Spicy Mexican Soup


4 servings


  • 4

    cups water

  • 1

    can roasted tomatoes

  • 1

    can black beans, drained

  • 1

    cup fresh or frozen corn

  • 1

    red bell pepper, chopped

  • 1/2

    onion, diced

  • 1

    Tbsp. chili powder

  • 1

    tsp. cumin

  • 1

    tsp. salt

  • 1

    lime, squeezed

  • 1/2

    cup fresh cilantro

  • 1/4

    tsp. chili flakes

  • 1

    tsp. olive oil


STEP 1: If using a crockpot, add all ingredients except for the cilantro and cook on low for 4-5 hours. Add cilantro when serving.
STEP 2: If using stovetop, first add olive oil and onion. Saute on medium for 5 minutes.
STEP 3: Add remaining ingredients (except for the cilantro) and cook on medium for 20-30 minutes. Serve with cilantro.


Feelin' a little zesty!? Add some pep to your step with this recipe! It's a perfect weeknight meal to prep for a few days. The black beans provide enough substance to keep you satisfied and ward off late night snack attacks!



  1. love Mexican anything food wise…going to try this asap! Love cooking in the crockpot to save me time and still eat healthy! Thank you! <3

  2. Yum! I’ve been adding a couple frozen chicken breasts for added protein. This is my go to crockpot dish.

    1. Hi! how much longer do you leave this with chicken breasts in it?? Not a very frequent crockpot user so i’d love the input!

      1. Hi! If you’re cooking on high, you should cook it for 3-4 hours. If on low, cook for 7-8 hours!

  3. has anyone tried freezing this recipe? Do you think it would freeze well? i was thinking of trying it to have as a backup meal for the days i don’t feel like cookin!

  4. Mo says:

    This was absolutely delish! I LOVE anything Mexican and this did not disappoint, loved it all week!

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