2017 Tone It Up Challenge Winners Announced!!

This year’s Tone It Up Challenge was INCREDIBLE. You took your workouts, recipes, and checkins to the next level!! You blew us away with your dedication, strength, and positivity. This challenge will always hold a special place in our hearts because of how you embraced the #LookForLOVE theme, and found love in everything around you. We felt the love from you every day and it brought a smile to our faces…and sometimes tears to our eyes.

And speaking of tears…we needed tissues reading through your submissions. Happy tears, we swear! 😹We were so inspired, moved, and proud reading about how you dedicated yourself to this challenge and finished stronger — physically, mentally, and emotionally. We’re truly in awe of you and all you’ve accomplished. We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it a million more times: This team is the BEST. It was so difficult to choose winners because we received so many incredible submissions, but we’re so excited to announce this year’s Tone It Up Challenge winners! 😍


 6 Grand Prize Transformation Winners will be receiving…

3-night stay at the luxury boutique hotel Shade 

A beach workout, led by us! :)

Fully outfitted for your workout from head to toe!

Beach babe brunch at the #TIUHQ

Stand-up paddle boarding sesh

Photo shoot with the incredible Jana Williams 

Interview on your Success Story at the HQ!

New Maaji bikini!

Bikini from Kulani Kinis!

Tone It Up Protein

$250 Tone It Up gift card

30 bottles of SUJA Juice

Exclusive TIU heart design leggings from GOLDSHEEP

SexyHair H2No

Sexy Hair Vibrant Shampoo

Sexy Hair Conditioner

Sexy Hair Color Guard

COOLA Travel Kit

COOLA Tan Body Mist

COOLA Tan Face Serums

All Beach Babe Beauty!

Drumroll, please…

Meet the Grand Prize Winners

Ashley Brooke


A busy boss babe and new momma to her little girl, Gem. She’ll run for rosé! 

“Mentally I am healthier than ever. I feel positive and optimistic that even when looking at how far I’ve come, I know there is only more growth ahead. Physically I am strong again!!! YAY! My biggest fear and something I grew up with is having a mom who is too tired to do anything. I don’t want to be that mom. I want to swim, run, jump, and play with Gem Gems!”



A self-described “crazy dog mom” and a #TIUbride on a mission to achieve her best wedding body and a balanced life!

“I realized that there is an entire community of women on social media who all share the same struggles, interests, and goal: the ladies of the TIU Team! I knew that if I really wanted to see success this time around, I couldn’t do it alone, and I shouldn’t have to do it alone, so I created my Tone it Up Instagram and unlocked the final key to success that I was missing! I instantly felt so much support from this community, and that support fueled the fire within me so much that I can strongly say I have been able to not only get back in shape, but I am the healthiest and the most fit I’ve ever been.”



A “fun, energetic, positive, goofy, determined, dedicated, dependable, & loving” PE teacher and TIU girl!

“To me, Tone It Up means friendship, acceptance, love, community, positivity, accountability, belonging, inspiration, motivation, SWEAT. Girl bosses that beam with self-love, and SLAY ALL DAY! The list could go on forever. There aren’t words for how amazing Tone It Up is and how much it has altered my life! This community has been everything for me. Excuse my teary eyes, but this is the place that picked me up when I was at the lowest point in my entire life and gave me hope that life could be better, and I could be better. I’ve lost 35 pounds, 8% body fat, and gained so much confidence. I will never look back.”



A momma who loves sunshine, pizza, champagne, good hair, and “fierce lady friendships!”

“The biggest shift I’ve seen in myself is S-T-R-E-N-G-T-H. Physical strength in my endurance, my muscle tone, and my overall body shape. TIU has reshaped my body, and I have sleek, long muscles popping where I didn’t even know muscles existed! My emotional and mental strength have grown, and allow me to better handle any challenges that come my way.”



A new member of our team, Cam is a small town girl with big dreams! Most days, you can find her in yoga pants!

“My life looked a lot different 6 short weeks ago. Today, I can’t believe this body actually belongs to me. Change is about consistency and determination, and Tone It Up helped me with both. With TIU guidelines, I have been able to easily educate myself on the oversaturated and overwhelming world of nutrition. It gave me the foundation that I needed to understand health and wellness, and gave me creative ways to implement them into my life. Fast forward to today, and I’m continuing my journey with Tone It Up.”



A runner and mama who lives on her family farm. She describes herself as “a homebody at heart who dreams of adventures!” 

“I loved the way I felt completing challenge workouts, trying new and delicious healthy meals, and being uplifted by the community. Being a part of something bigger than myself and seeing my hard work pay off made transitioning into this lifestyle a no brainer! Tone It Up to me means that missing puzzle piece to having a balanced life. Since beginning TIU, other areas in my life feel balanced and complete. I am HAPPY. I have more love to give my family and friends. I am CONFIDENT. I APPRECIATE healthy food and what it does for my body! I LOVE harder. Karena and Katrina bring so much heartwarming love and laughter to my day, which has led to FRIENDSHIPS that mean the world to me!”

20 Runner Up Transformation Winners will receive…

$100 Tone It Up gift card

Exclusive TIU heart design leggings from GOLDSHEEP

SexyHair H2No

Sexy Hair Vibrant Shampoo

Sexy Hair Conditioner

Sexy Hair Color Guard

COOLA Travel Kit

14 bottles of SUJA Juice

All Beach Babe Beauty!

Meet the Runner Up Winners: 

Ashley S.


We’re so proud to have Ashley in our community and we were so moved by her story. We’re thinking of her and her beautiful family every day as she fights to get healthy. 

“My transformation story is not the typical one. My transformation happened on the inside, and not in the emotional way. Rather than simply improve my life, Tone it Up helped save it. I started the New Year challenge in 2016, thanks to the peer pressure of my best friend. I ROCKED it and saw some great results, but one thing never changed: my ability to breathe. After having my second baby, I thought maybe my shortness of breath was due to me being out of shape. When it didn’t improve when I was working out daily and eating clean, I knew something was up. After a month of sticking to the challenge, I went to the doctor for an inhaler. Turns out I was immediately sent to the emergency room, had 2 liters of fluid drained from my lung, then after a series of tests I was admitted to the hospital and given a cancer diagnosis: Stage 4 Hodgkin’s Lymphoma. I completed six months of chemotherapy, using barre and many of the TIU recipes to stay healthy. As soon as I was up to it again after I finished chemo mid-August, I created my own 8 week challenge amongst a group of girlfriends (it coincided with the 31 Day Challenge too). I felt great… for a while. My symptoms were returning and in November it was confirmed that my cancer had returned. Now I am undergoing a new round of chemotherapy and preparing for a stem cell transplant. In order to get out of the hospital quickly, I am attempting to be as healthy as possible before I am admitted. And guess what I’m using for my guidelines? You guessed it: Tone It Up! Thank you for keeping me healthy during the most challenging time of my life. I look forward to the day that I can fully commit myself to the TIU lifestyle again!”



“When you become a member of the TIU community it really is so much more than a fitness group. We are a sisterhood of strong, confident women who are ready to take on the world…and there is always room at our table!“



“My son inspired me to make the change I’ve wanted for so many years. I wouldn’t take him to the pool because I didn’t want anyone to see me. He deserved to have a happy and confident mom.”



“Before this challenge, I never wrote out a meal plan for the week. TIU Meal Prep Sunday made it possible to stick to healthier meal choices.”



“At the beginning of the Look for Love challenge, I had prepared by journaling how I was going to feel. I wanted to be, ‘Emotionally proud, physically flat, and to see someone who is happy with herself when I look in the mirror.’ I really feel like I’ve accomplished that.”



 “I say positive things out loud to myself. That I deserve to be happy. I love who I see in the mirror. Who I see in the mirror is not only strong but capable of amazing things!”



“The plan gave me set guidelines, but also SO MUCH FREEDOM. I could switch around meals, and you guys have set it up in such a way where I can even make up my own menus and pick and choose what I love most. This made it REALLY easy!”



“Tone It Up showed me a community of healthy, happy women who put themselves first. That’s how I always saw myself. It reconnected me with who I was supposed to be.”



“I lost over 40 lbs on the TIU Nutrition Plan and doing the fun workouts. What I didn’t expect was the impact this program would have on me mentally and emotionally. The biggest shift for me is that I know I can do it. I am able to be more grateful for everything in my life because of this shift that I made.”



“Karena and Katrina are such inspiring coaches, and this TIU community they have created is truly amazing and something to be proud of. You don’t just feel like another number making up the membership, you feel supported, inspired, and valued.”



“TIU showed me how to live a healthy, fun lifestyle. LEAN CLEAN, ‘N GREEN. But being balanced at the same time. I found out it’s not just about what I looked like in the mirror but how I feel on the inside.”



“Moderation, consistency, listening to my body’s needs, sticking to the TIU Nutrition Plan, and weekly workouts give me the tools for living a fit and happy life.”



“I knew that this challenge was going to be tough, both physically (hello, Jillian Michaels!) and mentally. As the results of the hard work I was putting in started paying off, I began to trust myself in this journey. I believe in me and nothing can stop me!”

Amanda J.


“I’m the healthiest, happiest, strongest, and most confident I’ve ever been. I LOVE my body. Wow. I’ve never been able to honestly say that. Thank you.”



“Physically, I can tell I am so much stronger! I’ve started lifting heavier weights for my Daily Moves. Mentally, I am proud of myself and what I’ve accomplished and I believe that has just overflowed into everything else in my life.”



“I love looking at the TIU Nutrition Plan and #TIUteam hashtag on Instagram. The purest motivation I need though is to think about how happy I feel right now in this moment and reminding myself that I deserve this and that I am worth it.”



“I realized that I had limited myself, thinking that my body was the way it was and I just had to get used to it. It took shifting my perspective mentally to see that I could also change physically.”

Amanda E. 


“Karena and Katrina kept me motivated. Knowing that I wasn’t going through the challenge alone made it a million times less scary!”



“Tone It Up is so much more than just eating right and working out. It’s about finding your true self and continuing to live your life to your fullest potential. Inspiring and motivating others to keep going. Taking a leap of faith and conquering all of your goals and dreams.”



“Seeing progress and feeling happy was my ‘aha.’  It is AMAZING what being healthy through diet and activity can do for your moods! I was able to be creative, patient, and much more loving once I was healthy.”

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