Katrina Hodgson


Hi I’m Katrina Hodgson… yes, one of the Tone It Up girls. I lost over 25 pounds! Karena and I put together a diet plan to help us slim down and tone up. I have to be honest… I was feeling a little humiliated to put this picture up… especially as a trainer. Being a personal trainer, I was spending too much time on others, my career and not my own health (like most people actually, mothers, business women, students etc). I hid my weight really well. I hid from pictures, events and even started hiding from mirrors. I was ashamed of my body and decided to make a change… for good!

No more losing weight and then gaining it all back. I almost didn’t put my picture up, but then I realized that this is why I want to help others. It changed my life. I am so much happier, confident in myself and feel like I can do anything. I also have no more joint pain because of the pressure of my extra weight. Everyone always asked, what should I eat!? So we decided to share our daily nutrition plan. For the cost of a training session, Karena and I put together the entire diet for you– so you can make a change too :) Stop waiting for tomorrow… or Monday. I’ve been there. You are the only one in control of your weight and health. Take charge and make a change now.

– Katrina

PS- This is me and my MOM!  She lost 60 pounds!  Go see her transformation story too :) Read HERE



  1. Sydney says:

    Did you loose the weight and get in shape by following the nutrition plan and doing the tone it up exercises? You look so amazing!

  2. Jen says:

    Katrina, how long did it take you to lose the 25 lbs? Thanks!

    1. Erin says:

      she mentioned somewhere that it took around 4 months.

  3. Julie says:

    Katrina, I’m so glad you decided to post that picture because it makes you so much more relateable! I hope after your workout & diet plan I can look as good as you!!

  4. Rachel says:

    It would be so helpful to know how long it took.

  5. You story is an inspiration to all us TIU girls, Katrina! It’s so motivational to see how far you’ve come, and that you worked hard to make a change from where you once were — for me, it’s especially motivational to see you weren’t always just naturally as slim and toned as you are now. As someone who has always struggled to keep my weight down, and keep off weight I lose, seeing your journey is awesome and shows what amazing change is possible with hard work and self care. Thank you for being brave and sharing your transformation story and before and after pics! You were beautiful in both pictures, and so glad your transformation has made you feel so confident and unstoppable! -Molly @mermaidmol

  6. It’s amazing! I’m just at the beginning! Thank you and Karena for everything you do! I have a question. How old are you? and Karena? Thanks!

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