Totally Toning Shake

This smoothie is perfect after any kind of strength training, HIIT, or toning sweat sesh! The high protein content boosts muscle recovery and helps reduce soreness! Plus, its chocolate-y goodness from our delicious Tone It Up Protein will make your taste buds go WILD!


1 serving


  • 1

    Tbsp unsalted peanut butter

  • 1

    Tbsp gluten free rolled oats

  • 1

    scoop chocolate Tone It Up Protein

  • 1

    cup almond milk

  • 1

    date, pitted


STEP 1: Add everything in a blender and blend until smooth!


You can also add in 1/2 cup ice if you like your smoothie icy!



  1. Yum! What a coincidence :D As I sit here reading this recipe, for my afternoon M4, I am enjoying a smoothie bowl very similar to this with Chocolate PFP! Instead of oats in my M4 shake, I subbed ice cubes and topped with raw cacao and coconut flakes! The Chocolate PB blend is SO SO good! I can’t wait to try this recipe after a morning HIIT routine! Thank you TIUHQ!

    1. I use “Wow butter” for my nut substitutes. Its roasted soy and it really tastes a lot like peanut butter.

  2. I am a little unsure about the shakes and after weight training. Do they count additional to the 5 Meals for the protein or is it instead of one of the meals? Thanks

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