This Secret Ingredient Is Going To Transform Your Smoothie

Tone It Up Healthy Pineapple Mango Cauliflower Smoothie Recipe

You girls know how much we love frozen banana slices in our morning smoothies. Banana is our go-to, but recently we've been switching it up with a new fave ingredient and we just have to share it. CAULIFLOWER!!! We've been using this veggie in all different types of smoothies and smoothie bowls, and you'd never guess. You can't even taste it, especially when paired with Tone It Up Protein Powder. Cauliflower helps lower your blood sugar levels and gives your smoothies an incredible creamy texture. TIU Tip: Most grocery stores offer pre-riced cauliflower in the frozen aisle. You can use fresh cauliflower, too!

Today, we blended up a cauliflower combo with tropical vibes to get you in the mood for the Bikini Series. (SO EXCITED!!!) Add this smoothie to your morning routine for a tasty new treat!


1 smoothie


  • 1

    cup coconut water

  • 1

    scoop vanilla Tone It Up Protein

  • 1/2

    cup frozen cauliflower rice

  • 1/4

    cup frozen mango

  • 1/4

    cup frozen pineapple

  • 1

    Tbsp. almond butter


STEP 1: Blend until smooth!


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  1. One question I have…. is Perfect Fit going to continue to exist? I really love it, and as sure as I am that the new protein is good, I am not ready to say goodbye to Perfect Fit. <3

    1. I am wondering that too. I sincerely hope not, since the closest Target to me in an hour away and they do not carry the products. I did get the vanilla online but the chocolate was sold out. The bars are only available in store as well. Ordering Perfect Fit is soooo easy!

    2. Yes I’m concerned about this too! I love for all of the limited edition flavors!! ❤️

  2. Same question as @TMCK_TIU
    I love PF and would love the packets to come back for bikini series. Will PF products and protein continue to be made?
    Also, are the quinoa crisps coming back soon? :D

    1. YASSSS! Quinoa Crisps, I love them! I’ve been wondering the same thing! Are they coming backkkkk? Please say yes!

      1. I am desperately needing my quinoa crisps too!!

        All of you ladies are scaring me! Is there talk of them not making #perfectfit anymore?!

          1. Love the quinoa crisps so much I did a a Google search for a recipe to make my own. I have yet to try it, but have it on standby for when my stash is gone.

      2. I’m with you on loving PFP! If you are looking for quinoa crisps, I’ve been getting mine from You can get a decent size bag for a cheaper price. They taste pretty good, though I do have to say I like the PFP ones a bit better. Still love the other though and it’s a great source for almond flour, etc.

  3. Love this!!! I am still on the lookout for TIU products at my local Targets, I’ve been to 3 so far & nothing yet! Is there an official launch date?

    1. I live in the heart of Wal-Mart country and only have 2 normal Targets. I am really hoping they will carry the products, or that they team up with Wal-Mart also.

    2. Picked up the blueberry ones at Target in Central FL this am. They are in the suppliment isle in pharmacy area not with the snack bars

  4. I really hope the Perfect Fit products continue to be made. I live in the UK, where there is no Target, so I don’t have access to the new products. I love Perfect Fit and also love that is ships internationally!

    1. We can buy products from Target and pay the international shipping cost, however, I tried to purchase the new protein powder but its not covered in the international shipping range. I really hope @toneitup can look into this.

      1. Exactly! I tried it too and they weren’t available for international delivery! If they made it available I would be happy to pay the international shipping

        1. Orrrrrrr you crazy girls could make a friend stateside (AHEMMEAHEM) who would be happy to send it to you! I love shipping international packages…

          1. I might have to take you up on this :) I live in NZ though so am not sure how much shipping would be!

  5. PLEASE KEEP PERFECT FIT! I was really hoping it would be released to Target (but I’m assuming they made you hit a particular price point for your products). I love that it’s organic and vegan. I understand having proteins at two different price points (smart ladies!) but I value organic over price personally and would be crushed if PF died!

    1. Agreed! If im using a product daily it’s important to me to keep it organic! Im holding out on reordering perfect fit in case there’s a sale before the bikini series 🤞

    1. Mine too! I’ve discovered that if I use espresso ice cubes and vanilla PF, the taste is very similar!

      1. Or just add some instant espresso powder if you’re making a non-smoothie recipe. That’s the only ingredient in the vanilla latte that isn’t also in the vanilla.

  6. I love adding frozen cauliflower to my smoothies! It adds so much creamy texture and thickens it right up without any detected taste. Yay!!

      1. So I see they have it online but it is already sold out!!!! 😭So sad this is my first 👙Series and I am excited to try it!!!

    1. I hoarded the coconut PFP while it was still available. I am going to have a mini meltdown when I use the last of it. #bringbackcoconutpefectfit

  7. Had a cauliflower smoothie last night after my PMWO, it was the 💣! Also the new coconut pineapple muffins are AMAZING!!!

  8. I like to add a little splash of ACV to my pineapple protein smoothies! It livens up the flavor of the pineapple!! Try it :)

  9. I would have never, ever thought to put cauliflower in a sweet smoothie. What an interesting idea! Looking forward to trying this out this weekend :)

  10. I am so happy to see the nutritional breakdown on this! Would love to see the nutrition plan broken down with nutritional info as well. Makes it SO much easier for those of us who have success with macro counting.

  11. Just ordered tone it up protein from BUT I just saw coconut protein under the protein tab, sold out. But maybe coming back?!!!!

  12. I made this smoothie this morning and I could totally taste the cauliflower! :( I think next time I’ll try adding a date to sweeten it up.

  13. Not sure how I’m feeling about this Target thing…protein bars are not available to ship, protein is out of stock online, and my closest Target is an hour away. K & K, please keep PFP available through I’ve had nothing but fabulous customer service with you!

  14. I was so skeptical about the cauliflower, but I tried it yesterday. Wow, AMAZING. Def my newest obsession in smoothies. Who knew?

  15. This might be a stupid question, but are you all using cooked frozen cauliflower or raw frozen cauliflower? Thanks!

  16. I just made this with frozen cauliflower from trader joes and it’s AMAAAAAAAZING….. you can’t even taste the cauliflower ;)

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