These Sips Will Be Your Cup of Tea


Tone It Up tea party, anyone!?

You know how much Kat and I love coffee… we can’t get enough of our two shots of espresso with a splash of almond milk! But we also have a thing for tea. We like ending our day with herbal decaf Unwind Perfect Fit Tea. And when we feel like a lil’ energy jolt sans coffee, we reach for a cup of Awaken.


Tea comes in many different varieties and has tons of perks. Sipping on a few cups a day can decrease risk of stroke and reduce risk of type 2 diabetes. The brew also contains an amino acid called L-Theanine, which can reduce stress levels. YASSS please!

Most tea is derived from the same species of plant. The plant undergoes different forms of processing – such as drying, rolling, and heat treatment – that determines the type of tea.

No matter which variety you choose, take a little tea time :)



Green tea is heated to prevent oxidation. This makes the brew retain its green color and gives it a higher concentration of body-loving antioxidants than other teas.  Bonus: studies found that compounds in a hot brew have metabolism boosting effects. One 8-oz. cup of this mild-flavor variety contains about 35-70 mg of caffeine. (In comparison, coffee typically has 150 mg per 8-oz. cup.)


Black tea leaves are fully oxidized and therefore offer fewer antioxidants than green tea. Black tea delivers a higher caffeine content, coming in at about 60-90 mg per 8-oz. cup. The flavor is stronger than green tea and tastes amaze with a splash of almond or coconut milk.


This cuppa is semi-oxidized, so it contains an antioxidant level between that of black and green tea. Each 8-oz. glass delivers about 50-75 mg of caffeine. It has a strong flavor similar to black tea, but a bright freshness like green.


White tea is barely oxidized, and it tastes mild and refreshing! Each cup contains about 30-55 mg of caffeine.


This variety isn’t actually made of tea leaves. It usually contains fruit peels, dandelion flowers, jasmine flowers, and Echinacea. Herbal teas are naturally decaf, so sip before bed!


The Tone It Up Nutrition Plan Recipe Guide has a whole page dedicated to tasty tea recipes, plus thousands of other meals to help you reach your health and fitness goals!



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