4 Bikini Series Transformations That Will Inspire You for SUMMER!

Who’s ready for the Bikini Series?! We’re so pumped!! Karena and I had so much fun creating this Bikini Series, filming the workouts, and making the de-lish recipes! ;) We felt incredible while we were testing out this Challenge, and we know you will too. SUMMER ’17, we’re comin’ for ya!

The Bikini Series kicks off April 24th. If you haven’t already signed up, get your cute booty over HERE to join us and get your Free Starter Pack. And from now until the Bikini Series, we’ll be releasing tons of tips on ToneItUp.com every day to set you up for success during this Challenge.

So many beautiful, inspiring babes have achieved incredible things during the Bikini Series. Today, we’re sharing a few past Bikini Series winners who we’re so proud of. These bombshells are gorgeous inside and out! Read their stories below, and let’s get ready for this Bikini Series together! Xxo



This gorgeous TIU mama was a 2016 Bikini Series Grand Prize Winner, and she’s in for this year’s Challenge. She already grabbed her accountability partner, too! 

“My body had changed so much after kids and it was hard for me to accept it was never going to be the same, but after putting in the hard work and starting to feel like myself again I love my new body!! This lifestyle is something I will continue forever. I just needed to find the right tools to get started. I found a side of myself I never knew was there and I am so incredibly proud.”



Kelly was a Round 2 winner last year and we’re obsessed with all the delish Lean, Clean, ‘N Green meals on her Insta! 

“Tone It Up completely changed my life! Before Tone It Up, I was exhausted, lethargic, and totally unhappy with my body. I knew I needed to change something and Tone It Up was exactly what I needed. Tone It Up inspired me. Tone It Up allowed me to believe that I COULD do it, and furthermore, Tone It Up gave me the tools to change my life and create an amazing situation for myself.”



A runner up in last year’s Bikini Series, Liz is now a new mama to an adorable baby boy and she’s super excited to start this year’s Bikini Series! We’re so happy for you, Liz!

“Aside from my own dedication, motivation, and drive, the TIU Nutrition Plan has acted as my right hand Bae! Not only does the Nutrition Plan provide amazing nutritional structure, but on those days that we ALL just wish someone else would ‘just do it,’ it provides the best cravings support EVvvvvvvA! This team EMPOWERS ME to be brave and confident every day!”



Morgan, a college senior, rocked the 2016 Bikini Series and was a Round 2 winner! Now, she’s in for the 2017 Series and one of her goals is to focus on her passion for mediation! 

“Seeing the community rally around and support TIU members going through rough times really restored my faith in humanity. Whether someone slipped up with their nutrition plan and felt bad about it or someone went through an illness or rough experience, TIU girls were there to lend a helping hand. That, to me, is what a community really is, and I feel so incredibly grateful to be a part of a community of incredible women that encompasses that definition.”

So inspiring! These babes got fit, strong, & confident with the Bikini Series, and now is YOUR time. We’re all doing the Bikini Series together starting April 24th. Are ya in?!

Sign up and we’ll immediately send you your Free Starter Pack with everything you need to get prepped for summer!!!


  1. These ladies are so, SO inspiring. This will be my first bikini series and any doubt that I couldn’t do this, or that I wouldn’t see the reward in being fully committed to this program is gone after reading these ladies stories and seeing their transformation photos. I cannot wait to start!!

    1. This is going to be my first Bikini series as well!! Super excited for this and I agree completely with you, inspired and pumped. Bring on Summer ’17 🌴

  2. Can’t wait for my first bikini series, and I’m really looking forward to see the Beach Babe 5 workouts :)

  3. I can’t wait!!! When are bundles launching? I can’t wait to order mine. So many summer weddings, I can’t wait to feel confident going to each one!

  4. My SuperStar Kelly is my inspiration errrrrday, along with SO MANY other gorgeous, smart, strong, determined, blazzzzzingly hot women in our TIUCommunity! What would I do without you all? Seriously!? SO MUCH LOVE & RESPECT for you ALL! Lets rock this Bikini Series, but most of all, have FUN! ( @carlainitaly_tiu )

  5. I am so excited to do the Bikini Series for the first time! I started my weight loss journey with about 70 lbs to lose, and I have lost 30 lbs in the last 6 months on my own. I think that TIU and the Bikini Series is just what I need to take my progress to the next level! I have never made fitness a regular part of my life and I’m hoping the TIU community can help me with this very hard but very rewarding lifestyle change. I’ve been following K&K and all of you ladies for almost a year… so happy to commit to doing it with y’all! Eek!

  6. Ahh I love this!! I am SO EXCITED :) I need this and can not wait for the bundles and for it to start. This community is amazing, and so are you all and Katrina & Karena obvi <3


  7. Will there be a weekly workout printable?? I didn’t see one this week. I love printing it out and putting it on my fridge every week! Thank you ladies!!!

  8. Yes!!! I can’t wait for this! Spring is always the most motivational time of the year- with the sunshine, and fresh fruit cravings! Can’t wait to start my FIRST Bikini Series! Thank you for all you do! :)

  9. I’m really looking forward to completing this challenge in its entirety and submitting the before and after photos. I can do this. We can do this, ladies! Here’s to the Bikini Series, team!!! We are going to crush this!

  10. These pictures are so amazing!! Congrats to all of those ladies. This time, i am so committed to seeing this thing ALL the way through with my best friend of 11 years (that’s been living hours away from me for like 7 years) This is something fun we can do together even with all of the distance. We are going to push each other with pictures and videos… a little friendly competition. Next time we see each other we will be bikini ready for sure! Love her and love this community! Yall are beyond inspiring and make it so much fun! Thanks Karena and Katrina!!

  11. I’ve followed tone it up for a few years now but have never really stuck with eating right (and not giving in to my cravings), or dove into any of the challenges…BUT I’ve been going for a week now and feel so much happier and better about my body! Can’t wait for the bikini series!

  12. I’m so excited!! This bikini series dovetails right into the Wedding Plan for me! I’m getting married in August!!

  13. I’m really nervous as I’m a 50+ woman and not sure I can keep up. I’m VERY out of shape and about 20-25 lbs overweight. I’m renewing my vows in July, so I am extremely hopeful I can do this and actually TONE IT UP!! Here’s hoping :)

    1. YOU CAN DO IT! You have this entire team here supporting you! Start slow and you can bump up the intensity as you gain strength and endurance. So excited to do this Challenge with you!

  14. This is definitely motivating, all of those women are amazing. Just signed up for my first real Bikini Series (stumbled upon Tiu mid series before 😕) and I’m psyched!

  15. I’m so inspired by this! I have been a TIU girl for 3 years and I realize it’s time to really take this challenge seriously and that I see that it is possible. This is our year ladies!

  16. Thank you for sharing these stories!! They are so inspiring and I cannot wait to join my first bikini series :)

  17. Though I’ve been a member for a couple years, I have not yet stuck to a challenge… I just had a baby about 4 months ago, and I am ready to make loving myself a priority! Hope I can achieve a great transformation like these ones!

  18. I’ve tried starting the Bikini Series on two different occasions, only to fail :( These stories are SUPER inspiring. They have given me the confidence to push forward and slowly silence my inner negative voice. This will be hard, but these stories have me believing I TOO can do this! Looking forward to connecting with the community over the course of the next 8 weeks. I’m tiu_meg_79 on IG. Would love accountability partners :)

  19. Even though I’ve been a TIU member since 2013 I have not allowed myself to fully commit to both the plan and the workouts 100%. I used work schedules and life commitments to keep me from giving it my all but to be honest I was afraid of failing myself….I’ve watched from the sidelines for years as BS have come and gone….but not this year!!! I’ve learned that this is not only a physical journey but a mental and spiritual one and I am finally 100% behind me. I’ve been prepping for over a week now, following the meal plan and daily work outs posted. I am tracking my progress on my Fitbit and am already down 5 pounds…but what’s most amazing is how I feel. I love this community, I love K&K for being so inspiring and am so looking forward to BS 2017!!!!

  20. Yey!!! I’ve been with TIU since the VERY first bikini series. I was hooked!! I’ve never fully committed to any of them, not sure why – maybe timing, maybe willpower, maybe lack of confidence or fear of failure. I feel good about this one! Year after year I say that but with my wedding coming June 2018 and having gained 80 pounds over 2 years, I NEED THIS!!!! So grateful for this community and the inspiration and value K and K add is priceless!!! I can’t wait to be a beach babe and finally get back to a healthy weight! Only 2 more weeks girls!!!!!!

    I’m wondering what I can start off with NOW that is not too challenging for me. I haven’t worked out consistently (5x/week) for over 2 years! :-(

    1. So excited to start this Bikini Series with you, babe!! We suggest to start following the Daily Workout now to get your bod prepped for the Bikini Series. Start slow and you can bump up the intensity and weights when you feel ready!

  21. I am brand new to TIU and just signed on for this. I am in my mid forties and want to loose the middle age spread I’ve accumulated over the years. I hope I can build up my endurance again. It has been over two years since I exercised regularly. I’ve been missing my kettlebell swings. Diet was my biggest barrier before. I am hoping that I can get my eating under control. I love to eat, but I don’t know HOW to. I am really looking forward to having the nutrition guides and a community of women who can help me learn how to eat and how to build up my fitness. Thanks!

    1. Welcome to the team!! We know you can do it! The Nutrition Guide will show you how to fuel your beautiful body with the best foods, and the TIU Community is the ultimate support system! We’re all here for you!! Xxo

  22. I’ve been a member of TIU for over a year now, and haven’t ever fully committed to either the nutrition plan or the workouts. I’m a police officer and I work nights, so it has been a struggle to figure out how and when to eat and workout when I work such odd hours (10 pm – 6 am, IF I don’t get stuck on a late call or typing reports…if I do, there is no telling when I get off, and despite that, I have kids to pick up from schoo at 3 pm. So sometimes I get little to no sleep and don’t have any energy to workout.). It’s so confusing to me (do I eat dinner at 6:00 AM before going to bed for the “night”?) that I end up doing nothing and eating junk – or just not eating at all. I have been so disgusted with myself for not being able to follow through that it just adds to the problem. I have gained almost 20 pounds in the last 6 months because of it. If anyone has any pointers on making this work when you work an unpredictable night shift schedule and get very little sleep…I’m all ears!! I really really want to fully commit and need to do this. For myself, my family, and being able to do my job!!

    1. Hi babe! We get that it’s especially tough when you have night shifts and unpredictable hours, but you CAN do this! We recommend setting your meals to your sleep schedule. So for the night shift, have breakfast at the start of YOUR day – even if everyone else is having dinner. You can also adjust your workouts to your sleep schedule and get in a walk or a quick toning sesh before heading into work. You’ve got this! Xxo

  23. So excited for my first bikini series! i tried to do one last year, however just wasn’t committed. I joined 3 days ago with the bundle and I AM SO EXCITED! the bikini series finishes the day I go away for summer holidays! Can’t wait to smash it with all you lovely ladies!

  24. I have a tendency to fail at any and all workout/meal plan situations, but I am fully committed to really doing the work and making it the 8 weeks with this program. These stories are really inspiring and I am tired of feeling sluggish and unhappy. I needs some encouragement ladies!!!

    1. You got this!!! You made the first step by committing to yourself, and you can do this! We’re here for you!

  25. I’m ready for the the bikini challenge!!!
    This is the first time I’m joining and it looks like it’s going to be lots of fun I’m going threw with this I’m sick of feeling sluggish and tired all the time. I’m doing this alone without a buddy can’t find one to join me.
    I think this is the kind of thing I have been looking for. Thank you ladies for doing this and motivating all the ladies!!! Let’s do this!!!

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