4-Week Bikini Series Transformations You Have To See!

Hi beautiful! We wanted to take a minute and check in with you today…can you believe we’re going into week 5 of the Bikini Series?! The last 4 weeks have been truly inspiring and transformative. Every day, we see you rocking your Studio Tone It Up classes, meal prepping, checking in with the community, and dedicating time to YOU. Every day that you show your beautiful body love and care is something special ✨ You have come so far and the amazing thing is…we still have 4 weeks to rock this challenge together and achieve even more!

So today we’re sharing some serious inspo to keep up the momentum! These babes shared their 4-week Bikini Series transformations…how incredible are they?! They have been hustlin’ the past 4 weeks following the Tone It Up Nutrition Plan and Bikini Series workouts ~ they are glowing inside and out! Let’s all give these gorgeous girls some love today 💗

We are SO proud you and we can’t wait to see all you accomplish in the next 4 weeks! Keep checking in with us @ToneItUp with all your sweaty selfies and healthy meals ~ they inspire us every day!



Pssst…if you haven’t signed up for the Bikini Series yet, there is still time! Just look at how much you can achieve in 4 weeks! Join us for the next 4 weeks of the challenge to feel your absolute best for summer HERE!



“It’s amazing the progress you can make in 4 short weeks! I have more energy and can work out harder than I could before. I am so excited to see how I look and feel 4 weeks from now at the end of the Bikini Series! Stay dedicated and trust the process! If you are following the Tone It Up Nutrition guidelines, I guarantee you are changing!”



“Each day is a new beginning and I’m getting stronger. I decided to take these progress photos and I was so happy and pleasantly surprised looking at them! Taking these photos definitely gave me the extra motivation and encouragement I need to finish this Bikini Series off right! We got this ladies! “


“I’m so proud of myself for all of the work I’ve put in! Thanks to @karenadawn and @katrinaascott and all of the other @toneitup trainers! I feel amazing and I’m glad my hard work is paying off! “



“It feels so good to be clean eating and getting my workouts in! Progress babes, progress. The journey looks different for each of us. Go by how you feel and keep crushing it!”



“4 weeks into the Bikini Series and I’m seeing and feeling lots of changes! I’m definitely feeling stronger and I’m starting to lean out! It has helped to meal prep and plan using the Tone It Up Nutrition guide and planner! “



“This Bikini Series challenge is the longest challenge I’ve committed to and it’s so surprising and wonderful! What is different now? I think it’s my MINDSET. It’s not about the squats (although they help) or the food (although it better be LCG) … but it’s about wanting it and deciding to do it. For me, for my loves, for our futures. 💕Thank you @karenadawn and @katrinaascott for putting so much effort and love into helping girls all around the world feel better about themselves and realize it’s not about what you need to change… but what you’ve already got going for you.”

We are SO proud of these gorgeous girls! They are reaching their goals & dreams with the Tone It Up Nutrition Plan! Sign up here to get your Lifestyle Kit ~ you’ll immediately become a member of the plan and receive your brand new 8-week Bikini Series Meal Plan with new recipes and meal-by-meal guides. This is YOUR time to feel your best ~ you deserve it!


  1. So awesome to be featured on the website & in the email blast. Thank you!! Love seeing everyone’s transformations… just never thought I’d be one of those girls on there!! <3 So much love. So much kale. So many squats. xoxo – Amanda

  2. Good Morning Ladies,
    I have been following the Bikini Series and Nutrition Plan for all 4 weeks now and I feel bloated, exhausted and I can’t button my work pants anymore. So I have resulted to wearing professional looking leggings at work. I love the TIUTeam and Tone It Up, just wondering if anyone else is struggling like I am.


    1. Hi gorgeous! Every journey and every woman is different. We’ve all been there and had days when we’re feeling bloated. It’s completely normal and happens to all of us. To de-bloat, make sure you’re drinking plenty of water ~ staying hydrated raises your metabolic rate and flushes out toxins. We also like to sip on ginger or peppermint tea and eat lots of de-bloating foods like asparagus. Journal your meals to hold yourself accountable and always check in with your TIU community for support ~ we’re here for you every step of the way. Sending you lots of love!! xxo

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