The Best Meals To Recover After Any Workout

Nourishing your body with clean, whole foods is SUCH an important aspect of reaching your goals ~ that’s why pairing your workouts with Lean, Clean, ‘N Green meals from the Tone It Up Nutrition Plan is the perfect formula for forming beautiful, sculpted muscles. Plus, the Nutrition Plan explains all the science on how food effects our bodies from the inside-out! Knowledge is power babe.

Lately we’ve gotten a lot of questions about the best meals to pair with your workouts, so today we’re sharing a few of our favorite workout + Lean, Clean, ‘N Green meal combos! Different types of exercise require different types of energy, so fine-tuning your post-workout fuel is key to nourishing your gorgeous bod!

Yoga Power

We LOVE our yoga! A protein rich meal is your best fuel post-yoga. And plenty of water is important too! With this combo, you’ll replenish those depleted electrolytes and repair your muscles. Something light and refreshing is perfect after your yoga tone workout! We love these strawberry shortcakes as a tasty protein-packed meal. Plus, they’re the perfect, light and satisfying meal if you’re taking an active rest day!

Toning Fuel

 When you do toning workouts that require anaerobic energy, you send your body into EPOC, which means you’ll be burning up all day long🔥 After a major sweat sesh like a HIIT workout, it’s important to increase the amount of healthy fats and lean protein you take in. This chocolate peanut butter smoothie is the creamy protein shake of your DREAMS! It’s loaded with nutrients to give you day-long sustainable energy that your body wants post-workout!

Cardio Love

Fueling your body after aerobic exercise means getting enough healthy carbs. You’ll restore your glycogen levels that are depleted after your jog or long walk! These cinnamon fig mini muffins are naturally sweetened and packed with protein and healthy carbs your body will LOVE as a post-workout treat.

When you join the Tone It Up Nutrition Plan, you’ll gain access to thousands of body-loving recipes and all the science behind your nutrition! Sign up here to get your Lifestyle Kit with everything you need for your healthy, balanced, confident lifestyle!


  1. Thank you for continuing with the daily toning moves and schedule to follow. That has been the biggest help to me. Thank you!

  2. I have no idea where the community tab is anymore and I miss being able to post my workouts and talk to other girls in the program

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