Gorgeous Detox Transformations, TIU Target Pics, & Meetups #WCW

Hey gorgeous! How excited are you for the Love Your Body Series kickin’ off Monday? You’re seriously going to love your new Love Your Body Meal Plan and all the Studio Tone It Up workouts comin’ your way 💪🏻 So many of you are getting ready for Love Your Body this week with the 5 Day Detox! We’ve been scrollin’ through Insta in awe of your amazing results! 😍 We’re featuring your detox checkins along with meetups, mamas, brides, and Flex Fridays. Plus, we LOVE seeing your pics in the aisles of Target with your new gear!!

Keep checking in with us the rest of the week on Insta #TIUTeam #TIULoveYourBody! And make sure you grab your girls to join you for the series ~ it’s so powerful having your girlfriends by your side. So excited for Monday!! 💜✨



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5 Day Detox Checkins



5 Day Detox results are in….side by side I see a little de-bloating but what I notice most is how nice my skin looks and how much brighter. The smile reflects the way I feel internally. I def feel lean and clean, lighter and stronger, and if it weren’t for these sleepless nights with the babe I’m sure my energy would be even more up 😂…It’s exactly what I needed to start this year off right! This really prepared me for the rest of the year anddd Love Your Body Challenge starting Jan. 14th! Still time to sign up 🙌🏻”



“Here are my results for the Tone It Up 5 Day Detox…I feel SO much better…more energy, less bloat, less tummy issues etc!…The focus is eating Lean, Clean, ‘N Green foods to help fuel your body with what it needs, and less of what it doesn’t.”


“I wanted to share my 5 Day Detox results…The bloat was reaaaaaaal after the holidays. Day one is always HARD! You’ll want to cave, or quit but stay committed and motivated, you will 100% feel and see results once you conquer those 5 days and once you do its smooth sailing into your new healthier routine💪🏻 Can’t wait to start the Love Your Body Series with everyone next week!”



“I’m sharing my results from the 5 Day Detox and it was really everything I needed! I came out feeling stronger, more energized, and crossing off a big life goal! It definitely doesn’t end after the 5 days but it showed me what I was capable of. Here’s to 2019 being our year, being unstoppable, stronger than ever, and loving yourself 🤗”

Flex Friday



















Babes Lovin’ New TIU Target Gear!



“My Target finally put out the new Tone It Up gear! The Fitness Starter Kit is awesome and totally perfect to convince one of your besties to join TIU if they haven’t yet!…Perfect timing before the Love Your Body Series and I scored Tone It Up protein and bars! I think I got enough for the whole challenge cause it’s such a good deal. So run and stock up girls!”



“Went on a Target adventure to find the new Tone It Up goodies 🙌🏻….Thanks to Tone It Up for always developing amazing products for us! 💗”


@tiubetsy & @tiuazkt

“Post Booty Call, we were having a ball stocking all new Tone It Up gear! You know we picked up the Squad hats! I love new gear, and I love laughing and being silly with this amazing girl! I’m so excited to be accountability partners!”









@tiuhollybritt & @tiu_chis_mac

“When you meet up with one of your favorite accountability partners and you have your mini TIU girls with you 😍”






“This is still such a shock for me to say but I’M ENGAGED! Can’t wait to start the Love Your Body Series with you TIU girls on the 14th as an official TIU Bride!”



“I just married the most incredible man on the planet…we were together 7.5 years before we took the plunge and he is my rock!” Congrats Paige! We are so happy for you!

The Love Your Body Series kicks off next week! Grab your girls and join us for 8 weeks of daily workouts, delicious recipes, and the self-care your beautiful body deserves.

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