Delicious 7DSD Approved Mocktails

Hi beautiful! You know we scroll through your checkins all day errrrday ~ is there such a thing as a thumb workout? ;) We’re obsessed with all your #7dayslimdown pics so far this week. So many cute snaps of macaroons, scrambles, and Slimming Spice Bakes! If you haven’t already joined us for the 7 Day Slim Down, it’s not too late to jump in! You can do the Slim Down for 5 or even 3 days to get the amazing de-bloating benefits! Join HERE to instantly receive your amazing new 7 Day Slim Down, plus the full Tone It Up Nutrition Plan and all past and future editions!

So you probably noticed that we’re all ending the Slim Down with a refreshing rosé spritzer on Sunday! You didn’t think we’d leave you without rosé for a whole week, did ya? Until then, we’re celebrating Wine Not Wednesday today with some of our fave non-boozy sips. Pour these refreshing and metabolism-boosting drinks up tonight. Or you can always grab a glass of kombucha. Kombucha comes in a ton of different flavors and has some major health perks. We like to put our non-boozy sips in a wine glass to feel extra fancy ;) Cheers babe!

Moroccan Mint Iced Tea

We love sipping on this one iced or hot. It’s packed with heart-healthy antioxidants from the green tea and takes minutes to put together!

Find the recipe HERE!

Rosemary Grapefruit Sparkle

You know how much we love grapefruit for its fat-burning effects. That’s why we have it during the 7DSD! Squeeze your grapefruit juice fresh for an extra tasty sip.

Grab the recipe HERE!

Jalapeño Cucumber Sip

Jalapeño contains a compound called capsaicin, which boosts your metabolism! Plus, it’s perfect if you feel like spicing things up a bit ;)

Try the recipe HERE!

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  1. WIIIILL be making the Rosemary Grapefruit Sparkle tonight! Woop Woop! Thanks for the ideas!! Also, my #tiuhusband is in LOVE with the blueberry smoothie we had this morning. He made an “ick” face while making me watch it, but after reluctantly tasting it he LOVED it. Asked if we could have it every morning hahahah I’m noticing over the years that the recipes ya’ll put out are ON POINT even more than ever before. They just TASTE soooooo amazing!!! Thanks for all your hard work K+K!! Seriously!! I think I’ll never ever everrr have to make another dish that isn’t TIU approved. I’ve been making things like the K+Kale salad and muffins for my family – they’re HUGE fans now! My dad even asked me to switch out plane old broccoli as part of his birthday party dishes to the K+Kale salad. Dad says thanks too!! <3 <3 <3 xx

  2. So ready for some Kombucha tonight with my super slim burger :) thanks for the other amazing drink ideas!

  3. My accountability girls and I are obsessed with the Grapefruit Rosemary drink! Definitely try it if you haven’t yet!

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