I had—accepting and loving myself for who and what I am 💗”



“This isn’t a diet. It’s a lifestyle! So I finally CHOSE to put to use what I learned from the Tone It Up Nutrition Plan  and just freakin eat the way that worked for me and my body. Once I really started to change the way I looked at food, everything else changed too.”



“The Tone It Up Nutrition Plan  took the definition of “revealing those muscles” to a whole new level. I will say that since we are focusing on loving our bodies, I’m not ashamed to say that I love 💕 my arms. And @toneitup helped me get to where I am now! They’ve helped me see that through eating right, working out, and loving others, I’m able to be the best version of me 🤗”



“The Tone It Up Nutrition Plan has changed the way I see food. It’s no longer about food being “good” or “bad”. It has taught me to see food as a way to nourish and thank my body for carrying me through this life, for accepting the challenges I throw at it and growing stronger each time. My success on the Tone It Up Nutrition Plan is because it’s realistic, it’s flexible, and it’s delicious….and helloooo, it allows for my favorite food group: WINE! I’m so thankful I found this #tiucommunity of women. Every. Single. One of you is an inspiration to me every day and Every. Single. One of you is a gorgeous beauty form the inside out.”



“Thank you @toneitup from the bottom of my heart. I have learned how to live in the moment, how the food I eat fuels me and affects my mood, and most of all that I AM ENOUGH exactly how I am each and every day. Realizing this has gave me clarity and most importantly liberation 😇 I have found a new lifestyle, and I can’t wait to continue to share it with this #tiucommunity and my wonderful trainers.”

How gorgeous are these girls?! We’re SO proud of them. They’ve achieved their goals and dreams with the Tone It Up Nutrition Plan! Sign up here to get your Lifestyle Kit with everything you need for your healthy, balanced, confident lifestyle!

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