We Love Carbs! Everything You Need To Know About Healthy Carbs


Hey gorgeous! Today we’re talkin’ carbs. Sometimes they get a bad rap, but here’s the thing…we LOVE carbs! They provide us with essential nutrients and fiber that keep us energized and satisfied throughout the day. It’s all about choosing the best carbs to nourish your beautiful body.

Carbohydrates are our main source of energy. Today we’re breaking down the different types of carbs, which ones will serve your goals, and the best time of day to eat ’em. Plus we’re sharing our fave healthy carbs to add to your meals!

Remember babe, carbs are AMAZING! The right ones fuel your body and give you energy to enjoy this beautiful life and reach your goals! ✨



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Keep it complex

There are two different kinds of carbohydrates — simple and complex. Now we’re about to get science-y 🤓 In order to create different types of carbs, the carbon, hydrogen, and oxygen elements are arranged as single sugar units called “monosaccharides.” There are three monosaccharides: fructose, glucose, and galactose. When two of these monosaccharides join together, they are called “disaccharides.” There are three disaccharides: sucrose, lacrosse, and maltose. Together, monosaccharides and disaccharides are known as simple carbs (aka simple sugars).

Some simple sugars can be found naturally in fruit or milk, while others are often added to foods to make them taste sweeter. We recommend avoiding simple carbs as much as possible because they don’t deliver nearly as much nutritional value as complex carbs. They’re also digested in your body quickly, so you’ll feel hungry again soon after you eat.

On the other hand, complex carbs are made up of long chains of simple sugar and they are found in plant-based foods. They will fuel your body with long-lasting, sustained energy and keep you feeling satisfied longer! So when it comes to carbs, always keep it complex.

Complex carbs we love

✓ Whole grains

✓ Beans

✓ Legumes

✓ Starchy veggies

These choices deliver fiber and energy to your body throughout the day. Plus, fiber helps you feel satisfied longer and stabilizes your blood sugar levels. That way, you’ll have plenty of energy to power through your workouts! 💪🏻

Steer clear of refined grains

Nix any grains that don’t serve you and your goals. You don’t need ’em ~ you’ll be having so many delicious and nutrient-packed complex carbs! Avoid refined grains like white pasta, bagels, flour tortillas, white flour rolls, hot dog or hamburger buns, instant oatmeal, white sugar, processed cereals, crackers, and packaged snacks labeled “enriched flour” as much as possible. These foods won’t serve your body, plus they create that “crash” feeling. The trick is to always check your labels and look for things that are made with100% whole unprocessed or sprouted wheat and grains. Even gluten-free bread and snacks can be made with overly processed ingredients so be sure to check. The fewer ingredients, the better!🌱

Timing is everything

Another essential thing to understand about fueling your body is when to eat certain foods. Because starches take longer to break down than other foods, we recommend eating your healthy carbs before 3pm. Stick to those lean proteins, healthy fats, and leafy greens for dinner! This way you’ll wake up feeling light and energized with your metabolism boosted. Plus, your body will benefit from those carbs earlier in the day when you need lots of energy to get after it!

Recipes you’ll love!

complex carbs

Raspberry Toast

The perfect quick and energizing breakfast! Find the recipe here!

healthy carbs

Mango Lime Overnight Oats

Meal prep them on Sunday and grab-and-go in the morning. They’re amazing for a post-workout pick-me-up! Grab the recipe here!

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  1. I have never felt better replacing simple carbs with complex carbs and having Lean, Clean n Green dinners!

  2. i’ve been waiting for a post like this!!! quick q: what about quinoa-based pasta or brown rice? i’ve nixed white rice and regular pasta for the 31-day challenge :)

    1. Great q Jasmine! We love brown rice for lunch and quinoa for dinner. Quinoa is actually a seed, not a grain. It’s a complete source of protein and it’s high in fiber so it’s a great option for dinner! xxo

  3. So great to read after completing the 7DSD! I thought of how in love I was with my body and thought eating carbs again, I couldn’t have the feeling of seeing my abs and not being bloated. Now I know, I still can! And if I want to slim a bit to do the slim down for a few days or a week.

    1. Also, it’s okay to eat a salad with apple or cranberries in it for M5?

      1. Hey Nyia! So glad to hear you felt amazing after the 7DSD! It’s definitely great to do before a big event. For your everyday TIU lifestyle, you can DEFINITELY have healthy carbs and you will feel lean and incredible. For your question about salads, we’d recommend limiting fruits and dried fruits for M5 (they’re best for the morning and afternoon) and only having them occasionally at night. And make sure the cranberries are unsweetened because they can be high in sugar. xxo

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