Tone It Up Plan Review!

This Tone It Up Nutrition Plan review will truly inspire you!

Karlee has an great sense of balance and some wonderful tips to share. Keep reading to find out out how this radiant team member transformed her body and how she continues to stay motivated to lead a healthy life!


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My inspiration was, and still is my 31 year old brother. He’s been through so much in his life, including losing 40 pounds. I remember going from watching him eat a banana split everyday after school to hearing about how many miles he ran that day. He has now ran multiple marathons and I want to run one with him some day! Going through this experience has brought us closer in so many ways.

My other inspiration was myself. I was unhappy with myself so I had to do it for me. When I  noticed my body changing and my clothes fitting differently, it was my motivation to keep going and my reminder of why I was doing it. There is no better motivation than seeing your hard work pay off in big ways!  

The Tone It Up Nutrition Plan has taught me so much! I love all the recipes and little tricks about what to eat during what time of the day. I also love the Meta-D. This past summer, my mom, our dogs and I went on a walk every morning and when we came back, we’d have our Meta-D together. We both love it! I even got my grandma into it when she visited. The Nutrition Plan also sparked my interest in nutrition and is a huge part of why I changed my major to nutrition. The Nutrition Plan has so many delicious and easy recipes, it was easy to want to eat at home!

Through the plan and this community, I learned that eating healthy and working out isn’t just something you do to lose weight only to go back to “normal” life. It’s about creating a new “normal.” I tried EVERY fad diet and workout I could think of before Tone It Up helped me realize this.

I had hit a plateau with my weight loss. Tone It Up was the perfect change I needed! There were so many things I didn’t know about nutrition and I learned so much about how to be healthier overall. Living a healthy lifestyle makes me feel so much better even aside from the weight loss. It isn’t something I am ever willing to give up! 

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  1. HealthNutLeslie says:

    Reading your story Karlee just reminds me of how blessed we are to be a part of this incredible community! I love how you said that it took Tone It Up to realize how to create the new “normal”. Awesome work! You are an inspiration to me.

  2. Jessica Segura says:

    Karlee, you are such an inspiration… wow this story hit me so hard. Because of this story Im ready to start my journal… to find the “my new normal” TIU is such an amazing thing to be part of, Im so glad K&K have this going. You rock lady keep up the good work, you look amazing :)

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