Amazing 31 Day Transformations ~ Motivation Monday!

OK girl it’s finally here!! After all the planning and prepping, today is officially DAY 1 of your 31 Day Challenge! We’re starting on this journey together and we’re about to make big things happen! 🤗 So today Kat and I want to remind you that you can achieve anything you put your mind, body, and heart to in the next 31 days ✨ You’ve made a promise to yourself and that’s the most important promise of all! If you haven’t signed for the challenge yet, theres still time to join us here!

For a little extra inspo to kick off the challenge, check out these beautiful bombshells who shared their 31 Day Challenge transformations from previous years! They achieved amazing results from committing to their Tone It Up workouts (we have so many incredible new workouts in the Studio Tone It Up app for you to look forward to!) and from following the Nutrition Plan! Make sure you grab your brand new 31 Day Meal Plan here! There are so many seasonal and delicious recipes to fuel your gorgeous muscles throughout the challenge! 💪🏻🍂

We can’t wait to see what you’re going to accomplish in the next 31 days!



Check Out These Bombshells’ Amazing #TIU31Transformations~


“The Nutrition Plan helped explain the science of nutrition to me – from why it’s important to get in a Booty Call in the morning to the timing of when certain foods should be eaten. I didn’t feel like I was selling my soul to another diet or miracle plan and waving goodbye to all of my bffs (wine, bread, and ice cream). It all made sense, and being prepared was the secret to my success.”


“When I first joined Tone It Up, I couldn’t get through a single workout without taking multiple breaks, and most of the time I had to do the moves without weights! So I focused on changing my nutrition first, while doing simple, modified workouts until I could build up strength. Tone It Up doesn’t promote diets or fads; instead, it gives you the tools to gradually implement daily habits that promote a lifelong healthy lifestyle.”


“The Nutrition Plan helped me learn that consistency TRULY IS KEY to trimming down and toning up. It proved to me that I can still cook, bake, order, and grab the foods I love and still shed and shred – smell ya later food-group-omitting diets! It showed me that there are THOUSANDS of other women across the world who are VERY similar to me and have had HUGE success by following the TIU Nutrition Plan. The TIU Nutrition Plan was what finally (finally, finally, finally) worked for me. Hands down.”


“The Nutrition Plan helped guide me through my once daily struggle of deciding what to eat (which often ended in unhealthy choices). Providing a guidebook to my day, I was able to follow the plan, make any necessary changes (Smoothies are my M1 JAM), and feel good about what I was putting into my body.”


“I have always eaten very healthy as both of my parents are doctors, but it was only when I started the Nutrition Plan that I really learned how to manage my nutrition in order for my body to be properly fueled, as I train every single day! My story is not about weight loss, but rather about well-being and feeling beautiful, inside and out.”


“Tone It Up has been the answer to my prayers. I feel like my life is always on the go, especially since starting my teaching job at a school that has extended school hours. I have never felt so healthy, light, and strong! Since using the plan, my skin has cleared up, I am less bloated, and I have more energy!”


“For the TIU31 Day Challenge, having written my goals out at the start  and visualizing them really paid off. Halfway through I went back and re-read them and it helped keep me on track. The community kept me going on days I didn’t want to push. Knowing thousands of women worldwide are cheering you on and only wanting the best for you is inspiring!”


“My sister and I started to follow the Nutrition Plan on August 1st and fully committed to the plan for the 31 Day Challenge. I honestly have never felt more healthy in my life. Not only did I lose 10 pounds, but I feel more energized, less bloated, and stronger. I really owe all of my success to the TIU Nutrition Plan for laying out my meals for me and teaching me the importance of using food as fuel.”


“I wanted to feel strong and confident in my own skin. I wanted to be in charge of my own happiness.”


“Tone It Up meetups keep me on track! Because I travel so much for work, I’ve gotten great at meeting up with girls all over the US! I’ve met more than 10 different girls just by searching the hashtag #tiu!”

Ready to feel fit & fabulous this fall?! Join us for the 31 Day Challenge for 31 days of workouts, daily challenges, & lifestyle tips!


  1. I’m so inspired by these ladies! I love that they each have their own perspective on how the nutrition plan helped them learn how to really fuel their bodies with the right things at the right time. I’m going to keep coming back to this page for inspo throughout the TIU31 Challenge – loving all the Studio workouts so far :)

  2. Hi ! I am actually sad that I was not featured! I worked so hard during this challenge two years ago and I am still working hard now!!! It’s ok! I have built so many new friendships and thanks to you k and k I have great tools to continue my fitness journey!!! Love ya!

    1. Love you so much babe! Your hard work and dedication is incredible & we’re so proud of you! Can’t wait to rock another challenge with you! 💗

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