Why We Have Apple Cider Vinegar EVERY Day!

ACV, errr’day!


We love us some apple cider vinegar (ACV)! As you browse through the Tone It Up Nutrition Plan, you’ll notice we feature it in several recipes, including our morning Meta D shots. ACV has been hailed as a nutrition superstar in the health community for decades now – and it’s still as buzzy as ever! Today, we’re answering all your burning questions about this badass pantry staple!


But first… what is it, anyway?!

ACV is made from fermented apples to first form an “apple wine”… so automatically, you know we love it ;) The next step of the process involves adding good bacteria to convert the alcohol to acetic acid (aka the main compound in vinegar). We use organic, unfiltered ACV that still contains the good-for-your-bod bacteria.

So, what does it do for me?

Boosts weight loss

 Just 30mL (about 1 oz.) of apple cider vinegar a day can decrease belly fat and aid in slimming, finds a recent study. Time to pour up some (Meta D) shots right… NOW! ;)

Protects you from food poisoning

study shows that adding ACV with a pinch of salt to your lunch can kill off E. coli, a dangerous bacteria that causes tummy troubles. Waiter, some apple cider vinegar, please?

Keeps your ticker in check

 According to research, daily intakes of ACV can actually lower your triglycerides and cholesterol levels, which is associated with better heart health. The acetic acid in vinegar has also been found to reduce blood pressure. All good news for keepin’ your heart happy!


How do you use it?

We love adding 1 Tbsp. ACV and 2 tsp. olive oil to our salads for a boost of flavor. The acid in the ACV also helps break down tough fibers in kale, making it easier to chew. One of our fave recipes lately has been the #ilovekale salad from our brand new 6 Week Meal Plan! It’s packed with plant-based goodness and some yum ACV.


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    1. I’m allergic to apples too (and most fruit). I can’t have ciders or fresh apples but have found no problems with the ACV.. not even a slight irritation. Not sure how severe your allergy is tho? For me I get a reaction on my tongue and my mouth is itchy when I eat fresh apples. Cherries on the other hand will close my throat. I’d be interested in knowing a substitute as well, if there is one.

      1. Have you tried any of these fruits cooked? I have the same issue, and I can eat all of the fruits that this happens with (apples, cherries, pears, peaches – basically woody tree fruits) when they are cooked. I think the proteins that cause the irritation get denatured with cooking, which may be why ACV is ok. But only test this if you are comfortable…I have a severe tree but allergy too, and cooking does nothing to reduce the severity of those reactions!

      1. Meta-d is a metabolism boosting drink recipe on the TIU nutrition plan. If you don’t have the nutrition plan yet (I 100% recommend it! It’s amazing!! 😉) you can search Pinterest or google for similar recipes by searching ACV metabolism drink. 😊

      2. Another version of the bombshell spell (pineapple juice, lime, acv & honey). Meta-D is water, apple juice, ACV, cayenne & cinnamon. I prefer the bombshell spell because its only 4 ozs instead of 8ozs so I can take it in a couple shallows faster than the Meta-D. Both recipes are in the look for love challenge or nutrition plan. I also make mine up for the week. I just leave out the ACV until right before I drink it (ACV taste intensifies if you add it before you are ready to drink it).

  1. Thanks for the info! Question: all the studies you cited here point to benefits of acetic acid (found in vinegar), but they don’t specify apple cider vinegar–is there a big difference in the amounts of acetic acid from acv vs. other kinds of vinegar (wine, balsamic, etc.)? I personally prefer other types of vinegar in dressings and am curious if I’m still getting the same benefits. Thanks!

  2. I am defiantly hearing good things about ACV and trying to incorporate more (plus its in the plan a bunch #score).
    I never really took my METAD before (#tiufail) and one of my goals is trying to take my METAD 3 or 4 times a week!

  3. Meta-D and Bombshell Spell everyday…a must!

    1. I followed the instructions for the #ilovekale salad the night before I had it for lunch the next day. No issues w/the kale being soggy. It actually helped decrease the course dense texture of kale. ACV also made it easier to chew. I have not prepped the salad w/ACV more than 1 day ahead. Hope this helps. Sorry.

    1. It is terrible for your teeth! I am a third year dental student and have heard of cases of women in their 20s and 30s with severely eroded teeth due to consuming apple cider vinegar. Plus, I do not think there are any evidence based studies about the weight loss benefits of it. If I were you, I’d preserve your teeth rather than drink this when it has questionable health benefits.

    1. I think it should be pretty safe, though it can upset your stomach if taken first thing in the morning. I feel like the acids in my stomach are really active after taking a Bombshell Spell first thing in the AM. My suggestion would be to drink a good full glass of water when you take the ACV to prevent stomach irritation. It would also be okay to take it mid-morning if that works for you better. Someone else mentioned they like to drink it in the afternoon. There really is no one time to take it but you get the most benefits if it is taken in the morning.

  4. Hi #tiugirls ! :) I have trouble with the taste of ACV, MetaD’s are hard to take and there is no way i could just take a shot of ACV plain! Does anyone have any suggestions for better tasting options? Especially after this article I am so excited to try it! Thanks girls :)

    1. You may like the bombshell spell version better. It is less liquid to take at once. Pineapple juice, lime, honey, ACV. I feel like the META-D doesn’t mask the taste of the ACV enough for me to drink it. The pineapple juice helps mask the ACV taste.

  5. I love your workout and meal plan but as a dental student I just have to put this out there–this may not be very good for your teeth as the apple cider vinegar easily erodes your enamel. This is not reversible. I wish you guys would at least talk about how it is imperative to dilute it or drink it rapidly and then down a bunch of water afterwards, at the very least. Also, is there any scientific evidence to support the benefits you discuss for Apple Cider Vinegar? Both of you are role models for thousands of women now, so please at least be more responsible.

  6. After years of buying AVC and kombucha, we now make our own.

    Both are really easy to make require basic ingredients (after requiring the kombucha scoby) and a little time to ferment. It hard to find unpasteurised or avc with the mother in Spain, however making our own, it has the mother. Both taste so much nicer especially the avc in my blonde bombshell and coming up with own kombucha flavours! Plus both save money!

  7. During the winter months I’ve been making a cider: boil 1.5 cups of water with 4 whole cloves and 2 cinnamon sticks, and then let steep for half an hour. Then add 1 tbsp ACV and drink. You can add a bit of honey if it’s too tart but I love it without.

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