How To Make The Perfect Smoothie


Take your smoothie game to the next level!

Perfect Fit smoothie is just the thing your beautiful bod needs after your Daily Workout! Protein helps your body recover and build lean, strong muscle. Plus, it creates hormones that regulate sleep and satiety, keeps your hair fab, and so much more!

Today, we’re sharing your ultimate guide to making the tastiest and most nutritious smoothies! As long as you follow the guide below, your bod will be in tip top shape to recover from your workouts. Print this out and keep it in the kitchen as reference for your morning smoothies!


Tone It Up Perfect Fit Healthy Smoothie Recipe


      1. @daniellefox You can really go without the banana in the smoothies, just add a little more of another fruit. But be careful–I know if I use my individual blender cup I can’t use all the fruit they call for anyway. For pancakes you could use applesauce (unsweetened) or pumpkin puree (canned, but not the pie filling). I never measure, but I’m guessing 1/4 to 1/3 cup? You’ll be able to tell with the consistency. Good luck!

      2. Danielle, I don’t like bananas so I use half an avocado and it gets the same consistency as banana and you cannot really taste the avocado. Plus, it adds healthy fats! Here is some more info from, The avocado on the other hand tips the scales at right around 7 ounces (the edible part). So for comparative purposes we’ll use only ½ of the avocado or around 3.5 ounces. It’s a caloric powerhouse with around 160, 14 grams of fat (the majority being monounsaturated, the good kind), 9 carb grams with merely 1 gram coming in the form of sugar. Slightly more protein than a banana, (barely any) but along with that you get about a quarter of your daily fiber at 7 grams, about 25% the daily recommended serving of Vitamins K, folate, with some decent numbers on B6, vitamin E and nearly as much (or more depending on who you talk to) potassium as in a banana ounce for ounce.

        1. Hey Andrea, I am allergic to all nuts as well. For me, it really depends on what kind of recipe it is. At our house we love sunflower butter! I like pumpkin seeds, and will substitute them if it makes sense in a recipe. I also do A LOT of omitting though. I am allergic to flax, and generally omit that whenever it is in a recipe.

  1. @daniellefox I sometimes just use frozen mango with no banana for some smoothies (especially with the coconut perfect fit!)…..also you can put in avocado as well. Its a healthy fat and it will make the smoothie think and creamy like the banana will!!! Try cutting an avocado up into 1/4 pieces and freeze it…you should get a similar consistency! Hope this helps!!!!

    1. I was going to say avocado too! It can be tricky though, depending on where you live. I’m in a small mountain town in California, and even ours sometimes don’t even ripen at all when they’re out of season. It’s weird… it feels ripe enough on the outside, but when you try to cut into the inside, it’s like a rubbery plastic. So, yeah. Lol

      1. I’m allergic to bananas too @daniellefox For smoothies, you really don’t need bananas. I never put anything in. For sweetness that they bring, I add a couple drops of stevia. For protein pancakes, muffins, etc, I sub the 1/2 banana mashed for 1/4 cup of applesauce (usually 4 heaping spoonfuls). Been using that for years & it works great. If you’re needing the smoothness of the banana, pumpkin puree or avocado are good subs. I rarely find I need them but it’s an option.

        Good luck!

  2. For those that have a hard time with finding fresh avocados have you tried wholly guacamole..they now just have plain avocado 100 calorie pods which make it handy for those of us that live in Siberia (Mn) you can keep in freezer either pop in a whole pod in your smoothie which is about a half of avocado or pop a pod out cut in half that’s about a fourth and put the other half back in freezer..super handy

    1. Hi!

      We recommend still having a liquid base, so that the smoothie blends better. You can definitely add greek yogurt to your smoothie as well! If you’re looking for liquid alternatives, try coconut water, coconut milk (from a carton, not a can), cashew milk, or even water!

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