Wanna Meal Prep n’ Chill With Us? Our Top Tips for the Bikini Series!

Tomorrow’s Sunday and you know what that means…meal prep time!! Karena and I are ALL about meal prep. It makes your life so much easier! When you prep for the week, you always have Tone It Up Nutrition Plan approved snacks on hand. Because when you’re hungry…you just want everything ready for you! And no one’s got time for lots of chopping on a Tuesday night! ; )

Check out the video below for our top meal prep tips. These won’t take long at all, but they’ll save you a ton of time during the week. And trust us, they’ll be lifesavers throughout the entire BIKINI SERIES!

Watch on YouTube HERE!

Our top tips…

 Whip up egg muffins

tone it up meal prep egg muffins nutrition plan bikini series

These are so easy to throw together and one of our favorite things to make! Start by preheating the oven to 350 degrees. Spray a muffin tin with coconut oil and fill with egg whites, chopped spinach or zucchini, and your fave herbs + spices. You can add a little yolk if you want, too. Bake for 15-20 minutes! Store them in your fridge for up to four days. Grab a muffin or two while you’re on your way out for work or school!

Prep our NEW snack ~ Bikini Bars 👙

tone it up coconut perfect fit protein nutrition plan recipe

These are coconuty and delish for an on-the-go M2! Try out the recipe below! ;)

serves 8


1 cup gluten-free oats

1/2 cup coconut Tone It Up Protein

1 tsp. cinnamon

1/2 tsp. baking powder

Pinch of salt

3/4 cup unsweetened almond milk

1/4 cup unsweetened coconut flakes

1 Tbsp. maple syrup

1 chia egg (1 Tbsp. chia seeds mixed with 3 Tbsp. warm water)

1 banana, mashed

1 tsp. vanilla extract

Coconut oil spray

1. Preheat the oven to 350 degrees.

2. Mix all of the dry ingredients in a bowl. Combine all of the wet ingredients (including the mashed banana) in a separate bowl. Stir the wet ingredients in with the dry.

3.  Spray an 8×8 baking dish with coconut oil spray and add the mixture. Bake for 35 minutes.

4. Slice into individual servings and store in the fridge for up to four days.

Greens on the go

We pre-chop our cucumbers, carrots, and bell peppers and store them in our Meal Prep Containers in the fridge. Dip ’em in hummus or guac for M4.

 Chop it like it’s hot

tone it up bikini series chop kale meal prep tips hacks buddha bowl recipe quinoa

This is one of our favorite tips!! We use kitchen shears to chop up kale for salads and other meals (like THIS delicious Buddha Bowl). It’s so much easier to eat at the office.

Get your grill on

Grill or bake your lean proteins like chicken, ground turkey, or tempeh on Sunday and set them aside in a separate container. It makes cooking during the week super speedy!

This sh#@ is bananas…

Frozen bananas make your smoothie extra creamy, almost like a milkshake! Slice up your bananas and store them in freezer bags. Lay them out flat in the bag so they don’t stick together!

Ice, ice, baby

Freeze almond milk in ice trays. When the ice cubes melt, it won’t water your coffee down! You can also freeze coffee too! ;)

What are your go-to meal prep tips? Tell us in the comments below! You may inspire someone else and make their Sunday even better!

Prep is everything!! We have tons more meal prep tips in the Tone It Up Nutrition Plan! Join HERE and you’ll gain access to the brand new Bikini Series Edition with nutrition + cooking advice and 50+ new recipes!

bikini series tone it up digital bundle nutrition plan recipes meal


  1. I love this so much!! Karena and Katrina, you are just a ray of sunshine. Love my trainers, and everything TIU always puts me in a good mood. Thank you for all you do, going to try those Bikini Bars for week 2! Love that they are vegan, too :)))

  2. Love this! I’m going to have to try the egg muffins ASAP… yum! My boyfriend just got a big bag of Spinach so this is perfect! I love TIU tips! And I’m loving their bikini tops … how cute & summery! :)

    1. I love making egg muffins. You can add anything. I used to put ham, cheese, peppers and onions in them. When I’m eating clean, I do zucchini, onion, mushroom and spinach. They are so quick and easy, and a great way to get extra veggies in the morning!

  3. Budget and family friendly—–> I usually roast a whole chicken on sunday and then I chop/shred the leftover chicken meat for TIU salads and meals for the week. Cheaper and way tastier than pre-cooked chicken strips!

    1. Hiya, I was thinking of doing the same! :) but do you know how many days i can keep the cooked chicken in the fridge?
      Thank you

    2. I do this too, but I often use my crock pot to make it even easier. I throw the chicken in overnight and then the next morning after it cools, it literally falls apart. No water needed – I just throw the whole check in there and go to sleep worry free.

      1. Check was supposed to be chicken. Whoops! And budget concious is so true-whole chickens are so much cheaper. I supposed doing the whole bird makes it a little less lean, but I am willing to sacrifice for the cost savings. I even cool the broth, skim off the fat and save it for cooking or soups. It freezes great!

        1. I usually just buy a rotisserie chicken from the supermarket deli-they’re often cheaper than the ones you have to cook yourself and it gives you tons of meat to use in everything!

  4. Hi there TIU.

    A while ago I saw a snapchat posting of Tone It Up protein being sold at Target, and was curious about the differences (if any) from Perfect Fit Protein. I’ve been using Perfect Fit for awhile now, but I saw the Tone It Up protein at the store the other day and was just curious about it! Is the program moving away from using Perfect Fit and switching to TIU Protein, or are they one in the same?

    On a side now, I did pick up the Tone It Up Bars, and they are super delicious 😉

    1. Hey!
      K&K said that the Tone It Up protein at Target is same as the Perfect Fit Protein. The name ‘Tone It Up’ is being used for brand recognition (or something along those lines – sorry can’t remember the exact wording) 😊

    2. The nutrition info is a little different. The Target protein powder has less fiber and 10 few calories. Also, the scoop is bigger. I prefer the powder from the TIU website because I like the higher fiber content, but I thought the Target one tasted pretty good.

    3. I wondered the same thing. Not sure if anyone posted an answer yet, but the Perfect Fit Protein I always order is directly from the TIU website, I have not tried the Tone It Up at Target yet. I must say though, the Prefect Fit, truly is the absolute best I have tasted and is plant based, Organic and non-GMO. I was curious if they were the same so I compared the labels of each product the TIU protein vs. Perfect Fit, protein powder, vanilla flavored.

      The Perfect Fit Protein, Vanilla flavored, I purchased at toneitup.com, has 167 grams of sodium, 5 grams of Dietary Fiber and is 100 calories per serving and there are 25 The Tone It Up Protein, sold at Target, Vanilla flavored, has 260 grams of Sodium (93 grams more than the Perfect Fit Protein, Vanilla) and the Tone it Up Vanilla Protein has 1 gram of dietary fiber (4 grams less than the Perfect Fit Protein). The calorie difference between the two brands is ten calories. The TIU protein at Target has 90 calories per serving vs. 100 calories a serving of the Perfect Fit. Also, the Perfect Fit Protein Vanilla Flavored, has 0% Vitamin C and 2% Iron, whereas, the vanilla flavored, Tone it Up Protein at Target, has 2% Vitamin C and 20% Iron. The “clean and simple ingredients” listed are the same on the label for both the Perfect Fit and Tone it Up protein.

      If you go on target’s website and look at the chocolate flavored TIU protein under “questions and answers” someone also asks this same question and a response was posted.

      Here is the response posted on Target:…….”Q: Is this protein different than the protein we are able to purchase on the tone it up website?
      submitted by tjkt — 14 days ago
      2 answers
      A: Here is the answer they gave on their instagram to a similar question : They’re the same clean and simple ingredients as @PerfectFit Protein!!! It’s called ToneItUp for brand recognition for the TIU community looking for products in Target.
      submitted by Emilie — 9 days ago helpful (1) not helpful (0)
      A: If you look at the nutrition facts, it seems to be a bit different than what they sell on the website (i.e. less calories, more sodium, more iron, etc). However, the listed ingredients are the same. For me, this would be cheaper, but it’s not available in my area from Target. That means I’ll have to purchase it from TIU directly.
      “they’re the same clean and simple ingredients as @PerfectFit Protein!!! It’s called ToneItUp for brand recognition for the TIU community looking for products in Target.

      Personally, I have not tried the tone it up protein at Target, so I cannot comment on taste, but I love the Perfect Fit protein so hopefully it tastes just as good. I hope this information helps.


  5. I make all my Tone It Up protein pancakes ahead of time too, so I can grab it and go and eat it at work!

  6. I prepare some perfect fit pancakes and put them into the freezer. When I want one for breakfast I just put it into the toaster :D

  7. Egg muffins! I love how everything is so healthy but so easy to make and then easy for early mornings with little time. The best <3

  8. Almond ice cubes-awesome idea! Hey, just wondering (since I dont currently have a juicer) what store bought greens juice do you recommend? Looking for the perfect lcg option(s). Any and all comments welcome!

    1. I wonder too!! I see a lot have SO much sugar in them and I just steer clear. I found one of the Suja juices (not all the green ones, some have more sugar) that is the Radiant Probiotic Organic green juice that only has 9 grams of sugar! But other than the Pressed Juicery juices, I am really curious what they recommend!

      1. Thanks girl! I found a suja at Whole Foods yesterday and am going to give it a whirl!

      2. I tried juicing things myself, but felt so wasteful throwing away pretty much the whole fruit that comes out the other end, I find it quicker easier and better mentally to just pick up something at the local Juicery, it’s more expensive, but fast and just juice!😁💪🏻

      3. Look for green juices that don’t use apples! That’s where a huge chunk of the sugars are coming from :)

  9. Looking forward to this – especially egg muffins! Thanks for keeping everything so flexible in the nutrition plan!

  10. I’ll have to try those bars for week 2!! I love prepping grains like quinoa and making TIU protein balls or muffins too! Love it!

  11. Love these cheery posts full of fun quick tips! Making those bars TODAY! <3 A few of my weekly meal prep essentials are roasting a few beets in foil, peeling when cool, slicing and storing in a glass container in the fridge. I also peel and slice carrots into "chips", then I can either grab a handful to throw on a tray to roast, or I can scoop raw with salsa, hummus or guac. I do the same with cucumbers and celery for snacking. Pre-portioning my 4-6 oz of protein in little glass containers makes topping a salad or roasted veggie bowl super easy. If you freeze almond milk in silicon trays, the cubes pop out so much easier!

  12. If you prep 7 things at the beginning of the week my advice would be:
    1. shredded chicken
    2. overnight oats
    3. mason jar salads
    4. cooked quinoa
    5. A TIU baked good
    6. some type of soup
    7. meta d
    Then I recommend always having these things in the house: baby carrots, hummus, nuts, eggs, protein powder, almond milk, frozen strawberries.

    1. Emily, I couldn’t have listed it better. It is pretty much what I rely on but never listed it out. Very helpful!

  13. I make all of my ONO on Sunday so all I have to do is pull it out of the fridge in the AM and go! A bonus is that my husband and daughter LOVE ONO, so it’s a time saver for the whole family!

  14. I cook chicken in either a jar of salsa or a can of coconut in the crockpot on sundays! I take chicken out and shred it to add to salads, wraps, bowls, or quick meals for my kids! It is SO BEYOND helpful!

  15. Great tips. Will be making the Bikini Bars tomorrow. The week was much smoother in the mornings when I had everything already prepared and ready to go!!

  16. I can’t find sushi grade salmon or tuna in town :( any suggestions for a substitute for the sushi bowl?

  17. I don’t see the bikini bars in the bikini series meal plan, is it a new one? I’m assuming M1 M2 or M3? Looks delicious!

  18. I blend together a bunch of veggies (usually the ones I am bad about eating) and put those into ice cube trays for morning smoothies.

  19. Do you guys know if when they eat the egg muffins they are cold? or if they reheat them? if so, how? Thanks in advance :) and good luck to us all in week 2.

  20. I love making egg cups! It’s great way to make a variety of mini omelets, so you don’t feel like you’re eating the same breakfast everyday!

  21. As I just love ginger I always buy it fresh, then peel it and put in the freezer, sooo much easier to grate into smoothies and food 👍🏻
    Love you guys 💕

  22. I like making a batch of quinoa for the week and definitely ONOs and muffins! <3

  23. What’s an alternative to bananas in the bikini bars if you don’t eat bananas?

    1. I’ve frozen egg muffins before and they have turned out fine once thawed. I figured that lots of quiche and breakfast sandwiches are frozen at the grocery store so why not!

    2. I have. Probably won’t be doing again unless someone has some tips. My frozen ones came out dry and rubbery after microwaving to reheat.

    3. Yeah I’ve frozen them before too but they never reheat right. It was salvageable with salsa though. Now I just make a few at a time and keep them in the fridge then reheat on a plate covered with a damp paper towel.

      1. I haven’t frozen them before but I do notice a difference when I re-heat them in the toaster oven vs. the microwave. They aren’t as rubbery or watery if I use the toaster oven.

  24. Hey TIU community – I am heading on a business trip this week and will be in the car for M2 and M3 on Tuesday and Thursday…any tips for meals that are on-the-go and don’t require refrigeration???

  25. I like to freeze spinach in ice cube trays to add some green to my smoothies❣ I get a bag of fresh spinach, put it in a blender with a bit of water, blend and pour into ice cube trays to freeze. When I want a smoothie with some green power I just add 2-3 cubes, you can’t even taste it and it makes ur smoothie cold without watering it down with regular ice cubes.

  26. What is chia seed egg? I only have the vanilla protein can I use that in the bikini bar recipe instead?

    1. Thanks for the great tips!! I think I’m gonna make these bikini bars today!!!

      1. I’m sure the vanilla will be fine! I’ve been using the coconut in everything!!

        1. The chia seed egg is just chia seeds and warm water. They note how much next to it in the ingredients list

  27. So I am starting late to this bikini series. I’m in the middle of a move so I can’t cook anything but I’m still trying to be healthy and work out. I will be officially starting the week of the 15th and doing a lot of meal prep. I am so excited to get back into it. I just feel tired all the time when I’m not eating right.

  28. Can you substitute Vanilla Perfect Fit for the Coconut in the Bikini Bars? Also – can you substitute unsweetened applesauce for bananas in the Perfect Fit pancake? Thanks!

    1. I haven’t tried this and would love to hear from someone who has! I have subbed pumpkin before and that has been the best alternative for banana in the pancakes.

      1. Yes I have done this before when i ran out of bananas. I just added enough until it looked like the right consistency. It turned out perfect.

  29. So mamy awesome ideas! I was working all weekend so no meal prepping for me :( im not on the nutrition plan so at some point this week im noting down all my favourites so I just pick and choose what I want for the week and get a grocery list sorted! Definitely trying those bikini bars and I love the idea of the pancakes in the toaster. Genius.

  30. I can’t wait to try the egg muffins! I love the waffles/pancakes but haven’t tried freezing them yet. Can’t wait to try new options next week :-)

  31. Meal prepping is amazing and I am so glad I’m finally doing it! Definitely making the egg muffins and bikini bars for this week!

    One of my favorite meal prep tips is to separate smoothie ingredients into bag to keep in the freezer. I started this last week and now I never skip a smoothie if I’m feeling a little too lazy to take all of the ingredients out.

  32. The bars look GREAT! Just about to make mine now, also the Pina COlado Overnight oats were amazing so I made another batch!

  33. I CAN’T WAIT TO TRY THE BIKINI BARS!! K&K you guys are the best, thanks for always giving us guidance and tips on how to be healthy and make it work for us!

  34. I can’t wait to make the BIKINI BARS! Do you think I could sub the GF Oats for something else? I try to be on a grain free diet… how about Coconut flour? any other ideas? Thank you!

  35. Can’t wait to make those Bikini Bars! One of my favorite tips is that I always keep a TIU approved bar in my purse, and one in my drawer at work. If I forget some of my prepped food or get really hungry on the go, I know I always have a healthy little snack to get me through. It’s saved my day more than once!

  36. Loving the tip for almond milk ice cubes. Definitely need to give that a go! xx

  37. To save some time, I usually buy the pre-chopped, pre-washed bags of mixed greens and lettuce! I divide them into a few containers and put some chopped, frozen peppers and corn (thawed), into the containers too! Add my favorite protein and voila! Couldn’t be any easier.

    1. OH! And I also put my meta-d in a shaker bottle in the fridge (cinnamon and cayenne goes in later). I’ll separate my frozen fruits into separate baggies in the freezer and put almond milk in a magic bullet bottle in the fridge ready for a TIU smoothie in the morning. Add frozen fruit and TIU protein and blend that baby up!

  38. The Bikini Bars sound great!!! But I have a Question to all you Bikini Babes out there…..Does anyone know a substitute for the mashed banana? Not a fan of banana in anything except right out of the peel!!! I’ve heard unsweetened applesauce but was wondering if anyone else has heard of an TIU approved substitute. ;)

  39. Hey everyone!,

    Does anyone have any tips for the protein pancakes? They seem to take forever to cook :/ I don’t add any fruits or anything like that, just the base recipe. The only difference is that I use Vega protein instead of the toneitup one!

  40. What could I substitute the protein powder for? I like to save my PF protein for smoothies…wish I could afford to use it in everything!

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